Week 13 - Mid-Season Line-ups and Happy New Yer

It is looking more dire for the FUNHL as the Severed Heads seems to have co-opted Ra's Al Ghul strength and certainly points as he continues to lead us "boys" who are acting as feeble GMs

Alas, he did NOT take the head...heh...heh

Regardless, there is always hope, the last thing that snuck out of Pandora's Box

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FUNHL News and Notes

Season's Greetings Everyone!

- It's funny, but this is the weakest feeling 20 point lead I've ever held in the pool. I know the stats say that the Heads are running away with things, but it really doesn't feel that way.

- I mentioned this in my e-mail, but Steve Downie clowning it up to the tune of 50+ points over the first 1/3rd of the season is a huge part of why the Heads are winning, and why the lead doesn't feel at all safe. Sure, he could finish with 40points and 300PIM (maybe the greatest TG season since Bob Probert), but there is no way I am comfortable counting on it.

- I've been really bad in not getting out the team reviews.

- I've been even worse in shepherding the FUNBA and doing team updates and reviews for everyone in it. Please don't kill me.

- I predict that as new young FPs come on line next year, at least two of; Kopitar, Toews, Zetterberg, and Erik Staal will be replaced. None of them are 'bad', but none of them qualify as 1st line Cs either.

- Among the candidates I'd put up to replace the departing Cs; Ryan Johanssen-C Clb, Alex Pieterangelo-D StL, Ryan Suter-D Min, Taylor Hall-L Edm, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins-C Edm, and Johnny Gaudreau-L Cgy.

- Chances of Edmonton catching Calgary in the standings = roughly 0.01%. The tears of Wayne Gretzky never tasted so good.

- Rob's decision to draft Drouin is edging from 'curious, could be a good move' into 'wasted two prime years of Tuuka Rask waiting for Drouin to be remotely productive'. territory.

- I'm going out on a limb and suggesting that Bob's combo of Parise-Lucic is the weakest FP pairing in the league. Despite what I just said about Drouin.

- Of all the teams in the league, the one that scares me the most is Dan's Great Whites. Why? Jagr once lost a scoring title and a goal scoring title to a white hot Joe Thornton blowing up in the 2nd half of a season. His team is thick at C, D, and G, and has nice weapons on the wing. Also, I hate Carey Price.

- The other guy to be scared of is Darrell. It's always f#$%^ing Darrell.

- If there is a more dissapointing pick for a team this year than Corey's selection of Jason Spezza I don't know what it is. Spezza should have been a ppg stalwart rocking the #2C role in Dallas. Instead, he's been invisible.

- The Edge have a terrific RW, a very ice set of pivots (Getzlaf, Johanssen, Little), and a very decent D corps, so why aren't they better? Well, the goaltending has been bad, trending to terrible, but outside of that, I honestly don't understand what the problem is. I think I say this every year about the Edge, but at some point his team should regress to the mean and be at least average, right?

- The Barbarians have a really nice platform to build on moving forward in Seguin and Karlsson. Two of the hardest pieces to find, a top line C, and an offensive D man will make the draft a lot easier moving forwards. Can't think of a time they had better FPs.

- Of all the teams the PV are invested in, having two LW from Winterpeg seems a bit like...overkill.

- Suicide by +/- has hit us in the holiday season. I can't say as I think it's a wise plan, but it is a plan.

- Why aren't the Knights Templar a bigger threat? Take a look at their C position; Pavelski, Backes, Schenn, Santorelli. That lineup scares exactly nobody.

- Chris has a chance (albeit slim) to go from first to worst. If he does he'll join me as the only GMs to complete the feat (and I was tradig ED picks to get it done). Best of luck Chris, I'm pulling for you!

The Highlanders

The Highlanders

L: Kunitz-Pit, Ladd-Wpg, MacArthur-Ott,  Huberdeau-Fla RFA, Hertl-SJ P2, DalColle-NYI P1

Rating; 3

Knuitz has been riding the good fortune of playing with Crosby for a while now, and a run of injuries has derailed the normally productive winger from his ppg form. He's at the age where dings pile up and the partnership with Crosby is less assured. If he (and The Croz) are healthy and playing together he can still be a legit #1 LW. Ladd is a nice complimentary guy who chips in points and PIM at a strong rate for the second line. MacArthur was stolen from the Leafs before they realized the two-way winger with scoring touch they were looking for wasn't named Clarckson and was already on the roster. Huberdeau should have been better than this by year 3, and if I were his owner I would be getting concerned. Hertl rocketed out of the gate of his career, but has had trouble keeping his game pointed in the right direction. Dal Colle is a splending project being a blend of size, skill and scoring ability, and having a team that both covets that skillset, and has a place for him when he is ready.

C: Crosby-Pit FP, Kopitar-LA FP, Weiss-Det RFA, Desharnais-Mtl RFA, Barkov-Fla P3

Rating: 3

Crosby is arguably the best there is. Kopitar is a marvelous two-way Selke guy, but his offensive abilities are cramped by the suffocating game he plays. He's legit as a #2, but underpowered as an FP. Weiss is barely replacement level now. Desharnais is carving out a career as the waterbug energy guy who drives the Canadien`s 3rd line. If Florida could have the Barkov at 2 pick back would they take Jones or Monahan instead? Methinks they would. Still, he`s got wicked skills and size, eventually he'll get it.

