FUNHL News and Notes

Sakic is re-signing with the AVs.

I suspect that, if injury free, he will return for one more year after that (and perhaps more), so he can make the 2010 Olympic team and play in front of a Vancouver home crowd. A crowd which will promptly go totally and irrevocably insane.

The Fan 590 soul destroying monster and slobbering Leaf-a-holic Doug Faraway is leaving! Thank the freaking hockey gods. He was way beyond terrible. The Glenn Beck of hockey is so bad he actually makes the act of listening to hockey talk vomit inducing. In any case, it's over, and we will never have to listen to him soar off into unrestrained two-handed, two tissue Leaf wankery on how the Buds once made the quarterfinals and would have won it all if not for Kerry Fraser, or his feverish rim probing analysis of the near divinity that is Doug Gilmour, or his personal boycott on calling Mats Sundin 'Mats Sundin' - choosing instead to call him 'Johan' (Sundin's middle-name), until Sundin makes up his mind about where he is going this summer. As if Sundin, or anyone else not drunk on the sewage smelling excresence that is Leaf fandom, could care less.

In any case, all of that turgid noise he makes is now gone from my favourite hockey podcast! Gone I say! Party!

There are a number of trends that I am noting as I put together my prospect list this year (a top 12 version of which you will get FOR FREE! Offer is void in Quebec).

It seems that three is the magic number; I noted a trio of this years 1st forward rounders (Hodgson, Wilson, Filatov), another trio of first year defensemen (Doughty, Pieterangelo, Bagosian), a trio of older Scandanavian forwards (Fabian, Ville, Janne) who can't be picked until the prospect rounds, a trio of Danes - which you don't see everyday, and a trio of 'Rafalski' type D-men who could all step in and run some teams powerplay (or toil anonymously in the AHL). I have a trio of Detroit prospect D-men AND a trio of Penguin prospect D-men. There is also a trio of prospects I really like in LA. I have a trio of Cliff Ronning clones, I have a trio of prototype butterfly netminders, and a trio of prospects listed as centers that I think will be wingers in the pros. I have a trio of goons. I have a trio who have a year of college, and a trio with famous last names. I have a trio of prospects from 09, and to nobodies surprise I even have a trio of prospects of interest for 2010.

Ok, actually, I lied. It is only two Danes.

IMO Hejduk could be jettisoned and Mike could easily find someone better at pick 11. That said, Mike is probably better off trading Hejduk for an older FP, Ultimately, Kopitar and Kane could be the FP guys for the Templar at C and RW (and an interesting pair they are, Kopitar is the one with the poster-child size, Kane looks like a child the size of a poster) with FP Tanguay at L, but he needs to compliment them with someone elite in the second FP slot and strike while the iron is hottest and the core of his team is still under rookie contract.

With Bouwmeester half way out, and Jokinen and Luongo long gone, injury prone power sniper Nathan Horton could be on the block as well. The team looks to be clearing the decks in its latest rebuilding mode and Horton could fetch a nice price at the deadline if the Panthers aren't showing playoff possibilities. My guess is Toronto will bend over the longest and deepest to get the Ontario born gunner. And will someone just sell the Panthers to Balsillie and let him move the team to Hamilton already?

When all is said and done, I think the prognosticators will be wrong and Sundin (Johan!) will be a Leaf. He will lead them in scoring by a wide margin, and they will just barely miss the playoffs.

If he doesn't return, I look for Thomas Steen to actually lead the team in points with around 60 or so, and for a more or less healthy Nik Antropov to lead the team in goals. Jason Blake is now radioactive as far as I'm concerned. Ditto for anyone and everyone on the Islanders and every Thrasher except for Kovalchuk. That said, it is now mathematically possible that I could draft Coyotes.


How Many Goals In A Game Should There Be?

Turns out we aren't the only people asking that question.

Count me among those who think we are firmly on a trendline towards Russian Elite League level scoring unless something is done.

Also count me among those who thought that the following comments were especially insightful;

"The main challenge facing hockey is that playing defense has become too easy, so more and more teams have changed to playing a style that emphasizes defense."


