Last Line-ups of 2011 - Week 13

I guess we shall return to a classic image to end this year...The Severed Heads are slowly picking up steam and now own a 20 pt lead entering this week. Let's see if it grows or the group catches up... Emails pasted to the Blog. Thanks to Rob, Chris, Cam and Doug for their help as I was internet-free during part of the holidays...

Week 13 below...and happy new year!


Week 12 Stats - Merry Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas everyone.  Charlie is up having a nap (mommy and daddy are thinking of joining him) and Sophia is playing with Santa's latest contributions.

Here is hoping that everyone has a great day with family and friends.

Congrats to the Severed Heads and Great Whites for their respective Predator Cup and Challenge Cup leads.  Congrats also to the Knights Templar who have coached their 10th placed Predator Cup team into a home-ice slot for the Challenge Cup playoffs.

Line-ups are due by Boxing Day at 6:00 Mountain - so if you are watching Canada-Finland, you are too late :-)


Challenge Cup Standings

Here we are with the Challenge Cup Standings.  The weekly totals may be different than what I had previously posted as I discovered errors along the way but if you have any questions, please ask.  Week 12 concludes tonight so the standings are as of Week 11 with the ongoing game, a neutral site game, being the current score as of last night's games.

Happy Birthday Bob and Merry Christmas everyone.

Week 12 - Thursday Night Stats, Happy Birthday Bob Edition


Week 12 Gets Underway

I've corrected the Wolves' total from Week 11 (had neglected that they were playing a few +/- players).  I also discovered that I was pulling M.Richards' TG pts from the wrong place - hence depriving Cam of 4.25pts of TG.  That now has been corrected so Merry Christmas Cam.

I am going with Mike G's line-up from last week with the two changes he sent from his iPhone not the just e-mailed amount.


FunHL Xmas Edition - Week 12 Line-ups

Well as most of our teams trudge across the snow like zombies during the pre-Xmas rush, one team woke up and the Severed Heads find themselves in 1st with somewhat of a lead...Congrats for now...

Week 12 Rosters will poster here...

Holy %*@# Did the Severed Heads Have A Good Week 11



Saturday Night Special

Utterly massive evening. I am almost breathless by the evening's events;

- Teemu Selanne returns to Winnipeg. Wow. Peggers blew the roof off for Selanne. All. Game. Long. He was clearly moved to tears by the events, but also managed to float a rainbow long bomb pass to spring Nik Hagman for a goal, and collect another assist along the way. He also made it clear in an interview this is his last season. Too bad. He leads the Ducks in scoring.

- The long dark nightmare is over! Kyle Turris was finally traded to Ottawa for David Rundblad and a 2nd rnd pick. Given that Rundblad was himself previously aquired by Ottawa for a 1st rnd pick, that makes the cost for Turris a 1st and a 2nd rnd pick. Overpay IMO. Calgary was a possible destination for him, so I'm glad to see it was Ottawa that got fleeced and not us.

- The most awesome goals of the night not involving Teemu Selanne were Henrik Zetterberg's picking the very top corner with a backhand laser beam, and Pavel Datsyuk's calculated tip. Just sick.

- Malkin goes supernova against the Sabres to the tune of 3 goals and 2 assists for 5pts.


Why the Sharks are playing poorly?

Wednesday Night Stats

Let me know if you see anything that looks wrong with these numbers.


Week 11 Shadow Falls Over League - Tuesday Night Stats

Great start to the week for both the Shadowmen and the Severed Heads.  Both rocket up the standings with the Shadowmen not leading the race.

Two changes to my final week 10 stats.  I was not counting Miller's pts for week 10 (ooops) so Collin gains 1.81 pts.  And though I'm not sure how or where, I apparently shorted Dan 5pts last week.  I've double checked and can't see where I am was in error (which is rather disconcerting, I'm ok with making the mistakes but I like to know what I did wrong on this one I can't figure it out) that said, I have corrected his stats as well.

If anyone spots anything that looks amiss, let me know.

IIHF WJC Tickets

Ok all - last attempt to find takers...
If you (or someone you know) would like tickets, or if you have XMas presents to buy for those difficult-to-please people :-) let me know. Otherwise I will likely be selling them through other channels. Happy to discount prices to face value if you want multiple tickets...