R: Iginla-Col, Neal-Nsh, Hudler-Cgy RFA, Williams-LA RFA, Mantha-Det P2, Niederreiter-Min P2

Rating: 3

Iggy is playing out the back-nine is a one touch sniper with fading wheels. He's not a good fit in Colorado as his 'veteran presence' would be more well recieved on a team with legit playoff chances. Neal has proved he still has his scoring touch, and is a threat to displace Iggy on the top line. Hudler has the best numbers of the three, but is not a good bet to maintain his pace over the year. Williams is a fading gunner who can dine out on his Conn Smythe while he weeps for the lost ice-time. Mantha is a future beast, but given it is Detroit, he should arrive fully formed as a 23 year old. Niederreiter has all the tools to be a dominant power forward, but is having trouble staying on a scoring line.

D: Suter-Min, Weber-Nsh, Myers-Buf, Kulikov-Fla RFA, Lindholm.H-Ana RFA, Hjallmarsson-Chi RFA, Martinez-LA RFA, Brodin-Ana RFA, Klefbom-Edm P2

Rating: 2

Suter is a monster on the blue, but has struggled to stay healthy this year. Weber is consistent for 45pts a year and this year should be no different. The remainder of the blue is a mix of regressing monsters (Myers), and plucky up and comers with upside (Brodin, Lindholm, Kulikov). Any of the bottom six could be flogged at a WD without much 2nd thought. Klefbom is a project that still looks to be two years away from productivity.

G: Miller-Vcr, Lack-Vcr RFA

Rating: 2

Miller has been hit and miss so far this year with Vancouver, more miss than hit so far. Open question as to whether he is a starting calibre FUNHL goaltender anymore. Lack is a solid backup if Miller gets hurt. And if you think that the Canucks are going to be stingey defenders moving forward.

Total: 13

Crosby's mumps has hurt, as have the injuries to Suter and Kunitz, mediocre goaltending, and a D-corps too weak to survive any absences.


Week 12 Line-ups - the Holiday Edition

Well, The Joker is Wild during the Holiday Season...

With the passing of the Winter Solstice, the Severed Heads is blazing out in front, steadfast in first.

With Doug away, Stats for Weeks 11-13 may be delayed, but unofficial stats may get posted...we'll see.

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To those who celebrate - Merry Christmas!

WD2 date tentative for Feb 8/15, Sat. at 1300 MST
NHL trade deadline is March 1st making our FUNHL trade deadline 6pm MST on Monday, March 8/15

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FUNHL Week 11 Line-up

And fighting has begun...Some might call it the"Climb"

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Week 8 Stats - WD1 Draft Order

Week 9 Line-ups and WD1 Prov. Drops

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The Line-ups for Week 8 Are Due by 6pm MST

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Week 7 Stats, Now With Challenge Cup Standings


Head to Head Results Week 1-6

  Team W L T PTs
1 Great Whites 4 1 1 9
2 Bladerunners 4 2 0 8
3 Edge 3 1 2 8
4 Severed Heads 3 2 1 7
5 Personal Vendetta 3 3 0 6
6 Shadowmen 3 3 0 6
7 Barbarians 3 3 0 6
8 Scourge 2 3 1 5
9 Highlanders 2 3 1 5
10 Knights Templar 2 3 1 5
11 Ramapithicines 2 3 1 5
12 Wolves  1 5 0 2

Week Seven Line-Ups

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Week 6 Stats


Week Five Stats


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PS WD1 is coming soon...Weekend of Dec 6-7 after Week 9 OR Weekend of Dec 13-14 after Week 10

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Re-Branding NHL Awards

Source ESPN>COM - Pierre LeBrun

Here's an example of how it could look like: 
Hart Trophy (MVP) -- Wayne Gretzky trophy 
Art Ross (points leader) -- Gordie Howe trophy 
Norris (D-man) -- Bobby Orr trophy 
Calder (rookie) -- Mario Lemieux trophy 
Lady Byng (sportsmanship) -- Jean Beliveau award (a man who’s all about class) 
Selke (defensive forward) -- Bob Gainey trophy 
Jack Adams (coach) -- Scotty Bowman award 

I wouldn't change the Vezina since that trophy is actually named after a former player. And I wouldn’t change the Conn Smythe because that’s a more recent award. 

Agree or disagree folks? 


The Shadowmen

The Shadowmen

L: Lucic-Bos FP, Parise-Min FP, Foligno-Clb RFA, Pearson-LA P1, Raffl-Pha P1

Rating: 4.5

Lucic is the perfect combination of brute force and goal scoring touch. As a TG, he's over a PPG for the last few years and has been mostly legit as an FP. Parise however, has had his ups and downs, but still has to be considered one of the top LWs in the game, with the biggest downside being a propensity for collecting injuries. Foligno is a replacement level player with backup toughness, andshouldn't see much ice-time so long as Pearson is lighting it up. Pearson is part of the 'next wave' of Kings forwards, boasting terrific hands and a solid two-way game. Raffl might be the best Austrian born player in NHL history, so he's got that going for him.