"There is a myth that speed increases offense. All other things being equal, it has the opposite effect. This is more than just the change relative to skills. It's also a product of where along the distribution curve the changes have happened. The fastest players today aren't that much faster than the fastest players of two decades ago. The marginal player of today, though, could skate circles around the marginal player of yesteryear. Now, all you have to do is sort through your marginal players to find the ones who are willing to work their ass off and have the discipline to play a system, and you have yourself a line capable of playing solid defense."

Both are by JM Neal from Mirtle's comments section.


The case for a bad franchise name

Read this, and then consider; 'Rubber Duckies' and 'Puck U' from FUNHL history. Cute relics of a time gone by? Jokes best forgotten? Rank sentimentalism? Or unreproducable classics?

Once upon a time the Severed Heads Gm was in a precursor pool to this one and we were called 'The Late Nite Thrill Cam's', along with; Flaman's Flames, Joel's Autos, and others, and while I thought the name sucked because it was too dependent on a little seen skit from Letterman, I also thought it sucked way less than everyone elses.

The year that followed saw a triumphant rebirth of the franchise in a new league as 'The Machine' (followed by an upset loss to the Great Whites. Grrrrr).

So as a way of honouring the transformation of that bad franchise name beginning into the transglobal mega-brand we have today, Severed Heads mgt will be using a third jersey this year honouring either the Late-Nite-Thrill-Cam's or 'The Machine'. Submissions to the Severed Heads marketing department welcome.

The Machine - (in this case a Mark V OGRE)

The Thrill Cam makes its appearance on or about 7:14

The FunHL: All goalie debate, all the time...

Richard keeps intimating that I have said that both Mike's system and the current system (at 3.5) would produce similar results. Yes and no. The top of the range looks similar but many of the names, and certainly the relative ranks of the goalies within that range, are very different and the lower ranked goalies are considerably less valuable under the current system. That may be a result that we think is fine but, as I have said, it does result in goalies who had statistically poor seasons getting much higher pts and relative rankings under Mike's proposed system.

Here are the top 24 Goalies
Under Current Rule with the baseline set at 3.5

Evgeni Nabokov 103.38
Martin Brodeur 102.74
Henrik Lundqvist 91.12
Roberto Luongo 79.02
J.-S. Giguere 76.13
Marty Turco 71.98
Niklas Backstrom 67.61
Manny Legace 66.60
Ryan Miller 64.13
Ilya Bryzgalov 63.85
Pascal Leclaire 62.21
Cristobal Huet 59.96
Miikka Kiprusoff 59.37
Tim Thomas 59.04
Chris Osgood 56.61
Tomas Vokoun 55.09
Martin Biron 53.67
Jose Theodore 53.49
Dominik Hasek 53.27
Cam Ward 49.13
Vesa Toskala 48.60
Dan Ellis 43.09
Rick DiPietro 42.01
N. Khabibulin 41.93

And here are the top 24 goalies
Under Mike's proposed system:

Evgeni Nabokov 106
Martin Brodeur 98
Henrik Lundqvist 94
Miikka Kiprusoff 90
Roberto Luongo 85
Ryan Miller 85
Cam Ward 83
J.-S. Giguere 80
Niklas Backstrom 78
Vesa Toskala 75
Martin Biron 74
Marty Turco 73
Tomas Vokoun 72
Cristobal Huet 71
Manny Legace 67
Martin Gerber 66
Ilya Bryzgalov 65
Tim Thomas 65
Pascal Leclaire 63
Chris Osgood 62
Jose Theodore 62
Dominik Hasek 62
Rick DiPietro 62
Mathieu Garon 57

Finally, to add some more fuel to the discussion, here is the difference between the two. Mike's proposal adds pts to every goalie - save M.Brodeur who loses pts - but the differences are telling.

