Week Four Gets Underway

As of Monday night's games.  Note, Collin pointed out an error in his Week 3 stats (I gave credit for both Hedman's +/- and regular pts so those 2 pts have now been removed - no impact on the Challenge Cup Game outcome, btw).  If you notice anything with your stats that does not match your count, please let me know - especially if you have been trading with Bob (:-)

Again, thanks to Bob for posting all the line-ups on the Blog.  Big time help.


Moriarty said...

as we discussed, doug, my totals are short 4 pts. need pts tonite, tho

Cameron said...

Hey Doug,

I showed 3 points from last night;

Doughtty - 1
Tanguay - 1
Iginla - 1


Cameron said...

Also, you have the leader in the Challenge Cup getting two points for a tie when it should be just 1 point.


Douglas McLachlan said...

Bob, we've already figured out the error on your stats - Mr. MacDonald on lw.

I have that corrected now but Cam is correct that that error spilled over into our Week 2 tie game showing that I won it, when I did not. Will show corrected whe I next post.

As for your three points from last night Cam. They will show up on the Tuesday night stats, not the Monday night stats :-)