C: Kreicji-Bos, Datsyuk-Det, Koivu-Min, Carter-LA RFA, Hayes-NYR P1, Lazar-Ott P1, Rackell-Ana P1

Rating: 3

When your team isn't blessed with having an FP at the center spot, you have to adapt. The Shadowmen adapted by drafting three quality 2nd line (FUNHL speaking) Cs. Kreicji is about as solid as they come, but his ceiling isn't particularly high. Datsyuk has the high ceiling, but is at the stage of his career where he is injured, recovering from injury, or preparing to get injured. Koivu shares the same health concerns as Datsyuk, but has the lower ceiling of Kreicji as well. Still, no C FP, no cry. Carter is an excellent 4th liner and if he gets hot (like he is right now) he could be the best on the roster. Biggest issue with him is that he is way, way beyond streaky and will go ice-cold for months at a stretch. Hayes, Lazar, and Rackell were all detailed in my prospect review, no help forthcoming from these guys.

R: Hornqvist-Pit, Ericksson-Bos, Purcell-Edm RFA, Boyes-Fla RFA, Nieto-SJ P1

 Rating: 2.5

Hornqvist looks like a nice fit in Pittsburgh, but he is the definition of 'line dependent'. The good news is there are two good lines in Pitt for him to be dependent on, and only two bad. Ericksson is a multi-talented weapon who can play both sides of the ice, a lower-case Marian Hossa. He also suffers from the same unfortunate frequency of hospital visits. Purcell is a nice fit on the 3rd line, and should get lots of burn in Edmonton as they figure out what they have in the big winger. Boyes is a pure sniper whose wheels are fading away. Nieto was covered in my prospect review, and no help is forthcoming from him.

D: Pietrangelo-StL, Muzzin-LA, DelZotto-Pha RFA, J.Johnson-Clb, Stralman-NYR RFA, Bogosian-Wpg RFA, deHaan-NYI RFA, Tanev-Vcr RFA, Hanifin-USNTDP P1, Ouellette-Det P1

Rating: 3.5

Peitrangelo is an all-round stud and borderline FP. Muzzin is emerging as a fancystats darling (he plays against the best of the best and the river is getting pushed back), but he has yet to fully emerge as a FUNHL scorer. DelZotto is a nice bet to rediscover his offense in Philly who are so shorthanded on the blue that DZ will get as much ice-time as he can reasonably, or unreasonably, handle. As much as the fancystats love Muzzin, they detest Jack Johnson. A modern day Al Iafrate, Johnson is somehow much, much less than the sum of his parts. Bogosian has the tool kit to be an all-round monster, but injuries have persistently derailed him. If he needs another wrist surgery it might be career threatening. deHaan has nowhere to go but up on the emerging Islanders team, he might even be protected through WD1. Tanev is a solid, and utterly unspectacular replacement level defensman. Hanifin is prime trade bait. His name will be the third mentioned all year long when pundits talk about the upcoming draft, and Bob will surely use that popularity to extort something nice in a deal. Isn't dressable for three years. Ouellet is an offensive defensman being slowly decanted in the RedWings cloning factory, an on any given day he could wake up and know kung-fu.

G: Quick-LA, Jones-LA RFA

Rating: 5

Normally I'd prefer to hand out a 5 when a team has two starter quality goaltenders, but Quick is barring injury, the best goaltender in the league given enough starts. Should Quick get hurt, Jones is the guy who will get to play behind Drew Doughty and reap the benefits.

Overall: 18.5


An encore from a future FP?

A future FP?

The Wolves

The Wolves

L: Drouin-TBay FP, D.Sedin-Vcr, vanRiemsdyk-Tor, Prust-Mtl RFA

Rating: 3

Unfortunately, Drouin just isn't an elite anything as of yet. Currently mired on TBays 4th line, he's got no chance of being productive until he makes a bigger jump. That said, having D.Sedin around mitigates the damage of carrying a weak FP at LW, Sedin is a total stud (and future HOFr) and slots easily into the #1 role. vanRiemsdyk comfortably slots into the #2 role, giving the team an average set of LWs all things considered. Prust is a face-puncher only, but if Drouin struggles expect him to draw in.

C: Couture-SJ, Stastny-StL, Kesler-Ana RFA, Zibenejad-Ott RFA, Horvat-Vcr P2, Bennett-Cgy P1

Rating: 3

Whether by design or accident, the Wolves managed to build a pretty decent centre-ice corps without an FP in the role. Couture is a solid, if below average #1C. Stastny would have been in the same range, but with less solidity due to injury prone-ness. Kesler is the third of the 'above average average' C's, and compliments his offense with some secondary PIMs. Zibenejad is still being groomed for bigger things, but the clock is likely to run out on his contract before he can contribute. Horvat is a future 2way pivot, but the ceiling on his offense doesn't appear to be very high. Bennett though, has the tool kit to be an All-Star at C for the Flames. Sadly, a shoulder injury (that he had played through for more than a year) will keep him on the shelf for the next 6 months or so. He'll make the Flames out of camp next year, and eventually take over as the teams #1 C.