Additional pts goalies get under Mike's system vs the current system with a 3.5pt baseline:

Cam Ward 33.88
Johan Hedberg 30.72
Miikka Kiprusoff 30.63
Vesa Toskala 26.40
Olaf Kolzig 25.99
Johan Holmqvist 24.46
Martin Gerber 24.44
Ryan Miller 20.87
Martin Biron 20.33
Rick DiPietro 19.99
Mathieu Garon 19.79
Chris Mason 19.08
Ray Emery 17.58
Dwayne Roloson 17.45
Tomas Vokoun 16.91
Jason LaBarbera 16.83
Carey Price 16.20
Kari Lehtonen 15.93
Patrick Lalime 14.28
Antero Niittymaki 13.00
Ty Conklin 12.21
N. Khabibulin 12.07
Dan Ellis 11.91
Cristobal Huet 11.04
Niklas Backstrom 10.39
Josh Harding 10.34
Dominik Hasek 8.73
Jose Theodore 8.51
Alex Auld 8.47
Marc-Andre Fleury 7.79
Peter Budaj 6.36
Roberto Luongo 5.98
Tim Thomas 5.96
Chris Osgood 5.39
J.-S. Giguere 3.87
Mike Smith 3.49
Henrik Lundqvist 2.88
Evgeni Nabokov 2.62
Fredrik Norrena 2.52
Ilya Bryzgalov 1.15
Marty Turco 1.02
Pascal Leclaire 0.79
Manny Legace 0.40
Martin Brodeur -4.74

The top-end goalies (Nabokov, Lundqvist, Luongo, Brodeur) don't gain much under Mike's system - they are top-end either way - but goalies like Ward, Hedberg, Kipper and Toskala are much more valuable under Mike's system. I think our current system, as imperfect as it is, does a much better job of rewarding the real-world top goalies than does Mike's system.


Goalies Losing Points

I believe it was Richard (though it could have been Rob) who asked me to check on how many goalies lost teams pts last season. This list does not include benched or undrafted players but only those who were actually played last season by FunHL teams and lost points.

Bladerunners (0):
no negative pts from goaltending

Great Whites (-0.2):
-.20pts from Lundqvist in wk 19

Ramapithicines (-0.93):
-.93pts from Turco in wk 5

Wolves (-1.2):
-1.20pts from Khabibulin in wk 4

Edge (-2.2):
-.07pts from Ward in wk 8
-2.13pts from Ward in wk 11

Knights Templar (-2.4):
-1.33pts from Fleury in wk 1
-1.07pts from Biron in wk 5

Shadowmen (-2.53):
-.73pts from Lundqvist in wk 11
-1.80pts from Luongo in wk 26

Highlanders (-3.27):
-.33pts from Kiprusoff in wk 9
-.87pts from Kiprusoff in wk 13
-2.07pts from Kiprusoff in wk 20

Scourge (-3.66):
-1.00pts from Biron in wk 4
-.33pts from Legace in wk 16
-2.33pts from Legace in wk 24

Lost Boys (-4.74):
-.67pts from Osgood in wk 15
-2.20pts from Osgood in wk 16
-1.87pts from Hasek in wk 24

Severed Heads (-4.87):
-.07pts from Hasek in wk 2
-1.67pts from Hasek in wk 7
-2.33pts from Nabakov in wk 16

Personal Vendetta (-13.53):
-1.07pts from Vokoun in wk 1
-5.93pts from Mason in wk 2
-.40pts from Leclaire in wk 18
-2.13pts from Leclaire in wk 24
-4.00pts from Toskala in wk 27

including Save%

I bandied this idea with Doug and have not had time to do the math for the exact figures but the formula would go like this

(3.0 - GAA)*min/60+sv%*min/60

I have used 3.0 instead of the current 4.0 as a shut out would add a point.

As the save % is always positive this would reduce any negative on the GAA.


Changes From Pages of the THN "Bible" Yearbook

Hello Hungry GMs awaiting major roster changes...

1st Throw out your rosters from the THN Ultimate pool guide. They are totally without merit.

2nd Here I'll try and summarize noteable changes

Ana - no major changes from last yr [i.e. nada]
Atll - nada except jason williams is now a C
Bst - nada except kessel is now R
Buf - nada except Stafford = R
Cal - Cammalleri and Rene Bourque =L
Car - nada
Chi - Sharp, Byfuglien =L, Havlat =R
Col - nada
CLB- Huselius and Torres =R
Dal - nada [yes, Avery still on L]
Det -Datsyuk, Hudler= L, Zetterberg=C
EDM- nada, Cole=L, Cogliano=R
FLA-nada, Stillman=L and Horton still R
LA -O'Sullivan=L and Frolov=R
Min -Bouchard=R
Mtl - Higgins=R and A.Kostitsyn=L
Nsh -Erat and Dumont now on LW
NJ- Zajac=L, Rolston=C, Zubrus=R
PIT-Staal=C, Satan,
TBL- Prospal, Malone=L, Vrbata=R
TOR - Steen=L, Pony=R
VAN - Raymond=L, Demitra,Kesler=C, Bernier,Wellwood=RM

Now I only covered the obvious changes and didn't include all players and prospects - that's every GMs job...