Ticket prices are per PAIR of tickets
Four tickets available except where noted

Monday, December 26, 2011
2 03:30 PM MT SWE - LAT A Preliminary Saddledome $40.00/pair
4 08:00 PM MT RUS - SUI A Preliminary Saddledome $40.00/pair (2 tix left only)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011
6 08:00 PM MT LAT - SVK A Preliminary Saddledome $40.00/pair

Wednesday, December 28, 2011
8 03:30 PM MT SUI - SWE A Preliminary Saddledome $40.00/pair
10 08:00 PM MT SVK - RUS A Preliminary Saddledome $40.00/pair (2 tix left only)

Thursday, December 29, 2011
12 08:00 PM MT RUS - LAT A Preliminary Saddledome $40.00/pair

Friday, December 30, 2011
14 03:30 PM MT SVK - SWE A Preliminary Saddledome $40.00/pair (2 tix left only)
16 08:00 PM MT LAT - SUI A Preliminary Saddledome $40.00/pair (2 tix left only)

Saturday, December 31, 2011
18 04:00 PM MT SUI - SVK A Preliminary Saddledome $40.00/pair
20 08:00 PM MT SWE - RUS A Preliminary Saddledome $40.00/pair

Monday, January 2, 2012
21 11:00 AM MT 4A - 5B - Relegation Saddledome $30.00/pair
22 03:00 PM MT *2A - 3B - Quarter-final Saddledome $90.00/pair
23 07:00 PM MT *2B - 3A - Quarter-final Saddledome $90.00/pair

Tuesday, January 3, 2012
24 11:00 AM MT 4B - 5A - Relegation Saddledome $30.00/pair
25 03:00 PM MT **1B - W(G22) - Semifinal Saddledome $130.00/pair (2 tix left only)
26 07:00 PM MT **1A - W(G23) - Semifinal Saddledome $130.00/pair (2 tix left only)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012
27 11:00 AM MT 5A - 5B - Relegation Saddledome $30.00/pair
28 03:00 PM MT 4A - 4B - Relegation Saddledome $30.00/pair
29 07:00 PM MT L(G22) - L(G23) - 5th Place Saddledome $30.00/pair

Thursday, January 5, 2012
30 01:30 PM MT L(G25) - L(G26) - Bronze Saddledome $140.00/pair (2 tix left only)

Finally Teemu returns to Winnipeg

How big of a standing O will he get on saturday in the Peg?




The hunt is on [hence this week's pic], but they also say that turnabout is fair play and the predators "poof" are Prey...

Line-ups here please

Bladerunners Lose Ground To Everyone Except Wolves But Remain In 1st - Week 10 Stats


Down Goes Brown

Down Goes Brown

Love the "How to be an NHL ironman post!

PS Check your email for msg re: IIHF


Week 10 - Friday Night Stats

As usual, thanks to Bob for putting all the line-ups on the Blog.  I think we are good to go now but if your numbers are different from mine, let me know and we will figure it out.


NHL approves new conference realignment format

NHL approves new conference realignment format

Personally I'd like to see a wild card after the top three teams in each new conference rather than simply the top four qualifying...


Omnivore Update

Once again, minor variation to goalie stats. Looks like the Highlanders and GW's are leading on the strength of the draft and prospects, while the Bladerunners have improved through trade, as have the Cavemen to a lesser degree. Top team out of the gate before trades remains the Highlanders...


Post-WD1 FUNHL Week 10 Rosters

With shiny new/ or not-so-new players, we begin the the 2nd part of this 3 act play we call the FUNHL and the race for the Predator...Some say this segment will be the make or break section of the season - or some of us will be caught tilting windmills, staring in the Village of the Damned (he he)

Enjoy the show...Special thanks to Doug and the stats as well as Brian and his spreadsheets...

Week 9 Stats - Bladerunners hold 12pt Lead, Great Whites with best week

Great Waiver Draft everyone.  The two outstanding stats issues that I knew of (Corey and Rob) have been addressed but if anyone spots anything else from before or ongoing, please let me know.

The big challenge for me now will be entering in all the post-WD changes but I will then get to work on bringing the Challenge Cup stats up to date.  Thanks for everyone's patience.


Thursday Night Stats

Here is what I have as of last night's games.  Corey and Rob had suggested that I may have a couple of past numbers wrong.  I haven't had a chance to double check those yet so if mistaken, the mistake remains.

I don't believe that the thought was that the numbers would impact on Waiver Draft Order.  That said, please let me know if you think anything here is out of whack.

Off to a meeting out of the office.  Later.