R: Eberle-Edm, Tarasenko-StL, Smith-Nsh RFA, Doan-Arz RFA, Silverberg-Ana P3, Colberg-NYI P1

Rating: 3.5

Eberle is a decent player on a horrible team, and the Wolves are likely praying that Eberle is the first off of the sinking ship that is the Oilers. Tarasenko is finally flexing the offensive muscles, and is tearing it up. He could be making the leap to FP quality scoring forward. Smith's game is as non-descript as his last name, but he has enugh offense for the Preds that he makes a fine 3rd liner. Doan is playing out the string now, but he could step in for a swan song season where he produces just enough PIMs and points to remain relevant. Sifverberg has struggled to move his game up to the next level in Anaheim, but he has a skillset that Anaheim could definitely use. Time is running out on him now. Colberg I dealt with in my prospect review, but suffice it to say I don't see him contributing now, or in the future.

D: Carlson-Wsh, Barrie-Col, Bieksa-Vcr RFA, Jones-Nsh P3, Schultz-Edm P3, McQuaid-Bos RFA, Hamilton-Bos RFA, B.Smith-Det P1, Doherty-SJ P1

Rating: 2

Carlson and Barrie are not 1st line quality defenders, but they are decent enough. Bieksa needs to be used as a TG to maximize his benefit, and even then shouldn't be in your top 4. Jones is an absolute beast, and mught already be the teams top blueliner. Schultz has not only not shown much progression, he appears to have gotten worse year over year. Lots of skill, he may need a change of scenery. McQuaid is giant face-puncher with unrepeatable +/- stats in his past. Hamilton is only just scratching the surface of his talents, and with the injuries ahead of him on Boston's roster he'll get a chance to gouge deep. Brendan Smith is the perpetual 'he could break out at any time' offensive defenseman, with the oly problem being he has already given us a five year wait to do so. Doherty is meatbomb with little to no upside.

G: Rask-Bos FP, Hilller-Cgy RFA

Rating: 4.5

Rask is the elite of the elite, and Hiller is (so far) a well above average backup.

Total:  16

The Bladerunners

Ok, here are your frequently promised team reviews. All opinions are my own, and thus can be easily ignored whenever convenient, though I will, on occasion, listen to reason.

The Bladerunners

L: Hall, Read-Pha RFA, McGinn-Col RFA, Maroon-Ana RFA, Domi-Arz P2

Rating: 2.5

Hall is arguably the best LW in the game right now, so the top end looks good (if currently injured), but the rest is a mix of not quite 3rd line guys. Read is a decent 4th liner but I'm not convinced that either McGinn or Marroon were draftable. Domi is a very interesting prospect, but failed to make the Coyotes out of camp and is thus likely at least another year away.

C: Stamkos-TBay FP, Staal-Car FP, MacKinnon-Col RFA, Zajac-NJ RFA

Rating: 4.5

Stamkos is as elite as it gets, and is a bona fide #1C. Staal is no longer an elite #1, but has settled rather comfortably into being a very good #2. MacKinnon is the wild card as he could conceivably post seriously crooked numbers sitting in the 3rd line spot. Zajac is an injury-replacement-only kinda player these days.

R: Voracek-Pha, Simmonds-Pha, O'Reilly-Col, ,Brouwer-Wsh RFA, Yakupov-Edm P4, Jaskin-StL P1, Kapenen-Pit P1

Rating: 4

Seems high, doesn't it? Voracek is sneaky legitimate as a #1RW, albeit at the lower end of that category. Simmonds had an elite goon season last year and is a nice blend of toughness and scoring. O'Reilly isn't likely to break out with a 70 point season anytime soon, but he's an exciting talent on the upswing. Brouwer is a waiver action waiting to happen. Yakupov is a guy who might (finally) have his breakout year where he guns 40+, but I don't think it will happen in Edmonton. Jaskin and Kapanen are both mutli-tooled offensive talents who are likely 2 or more years away from being active contributors.

D: Ekman-Larsson-Arz, Krug-Bos, Seabrook-Chi, Josi-Nsh, Franson-Tor RFA, Vatanen-Ana RFA, Daley-Dal RFA, C.Murphy-Arz RFA, Pouliot-D Pit P3, Gormley-D Arz P2, Morrow-Bos P2, Clendening-Chi P1

Rating: 2.5

OEL is only 'ok' as a top line guy, and that weakness both persists and worsens as we move done the roster of D-men. Krug has evovled into a surprisingly good offensive defenseman, but his tiny size is an invitation to injury. Oh look, he's already hurt. Seabrook is still a beast, but at some point is going to lose PP time to Clendening and others. Josi had a huge season last year, but the arrival of Seth Jones as a force is going to cramp his PP time moving forward. Franson is an above average offensive defenseman with frequently poor defense, he's a favourite to be dealt out of TO. Vatanen is a very nice find, a PP QB with excellent upside, if a tad undersized. Daley and Murphy are never going to make this roster barring catastrophic injuries ahead of them. Pouliot is an exciting offensive prospect, but he has been lapped by others in the Pens org like Maata and Depres, so a change of scenery may be required. Morrow is a poential candidate to contribute especially with Krug and Chara out with boo-boos. Gormley has had 3 straight dissapointing prospect years in a row. Make the damn team already. Clendening is a big mobile offensive defenseman in Chicago. Which, should be pretty good some day. But not today.