This was just a courtesy...

Enjoy the "Bible" when you get it also the Sport's Forecaster is out...

Picture of the Day

God I love being a Flames fan

GOALIE Proposal number 3

Bob, came up with this idea, and Doug modified the ranges. But this takes the pressure off the DC/RC for making the change based on their opinion.

Using the existing formula for Goaltender points calculation but the base GAA is determined by the previous season overall GAA.

4.50 - 4.9999 used 3.25
5.00 – 5.4999 use 3.50;
5.50 – 5.9999 use 3.75;
6.00 – 6.4999 use 4.00;
6.50 - 6.9999 use 4.25;

Even before the trade deadline of a season we are going to recognize if a shift is possible in base points for the next season


Fearless First and Second Round Predictions!

Well I know that Cam and Bob and I have kicked this around a few times but this prediction is my own. I am assuming that goalie stats will be at a 3.5pt baseline (though if Richard and others are correct, Mike's system might produce a similar result). I have also tried to incorporate those position changes that I recall from my conversation with Bob.

1 - Severed Heads. Resisting the urge to replace Elias as an FP the Heads will proceed exactly as if they were replacing an FP. After a bid on S.Crosby (matched) they will select C V.Lecavalier TB.

2 - Personal Vendetta. The Vendetta still stunned to see their FP moved to C, attempt to redress the problem by selecting his linemate: LW P.Datsyuk DET.

3 - Wolves. The Wolves, subject to the FunHL version of the Heisenberg principle are impossible to predict other than to note that the selection will defy expectations, all the published guides and most commonly understood schools of logic. I'm going to say LW B.Morrow DAL as a plausable TG-Pts combo but have pretty much zero confidence that the player selected will actually be on the first page of my list.

4 - Bladerunners. Mischief time. Brian will bid on E.Staal but be matched by Dan. Brian will then hum and haw about taking a goalie, regardless of the system or the baseline, but will conclude in the end that Miller is a solid #1 or an awsome #2 thus freeing him to select D S.Gonchar PIT who should have been the pick all along.

5 - Ramapithicines. Corey will curse Brian's selection until he sees that his third FP is still on the board. Corey will then select RW D.Alfredsson OTT.

6 - Shadowmen. After sending out mixed messages for the past two months, Bob will conclude that Cam's FP theory does, ultimately, come to pass and will select a new FP in LW R.Nash CLB. Nash will be dealt before American Thanksgiving.

7 - Edge. Regardless of the system, Collin will insist on having a top end goaltender and select G E.Nabokov SJ. The law of large numbers will determine that it will actually prove to be the correct call.

8 - Lost Boys. Are ecstatic to select C R.Getzlaf ANA as his new FP.

9 - Scourge. Will be the first GM at this draft to declare aloud "I can't believe he's still available!" and actually mean it. Chris will then take RW M.St.Louis TB.

10 - Highlanders. Will select a new FP in matching C S.Crosby PIT a broad grin will be afixed to Doug's face for at least the next 10 years.

11 - Knights Templar. Will bid on Parise, who will grudgingly be matched by Dan, and then select C M.Savard BOS.

12 - Great Whites. Will select a new FP in matching C E.Staal CAR.

13 - Great Whites. Will match LW Z.Parise NJ and become concerned that they may not get to select a player not already on their roster (namely Semin and Horton) until the fifth round.

14 - Knights Templar. Will select their 3rd FP, and a player who will end up outpointing Parise by the end of the season, LW D.Sedin VAN.

15 - Highlanders. Will later rue not taking a goalie here and instead select D B.Campbell CHI.

16 - Scourge. Chris continues the a mini-run on d-men by selecting D D.Boyle SJ

17 - Lost Boys. Ignoring the d-men to focus on the last top-end RW selecting RW A.Hemsky EDM.

