Happy New Year as Dec 31st/Jan 1st with the Winter Classic ends this week.  It's a Leap Year and the NHL trade deadline is Feb 29th, making our FUNHL trade deadline on Monday, March 7th.

WD2 should scheduled ether Week 16 or 17, either last weekend of January or the first weekend of February.  Anyway,on to our weekly business -

Thanks to Corey and Brian for keeping things on tracks with the MASTER and online stats.

Please post your Week 13 Line-ups here and i shall humbly post the rest from email.

Thank you


FUNHL WEEK !2 - The XMAS Edition

Whether you celebrate Christmas or the Winter Solstice, it matters not as most of us get a vacation.

Nevertheless you must still post your line-ups for Week 12.

Take Care Be Well And Enjoy!

Please post your line-ups below!




FunHL Week 11 Line-ups

Some major trades occurred during the Week and we shall see if they helped or not...

Please submit your Week 11 rosters by email or post them here.  Ultimately I will make sure all line-ups are pasted to this blog post as per usual.

Corey, more work for you with trades and online adjustments.  Brian, I think you put out a new master but a Challenge Cup update would be nice if possible.

Corey -many thanks Again.

Please post your Week 11 rosters here.

Thank you!

PS  4 more days 'til Star Wars Ep VII - i hope it's better than Eps I, II or III...




FUNHL Week 10 Line-ups

Hello All:

Time to enter your week 10 line-ups either by emailing them to the league or by posting them here or even putting them on the website, though you still need to email them/post your line-up here on the blog.

Many thanks to Corey and Brian and Doug for their work with respect to stats and with respect to keeping track of player movements in the league.

Please post your line-ups here.


P.S. Happy Hanukkah as today is the first day of Hanukkah!