G: Bobrovsky-Clb RFA, Luongo-Fla RFA

Rating: 2

Because nothing says 'fear me' like Columbus + Florida goaltending.

Total: 15.5



Week Three Stats

Caught another minor change with Week Two line-ups, not much change as a result though.


Week Two Stats

Slight adjustment to the Ramapithicines' Week 1 stats (did not have everyone included that I should have).

Still need to get Week 3 and 4 entered but should be out before the end of the week now.

If anyone spots any issues or mistakes, let me know.



Please post your Week 4 Line-ups here.

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Week One Stats


10 Prospects that should have been

So Now that I have vented my spleen everywhere, in no particular order here's who I thought should have been picked instead of your Raffls and your Jensens;

Morrissey-D Wpg: Offense first d-man almost made Jets out of camp. Was ppg in the WHL, and key part of Draisaitl's sucess.

Theodore-D Ana.: Offense first defender has John Carlson skillset.

Mathews-C USNTDP: Likely top pick in 2016, may not be 'next Crosby', but should be a future #1C. Downside? You'd have to be willing to burn two years.

Rattie-R StL: Brad Marchand type of point scoring rat.

Tkachev-R QMJHL: 'Vladdy Hockey' is a tiny dynamo but will need another year in the Q after going undrafted. Already blitzing the league offensively, the only downside is that he is a true flyweight ala Steve Kariya.

Kylington-D SEL: The Pietrangelo to Hanifin's Doughty.

N.Ritchie-L ANA: I confess, I just love the dancing monsters. He's already 6'3, 225, with decent top end speed. Unlike his brother Brett, Nick combines his size and power has a strong set of offensive skills including stickhandling and shot. The next Bertuzzi.

Chychrun-D OHL: in 2016 we can expect to hear Chychrun's name early. Shea Weber type.

Poirier-R Cgy: big, strong, soft hands, tough, and blazing speed. Geoff Courtnall type.

B.Schenn-C PHA: Highly touted prospect stalling in Pha, but with lots of time left to hit a very high ceiling.



Please post your week 3 lineups here.



Exploding in a hail of goo, or, why Cameron hates your prospects

Forgive me my tardiness in doing team reviews, they will be forthcoming soon.

Instead, I'm going to review each teams prospect picks from our latest Prospect Draft!


Jaskin-R Stl : An excellent pick, Jaskin has high-end offensive upside and is with a team noted for developing prospects properly. Factor in he is at a position of weakness around the league (RW), and it's a super-solid pick.

Kapanen-R Pit: Ditto what I said for Jaskin, though in truth, I had Kapanen rated slightly higher because Malkin/Crosby.

Clendening-D Chi: A third solid pick as Clendening has legit NHL offensive tools and has been marinating in the minors for a couple of years. With Leddy now out of the picture, Clendening could be dressable as soon as this season.

Ok, so it looks like I didn't hate anybody Brian drafted. Where oh where did I leave my outrage?

The Wolves

Bennett-C Cgy: One of the consensus top 3 picks available at the PRD (along with Draisaitl and Eichel), the Wolves should have a good one in Bennett.

Colberg-R NYI: Not a terrible pick, but I think Colberg is a reach. He was a 2nd rnd pick by Mtl, and ended up on the Island thanks to the Vanek deal. Colberg has decent hands and speed, but doesn't appear to have a high offensive ceiling. He might make a difference in his P4 season, but that is a long time to hold your breath for what will amount to a lower-tier winger.

Doherty-D SJ: I can understand the thinking; SJ has opening on the blue, Doherty is in the pipeline,, so....future Dan Boyle! Except that Doherty is 6'8" and 240lbs. He isn't a dancer. His career high in the AHL is 15 points. This has 'bust' written all over it, with only the long odds of him turning into a potential goon representing any thing like 'hope'.

So for the Wolves, I love the Bennett pick, can live with the Colberg pick, and point out the strong waft of colon coming from the Doherty selection.

The Shadowmen

When they aren't replacing both FPs, they are drafting a full 8 prospects at the draft!

Pearson-L LA
Raffl-L Pha
Hayes-C NYR
Lazar-C Ott
Rakell-C Ana
Nietto-R SJ
Hanifin-D USNTDP
Ouellette-D Det

Pearson-L LA: An excellent pick, Pearson may have some skating issues (he lacks anything like high-end speed), but he's a pure sniper who can make plays all over the ice. On a stacked LA squad he's already earned a role on a scoring line (with Toffoli and Carter). Could be dressable now.

Raffl-L Pha: Raffl is already 25 and has a total of 22 points in his 60+NHL games. He is what he is, a 3rd/4th liner with unspectacular ability. Stinkbomb of a pick.