18 - Edge. Continue to draft for their own needs and not the sway of the crowd taking C D.Briere PHI but only after pondering long and hard about perenial Edge pivot, O.Jokinen.

19 - Shadowmen. Will engage in some mischief making of his own biding on LW Cammalleri, matched by Darrell, and then on RW Kovalev, wit+h Rob matching, before switching positions yet again to take D S.Niedermayer ANA.

20 - Ramapithicines. Seeing the run on top-end d-men will have Corey momentarily consider taking McCabe (then in Florida) but settle on D B.Rafalski DET.

21 - Bladerunners. Not wanting to risk letting their goaltending plan slip away, select G J-S.Giguere ANA. This despite having convinced themself only one round previously that Miller would be up to the task. Will begin to offer up rights to either goaltender for help at forward before fourth round concludes.

22 - Wolves. Rob matches on RW Kovalev MTL and, with Hemsky having been taken feel that they probably have the best RW left on the board. Still ticked that they couldn't get two more rounds.

23 - Personal Vendetta. Find it annoying to have to match Cammalleri so early, like Rob hoping to get past Cam without having to match, but with Michalek pencilled in in the last round or so, the Vendetta will be very strong on the sinister side.

24 - Severed Heads. While they will probably select a forward with their second pick, do not plan on the wrap-around passing without the Heads securing a goaltender. I have them selecting G M.Kiprusoff CGY.

Criticisms, corrections or improvements on my predictions are, of course, welcome.

Proposed Rules Changes for Draft Day


Per Brian's excellent suggestion that any proposed rules changes need a month of discussion before draft day, I'm going to put the following suggested changes to the league:

As has been stressed by Doug and Brian, I don't want to see anyone quit because of a proposed rule change, so please be good enough to note now if you strenuously objecty

Rule Change #1: Goalie Points

(Presented by Mike, GM Knights Templar; seconded by Richard, GM Lost Boys)

From the 2008-09 season onwards, the goalie in a team's weekly lineup will be awarded 2 points for every win, with 1 additional point for a shutout (making shutouts worth 3 points), and 1 point for every over-time loss. The statistics source for the FUNHL will inform the league what goalie was assigned the win/loss/SO/OTL.

As statistically demonstrated on the blog: this formula generates a statistical value for goalies putting them at about the same value as forwards, without a need for annual re-evaluation--a situation a majority of GMs have recognized as being ideal. This formula also generates the same approximate value for most goalies as the system used in 2007. Finally, this formula also encourages GMs to always play a viable goalie, since it recognizes wins, instead of goals against, encouraging GMs to draft their backup goalie sensibly.

Rule Change #2 Goalie negative points

(Presented by Richard, GM Lost Boys; seconded by Bob, GM Shadowmen)
(This rule change will be withdrawn if Rule Change #1 passes)

A goalie cannot receive less than 0 points in any game.



GM Lost Boys


No matter how long you live, Ovechkin's life will be more interesting than yours

The Bible Is (Almost) Out

I understand from Bob that the Bible is out - at least to online subscribers.

No info yet as to any significant position changes but if anyone knows anything - post away.

The KHL and the FunHL

Moving away from the goalie controversy for a moment, is there a point at which we feel that we might want to look at compensating GMs whose prospects/RFAs or FPs abandon the NHL for the KHL. We have one prospect (Radulov), one RFA (Emery) and one FP (Jagr) - though only Radulov was under contract to an NHL team at the time - who have made the jump but imagine if the number is higher next season, and what if one FunHL team is the one that takes the brunt of the impact? I don't know if this is a big concern for other GMs at this point (not sure it is one even for me) but it could become one down the road and we might want to give it some thought before our own self-interest is too directly involved.

Speak of the devil. You can add RFA L.Nagy to the list of NHLers off to the KHL - again, not under NHL contract but is now gone for at least 2 years.

What does it take?

Can someone look through the vast tome of rules and provide an answer to these:
(Then can they, and everyone else offer free opinions?)

What does it take to adjust the baseline in the current system to 3.5 at draft this year? (And is there any opposition to this move?)

What does it take to implement Mike's proposed overhaul of goaltending?