Hayes-C NYR: Big, strong, and fast, his resume reads a lot like Chris Kreider's. He does have some warning flags though; his numbers at college were pumped up playing with College's best offensive player in a decade (Gaudreau), he is a 'late-bloomer' (already 22), and he has lots of competition for a wing spot on the Rangers (he is NOT a center). I don't hate the pick, but it wasn't 'awesome'.

Lazar-C Ott: Will fall somewhere between Brule and Peca in the undersized-checking-pivot-who-can-score role. Looks like an excellent 3rd line C at the NHL level, which makes him a very long shot at the FUNHL level. Kid has hustle though.

Rakell-C Ana: Anaheim has been patient with Rakell, letting him develop a scoring touch on the farm rather than rushing him. Biggest problem now is that while he is likely ready for a job on an NHL scoring line, Getzlaf and Kesler have him seriously roadblocked. Without powerplay time to boost his numbers, or wingers of decent caliber, Rakell is likely years away from being productive.

Nieto-R SJ: I hated this pick when it was made, and after looking at the evidence more, I don't hate it quite as much. He's a college player who put up ok numbers on a decent team, and he may have 20 goal potential in the upcoming seasons. Reminds me too much of the Tyler Kennedy/Devin Setoguchi types, small-fast wingers without big scoring touch who do a lot of little things right. Useful guys in your bottom six at the NHL level, but not so much at the FUNHL level.

Hanifin-D USNDP: LOVE this pick. Hanifin is in the conversation for 1st overall next year (albeit, ususally in the sense of 'after McDavid and Eichel, you should take Hanifin). Future blue-line stud, but you have to burn two years of his contract before you even know what horrible team he will be on.

Ouellette-D Det: Another solid pick. Ouellette has solid offensive upside, and his team is going to be replacing pieces of the blue soon (Kindl is all but traded already). Even with the Red Wings famously slow development program, Ouellette isn't so far away as he's already spent significant time on the farm.

So, I have Pearson, Hanifin and Oulette as being good to excellent picks, Rakell and Nieto being weak, if acceptable, and the rest as being a big heap of 'what the hell are you doing'?

The Highlanders

This one is easy;

DalColle-R NYI: Excellent pick. He's big, strong, fast, was a top 6 pick ED pick, and the team has a huge need for his skillset. Even a smidgeon of development and he'll be a star, and it's at a position of weakness league wide.

The Great Whites

Duclair-C NYR: LOVE this pick. Duclair is an absolute blur on the ice, and he has a 50 goal season in the Q to show for it. Underrated going in to the draft, the Rangers absolutely stole him later in the draft (largely because GMs couldn't figure out why Patrick Roy who was his GM in jr avoided taking him). Downside is he might be another Brassard/Lombardi type, but the upside is something like Simon Gagne in his prime.

Jensen-R Vcr: Ugh. Had 21 points in 54 AHL games, which speaks to the lack of offensive ability the big Dane possesses as that is literally his best ever offensive output. He has nice size, and good wheels, but he won't ever score 20goals or 40 points. As a FUNHL prospect, I call Bust.

The Ramapithicines

Lee-L NYI: a physical specimen, Lee is a prototype powerforward with a wide range of tools. He's close to nailing down a top 6 role right now.

Larsson-D NJ: Another very nice pick, Larsson was compared to Lidstrom in his draft year, but has struggled to bust into the NHL. Has a high-ceiling, and with a five year prospect contract, time is on his side.

Kuemper-G Min: I mean, I guess. Goalies are voodoo at the best of times, and Minny is going to have to play somebody in net behind Suter, so it could be Kuemper. That said, he has 'one and done' written all over him, and I'll be surprised if he is on a FUNHL roster next season.

No 'hail of goo' picks for the Ramapithicines, but you can't make me love Kuemper.

The Edge

Like the Highlanders, this review is going to be brief;

Ehlers-L Wpg: An excellent pick. The tiny Dane has offensive skill to spare. Only things holding him back are his miniscule frame, and the fact he will play for Winnipeg where prospects go to die. Could lead the Jets in scoring before his prospect contract expires.

The Barbarians

Lots to hate on here;

Clowe-R NJ: Clowe went undrafted for a reason. He's; old, slow, breaking down, and doesn't fight much anymore. He's the poor-man's David Clarckson without all the high-end skill. Sure, he might give you a week or two of duty subbing in for an injury, but outside of that his value is roughly that of what you'll find on the waiver wire every week. Bust.

Matteau-L NJ: Future 3rd line checking winger with off-ice entitlement issues. Bust.

Paajarvi-R StL: Defense-first checking winger without anything resembling an offensive skill. Could become an elite NHL shadow, but isn't ever likely to be draftable in the FUNHL. Bust.

Jankowski-C Cgy: I quite liked this pick, Jankowski has a high ceiling offensively, and has already had a few years development time to get his (grossly underweight) frame up to speed. Solid.

Ben Smith-R Chi: Is already 26 years old. He is what he is, a 3rd line checking winger with some speed. If he hadn't been a prospect I wouldn't have had him ranked. At all.

Fucale-G Mtl: I've thrown a lot of shade at the Barbarian picks so far (Jankowski excepted), but Fucale was IMO a fairly astute pick for late in the draft. He has a stellar resume for a goaltending prospect, but the biggest problem is going to be the presence of Carey Price ahead of him. That said, Fucale has legit NHL upside, it will probably require a move out of Montreal to see it.

So two picks I quite liked in Jankowski and Fucale, and 4 guys I think will make excellent waiver wire pick ups.

Personal Vendetta

Here's the thing, Darrell and I have completely opposite philosophies for the prospect draft, and the result is I pretty much always hate his picks. I'm sure he's losing lots of sleep over this.

Backlund-C Cgy: Backlund is a marvellous possession player who can move the needle in the right direction and check the elite. I love him as a player, but his ceiling is somewhere around 50 points if everything goes right for him, and that makes him a borderline 3rd liner if you are happy with borderline production from your 3rd line.

Forsberg-L Nsh: A repeat pick (like Jankowski and, inexplicably, Ben Smith), Forsberg has an excellent offensive resume, but is on the worst possible team for exploiting those abilities. I avoid Nsh prospects on principle, but Forsberg is the only guy I'd make an exception for. Could lead the Preds team in scoring before his prospect contract is up.

 Merrill-D NJ: Like Forsberg, Merril sort of bucks the PV preference for drafting 'verteran' prospects, while also being an older prospect (22). Has had two decent cups of coffee in the AHL and some low grade NHL work. May not be a homerun, but sure looks like a stand-up double.

Backlund may end up being the PV's next 'Plekanec', but I honestly don't think the offense is there (and I think Plekanec actually hurt the PV as a prospect, but that is another argument). Forsberg and Merrill are both good bets to be productive guys moving forward, so for this year, I haven't got much hate for Darrell. Sleep well buddy.

The Knights Templar

I normally feel somewhere between Anakin Skywalker right before he confronts the sandpeople, and The Hulk's 'I'm always angry' when it comes to the rage induced by Mike's prospect picks, so given he made five this year, this could get interesting;

Kochlachev-C Bos: An undersized skill forward near the top of Boston's prospect list, he was rumoured to be part of the Iginla package Boston offered. He's logjammed by Bergeron and Kreijci, but otherwise, nothing not to like other than he may need a change of scenery.

Burakovsky-L Wsh: My biggest disappointment at the prospect draft was not getting a shot to draft Burakovsky. A skill winger with size and speed, he's got huge upside, and he looks good to make an impact in Washington sooner, rather than later. The only hate to throw here is at Mike for getting a guy I thought would fly under the radar.

Jurco-R Det: Somewhere in a secret Detroit warehouse, Ken Holland cracks open a pod to reveal the latest high-skill, scoring winger being groomed (albeit at a snail's pace) for a top six role on the Red Wings. My theory is that it takes the new clones 5 years to download all their Matrix-style mentally injected 'training'.

Ceci-D Ott: A re-draft, Ceci is very close to making the Senators as an offensive defenseman. At worst he should be dressable in the next two years as a depth guy, and his ceiling (with likely PP partner the sorcerous Karlsson) is as high as 2nd pair. He should be money.

Andersen-G Ana: Anaheim's goaltending situation is in flux, and Andersen has as good a shot as anyone at getting time in net. As goaltending prospects go, you can do a lot worse than picking a guy who will play behind that Ducks' D corps.

I'm still Bruce Banner? What the hell? I would make the argument that Kochlachev was a reach as high as he went, and that he would have been around much later, but if I mentally re-arranged him towards the middle of the picks instead of at the top I'd have to say Mike hit his picks out of the park, with Jurco and Burakovsky having huge upside, and Ceci and Andersen being safe projections to be contributors.

The Scourge

This looked to be a three player prospect draft at the top-top-end, and Chris had picks #2 and #3.

Eichel-C USNTDP: Future scoring machine with size, reach, and power. Is being considered in the same breath as Connor McDavid for top pick overall next year. The only downside to him is that Buffalo or Florida (or, sweet C'thulu no, Edmonton) are proving to be utterly abysmal at developing talent. Was my personal choice for 1st overall in the draft.

Draisaitl-C Edm: He'll end up somewhere between Jason Allison and Joe Thornton, a; big, strong, power pivot with elite playmaking abilities, and the Shakespearean flaw of being a merely average skater. The downside to him is that the Oilers are a dumpster fire management wise, and there is a very real chance he'll need a change of scenery to ever succeed.

So...one and if you squint hard, maybe two future FPs. Yeah, that's not a bad prospect draft.

For comparisons sake;

The Severed Heads

Honka-D Dal: I did pretty well with a similar player in Erik Karlsson. He's an undersized powerplay puck mover, and the only scouting knock on him is his size (5'10). He'll end up somewhere on the MA Bergeron (PP specialist only) Paul Coffey spectrum. Dallas is fast tracking his development by using a quirk of the CBA to get Honka on to an AHL team even though he is only 18.

DeAngelo-D TBay: His junior numbers were genuinely ridiculous for a defenseman, but like Honka, he is considered to be undersized. Unlike Honka, DeAngelo also has something of a reputation for being a hellraiser. Yzerman doesn't make a lot of mistakes, and DeAngelo's upside offensively is enormous.

Ok, so I have thrown a lot shade around (though, less than I expected I would, or have previously), next up a list of guys I thought should have been picked, but weren't.