And, the important question:

There's a lot of focus on enforcing the "goalie average" no matter what system we have (I believe it was Thrasymachus who suggested that "justice" was a way for weak people to bring down successful people); what do people think of adding a third goalie to our rosters, and requiring every team in the FUNHL to play 2 goalies each week.

(At this time I have no suggestion for whether we reduce the total number of players in another position--ie I don't think D would suffer all that much if we reduced to playing 5/7--or if we just add another round to the draft, and whether that would be an RFA or FA round.

GM Lost Boys


Goaltending Stats Discussion

Last year the top 12 centres accumulated 957 pts, for an average of 79.75.

Using the old 4.0 stat we get an average goaltender value of 112 (I think obviously out of whack).
Using the 3.75 scenario we get an average Top 12 goaltender of 95.00.

Taking the average top 12 goaltenders from last year, and using 3.5 the average scoring is 78.06.
Which means that on average your first line centre and your starting goaltender would be expected to produce the same amount of points.

I'd say there is a case for making sure goaltenders are equivalent to the highest scoring position in the league, but by what logic do those who favour 3.75 argue that we should value goaltenders an average of 16 pts more than a first line centre?


Bladerunner GM hits 40 Years

Happy Birthday Brian,

Thanks for joining me at the next level. Hopefully you had a good evening out yesterday.


Goalie Stats and Relativity - An Open Letter to the DC

Goalie pts are currently based on a 4pt baseline - that is a FunHL goalie will get 4pts for a 60minute shutout. Usually we, and by we I mean the FunHL Disputes Comittee (currently Dan, Bob and Rob), review the baseline annually and adjust it, if deemed necessary, up or down a half-point. There is no magic in the half-point adjustment but it seems to have worked. There has been a call from some quarters, including myself, to have the DC adjust goalie stats downward for next season. Why? I can give you 10 good reasons...

Here are the top 15 FunHL Pointing Players from last season (not counting TGs):

1 - E.Nabokov 141.39
2 - M.Brodeur 141.00
3 - H.Lundquist 127.00
4 - R.Luongo 114.29
5 - A.Ovechkin 112
6 - E.Malkin 106
7 - J-S.Giguere 103.71
8 - M.Turco 102.22
9 - R.Miller 101.41
10 - J.Iginla 98
11 - M.Legace 97.15
12 - P.Datsyuk 97
13 - M.Kiprusoff 96.02
14 - N.Backstrom 96.02
15 - J.Thornton 96

Ten of the top Fifteen highest pointing players are goaltenders, clearly goaltending stats are horribly out of whack with reality and need to be reigned in. When the pool's stats say that M.Legace is worth more than P.Datsyuk or J.Thornton - isn't the arguement over? Well, maybe not.

Is the above list a reflection of how we as a pool actually rank players? Yes goalies seem to have gotten more points this past season, but the change from the previous season wasn't THAT big - so why would 12 clever FunHL GMs wait so long to draft a goalie? By the same token, why would any GM draft a defenseman in the first or second round - let alone have one as his FP!? Well, because position matters. We judge players based on their "relative value" far more than their absolute value.

There are many different ways to guage relative value but one straightforward way to do so is to face the reality that everyone will need to dress the same number of lw, c, rw, d and g. Three of each forward position (36 of each), six defensemen (72) and one goalie (12). The worst left-winger you should have to play will be the left-winger with the 36th most pts of all the left-wingers in the league. Last season that left winger would have gotten you 42pts. If you happen to have A.Ovechkin as your FP, way to go Collin, then your number one left-winger not only gets you 112pts to lead the league in pts but also happens to be 70pts more than the worst left-winger that should be dressed in the league.