Poll - Waiver Wire

OK trying two ways to do this - if you can, pls vote in both so I can see how it works. One is in this post (below) and the other is in the blog sidebar...


Please post your week two lineups for the FUNHL here.







Leafs Suck - but this is minimalistic


ESPN says Maple Leafs the worst sports franchise in North America.  Oh come on - we all know that the Leafs are the worst franchise on the entire planet (and probably in the Universe).



Reckless Wolf

Something to give relief from all the statistics that were reading


The steamier side of hockey

or the video



Hockeystreams or Gamecenter

Has anyone used either of these?


The Crown Royal Bag of Fate with some surprises at the Draft Lottery...

With the Entry Draft approaching and the first fantasy hockey pool guides now out...What did the Slot Selection bring us:

1 - Bladerunners
2 - Ramapithicines
3 - Shadowmen
4 - Scourge
5 - Personal Vendetta
6 - Edge
7 - Knights Templar
8 - Wolves
9 - Highlanders
10- Barbarians *Defending their first Cup Victory
11- Great Whites
12- Severed Heads

Rumours that 4 teams are changing FPs...

Should be an interesting draft as ALWAYS!

PK Subban gets the Money

Restricted free agent P.K. Subban and the Montreal Canadiens agreed on an eight-year contract extension through the 2021-22 season, the team announced Saturday.
The contract is worth $72 million total, with an average annual value of $9 million, a league source confirmed to ESPN The Magazine's Craig Custance.
The deal comes a day after a tense arbitration meeting that concluded with no agreement.


The FUNHL awaits the Crown Royal Slot Selection of Death; Entry Draft to be Weeken October 4th, 2014

Awaiting the Slot Selection for the upcoming Entry Draft.  I believe everyone has submitted their preferences.

Awaiting the first trade of the year.

The Entry Draft is NOW officially booked for the first weekend in October, most likely Saturday October 4th, 2014.

I hope to see you ALL in October!



The Box Playoff Pool Victory

7.Dan Ross162.04
9.Doug McLachlan132.94


And the Kings, are the Kings! AGAIN!

Three times in 3 years they got to the Wstern Conference Finals
Now TWICE in 3 years They are the Stanley Cup Champions!

The Gaborik trade at the deadline was huge - as he tied the gm 5 in the third...had 14 g, one shy of Gretz

Justin Williams, "Mr June", got the first goal and the Conn Smythe Trophy

Every Gm in LA went to OT including Gm 2 and 5 going to double OT

Which shows that the series was a tad closer than 4-1 LA series victory or not

The NYR could never hold a lead except when Lundqvist stole Gm 4....he looked so sad after as he did all he could.

Talk about a team that went thru a murderer's row of gm 7's on the road, down 0-3 to SJ; 2-3 to ANA and tied 3-3 in CHI.  Faced Mutliple OTs before the Finals and 3 during the Finals.  They played 26 games to win the Cup not including the Overtimes!

They scored more goals/gm than any other playoff team - well over 3/gm - undefeated if they scored more than 3 in a game , i believe.




Indeed, Darrell defeats Doug's Edmonton Flatlanders to win the 2nd Annual Trophy...

Congrats to All on a frustrating Basketball season for many (except D.Mann) and Go Raptors?!



FuNHL Playoff Box Pool

For those interested in a poolie fix now that the season is done: hockeydraft.ca Pool name: FuNHL Password: Predator14 18 boxes of skaters (1 point for each G and A) 3 boxes of goalies (0.06 pts/min played, -1 per GA) 1 box for goons (0.5 pts/PIM, no points for G/A) 1 bonus box to pick cup champion for extra 10 points Entry deadline Wednesday at 6 pm Mtn time Good luck!


Thursday Night Stats

As the last few grains of sand slip through the hourglass of the 2013-2014, I wanted to open the door on the Wilco Tango Foxtrot of Mike B's massive win here.

He's now 40pts clear of the Shadowmen - one of the larger margins of victory in a while and if you look at the Omnivore standings the win becomes even more impressive.  The Barbarians are 20pts BELOW their baseline!  Think about that for a second, this team is cleaning up with one hand tied behind their back.  Darrell, Cam and Bob have all been in the race but have had to have phenomenal Omnivore totals to earn the right to be 40-50 pts behind an underperforming Barbarians squad.

Well done Mike.  Well done.


Week 26 Stats

Hi all.

Congratulations to the Barbarians on their 2nd Challenge Cup!

They have a healthy lead in the Predator Cup with less than a week to go.

The Omnivore stats (I will need to review the baseline so please read with EXTREME caution) show a new leader!  The Personal Vendetta.

Days to go.

Also get your resume's ready, Vancouver is but the first opening of many - I suspect.


Week 26- The Final Line-ups of this Year's FUNHL

The Last Week.  The Barbarians have already claimed their 2nd Challenge Cup and are on the verge of claiming their 1st Predator Cup as they seem to be playing out the string with a nice 36 pt lead..  The S'Heads and Vendetta are fighting for the Omnivore.

A precious award seems to be going to new franchise.

Please post your rosters here.