So what does the top Fifteen players list look like if we set it up by comparing relative value by position:

1 - A.Ovechkin +70
2 - J.Iginla +57
3 - E.Malkin +54
4 - E.Nabokov +53
5 - M.Brodeur +53
6 - H.Zetterberg +50
7 - N.Lidstrom +49
8 - D.Alfredsson +48
9 - P.Datsyuk +45
10 - I.Kovalchuk +45
11 - J.Thornton +44
12 - S.Gonchar +44
13 - A.Kovalev +43
14 - M.Gaborik +42
15 - M.St.Louis +42

Now this list looks almost exactly how we collectively value player value in our league. The three Hart-finalists are in the top three positions. Only two goaltenders make the top 15, though clearly are right up at the top of the list. Only two defensemen make the top 15, but again few would quibble with their being there. Compared on straight points, N.Lidstrom is the 60th best player in the league - clearly a poor reflection of his actual value. So the question perhaps should not be simply a concern for the number of pts a goaltender gets but how many more pts that goaltender gets than the 12th best goalie that gets played, his relative value.

Last season the top 12 goalies (based on the 4pt baseline) were as follows:

1 - E.Nabokov 141.39
2 - M.Brodeur 141.00
3 - H.Lundquist 127.00
4 - R.Luongo 114.29
5 - J-S.Giguere 103.71
6 - M.Turco 102.22
7 - R.Miller 101.41
8 - M.Legace 97.15
9 - M.Kiprusoff 96.02
10 - N.Backstrom 96.02
11 - I.Bryzgalov 93.96
12 - Tomas Vokoun 88.68

The worst goalie you should have to play garners you 88pts. Is that too high? Perhaps. Its about 11pts higher than the worst "first-line" center you would play, who got 77pts last year (A.Kopitar btw) who was 11pts higher than the worst first-line right-winger (66pt M.Hossa) and 12pts higher than the worst first-line left winger(65pt Z.Parise, C.Stillman, P.Kariya - ok, there were three tied at 65pts :-)). The worst top-line defenseman only got 36pts.

So what happens if we went to the 3.5pt baseline? Well the top goalies drop from being 120-140pt players to being 90-100pt players.

1 - E.Nabokov 103.06
2 - M.Brodeur 102.38
3 - H.Lundquist 91.13
4 - R.Luongo 78.93
5 - J-S.Giguere 76.08
6 - M.Turco 71.69
7 - N.Backstrom 67.86
8 - M.Legace 66.85
9 - R.Miller 63.98
10 - I.Bryzgalov 63.82
11 - P.Leclaire 62.18
12 - C.Huet 59.86

On a relative scale, only Nabokov and Brodeur make the top 15 players list barely squeaking in at position 14 and 15. The worst first-line goalie, C.Huet at less than 60pts, has less pts than any of the worst first-line forwards. While on an absolute scale, Nabokov and Brodeur come in behind Ovechkin and Malkin but ahead of Iginla - I think this is too big a "hit" to the relative value of all goalies.

I said before that there is no magic to the half-point adjustment "standard" for the DC. It's a nice easy way to calculate a goalie's points in your head when you see a score on the tv or hear it on the radio but that's about it. We all know that OTL and OTW can skew those quick mental calculations anyway. Not to mention should your goalie be "Keanan'ed" for a shift of two in the second period. Anyone who has done the quick mental tally of their TG's exploits for the night already knows that a fight is worth a minimum 1.25pts (and hopefully many more misconduct minutes and pts) so the quarter-point is already well ingrained into the pool. So what happens if we calculated goalie stats based upon a 3.75pt baseline and split the difference between the current option and the 3.5pt alternative?

Well, goalie stats change again to:

1 - E.Nabokov 122.06
2 - M.Brodeur 121.69
3 - H.Lundquist 109.06
4 - R.Luongo 96.56
5 - J-S.Giguere 89.88
6 - M.Turco 86.81
7 - R.Miller 82.63
8 - M.Legace 82.13
9 - N.Backstrom 82.06
10 - I.Bryzgalov 78.88
11 - M.Kiprusoff 77.88
12 - P.Leclaire 74.63

Well Nabokov and Brodeur are still the two highest pointing players in the league, though not by nearly as great a margin as they were using last season's 4pt baseline. By way of a relative comparison, Nabokov and Brodeur are still the only two goalies in the top 15, fitting in around the middle of the list between Lidstrom and Alfredsson at around +48. The worst top-line goalie, P.Leclair at 74pts, is lower-pointing than the worst top-line center but is higher-pointing than the worst top-line wingers.

Is the 3.75pt baseline perfect? Hardly, but I think it is a reasonably close approximation of goalie value - at least based on last season's stats.


20 years since the Gretzky trade

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