The Barbarians Return?

If only to take a pause from the FP replacement debate - seriously, if you want to improve you FPs then trade for better ones or DON'T trade away your top prospect picks to Brian so that they can be groomed to become your new FPs down the road. But I digest...

I understand from both Facebook and e-mail that Mike Breakenridge is offering himself up to fill in for Richard as GM of the Lost Boys/Barbarians for the upcoming season.

All in favour, say aye.



Rule Change Proposal #4

I propose that we improve the value of RFA status by allowing a GM holding rights to an RFA to match with any available FP replacement pick or the first available non-FP replacement pick, at his or her discretion.


Take for instance the situation involving the Great Whites in this upcoming draft. In all likelihood they desire to draft Mike Green (rfa) as their new FP. If any other team attempts to draft Paul Stastny (rfa) before the end of the 1st round, the GW will have to pass on Stastny in order to ensure they get the proper FP. While some people might believe that this is a fun tactical consideration, I think it is a matter of adding insult to the already punitive cost of replacing an FP. I believe that greater flexibility with RFAs should be given to a GM who is already paying the price of replacing an FP.


FP replacement is already prohibitively expensive. Let's not make it worse than it has to be.


Rule Change Proposal #3

- Change the lottery ballot weighting so that the higher you finish, the more ballots you get. 1st place gets 12, 2nd gets 11, etc down to last place gets one.

- Starting 2010-11 season

- The prospect draft already rewards lower placing teams with tools to build for the future (unless they decide to trade them away) by way of high PrD picks. We don't need to do the same for the lottery.
- This way, there is incentive to finish as high as possible, so trading away buckets o' stuff at year's end needs to be tempered by potential for lost ballots in the lottery


Rule Change Proposal #2

I propose that the FuNHL allow limited entry draft pick trading. The limitation is as follows: any such trade requires a swap of draft position in both the first and second rounds.

For example, using this year's draft order as a basis, let us assume that the Ramapithicines (8th pick) have designs on signing Ryan Getzlaf as an FP. Knowing full well that Mr. Getzlaf will not be available at the 8th selection, The Ramapithic GM offers The Shadowmen (1st pick) a swap of draft order, plus a prospect or two. The trade would be:

To the Shadowmen
Ramapithicines ED picks 1 and 2 (8th and 17th overall)
Del Zotto NYR (P2)

To the Ramapithines
Shadowmen ED picks 1 and 2 (1st and 24th overall)

As much as I dislike the trading of Entry Draft picks and all the harm that it did to the pool when there were no controls on the market, restricting the trading entirely has prevented some players who should be Franchise Players from attaining that status. More importantly, those GMs who lack the fortune to pick early in the draft order are ever denied the FP that they want to have.

The reason that I am including both the 1st and 2nd round picks in the trade details is due to the wrap-around nature of the draft. Theoretically, a team's first two picks will be approximately equal in value to any other team's first two picks, so trades for the purpose of creating new FPs should be more likely in this instance than in instances restricting the trade to swaps of first round picks.

Taking Mr. Getzlaf as an example again, The Ramapithicines gave some consideration to asking The Highlanders GM to draft Mr. Getzlaf as an FP last year, however the logistics of shuffling Ramapithic and Highlander FPs around, and the expense of reimbursing the Highlander GM for both the lost 1st overall pick and the effective loss of a 1st round pick for a 9th round pick proved to be more daunting than the Ramapithicines were willing to face.

In summary, it's more fun to have the FP that you want than to have some cast-off re-tread.

Rule Change Proposal #1

I propose that Franchise Players be granted the right to be waived. This shall include both waiver wire and waiver draft. I further propose that upon being waived that the former FP lose all status.

If a Franchise Player is doing so poorly that they do not deserve a spot on the roster for whatever reason, the GM should be allowed to deal with him as if he were any other player. Sometimes the FP will have sufficient value to be tradable. Sometimes, not so much. Regardless, it should fall to the GM to solve the problem as best he or she can.

Having just finished a season with an under-performing FP, I can honestly admit that it was not fun having to save a spot on my roster for him through the waiver drafts. And I'm here to have fun.


Newest Highlander Signs with Big Club

The Highlanders welcomed Charles Toivo Riddoch McLachlan into the world this week. Mgt indicated they had expectations he would fill a team need at left defense...in 2019.


Note from the Lost Boys

Hi all,

I had dinner with Bob last night, and he said it might be useful if I piped up about my current intentions--clear the air of any opaque rumours or gossip that might be floating around about me or my plans.

First, I have asked for a year off. I need a sabbatical. It is just not possible, when I look at what is coming up in my life between now and April 2010 that it will be possible for Hockey to compete with many, many other priorities.

What are my intents for the 2011 season? I don't know. I really don't know what my life will be like in 15 months.

It is perhaps worth saying... Hockey is a curiosity for me, not an obsession. I follow the economics of it much more than the on ice details, which means the entry draft is the highlight of my season. Getting to Calgary to see you guys is a highlight of my year. Paying attention to the details of hockey beyond that is a challenge for me.

It is further worth emphasizing, that for me, the FUNHL is largely about you guys. Hearing about your families, your lives, your exploits, your thoughts... that's why I do it. You're a curious bunch, with the virtues of being lively and entertaining, and though a $500 trip away, well worth keeping contact with.

To get back to where I started... this is why I've asked for a year off instead of quitting outright. It wouldn't have been difficult to quit. I'll be upfront and, perhaps rashly, confess I considered it.

But the FUNHL--really: you guys--is not an aspect of my life as it is/has existed that I am ready to close the door on. Something inside me just won't let it go, and I've learned to listen to that small voice when it speaks ("and then Pinocchio stomped on the cricket.") I'm not ready to give up.

So, with all sincerity, I would suggest looking for a GM who will be a good fit in the FUNHL, whatever that may mean to you, to take over the Lost Boys for next year. It is my intent to be here on the blog, following the league when I have the chance, and being happy to not be pressured with trades and lineups and all that.

As for what the league is going to do in 2011 when my year off is done. I would suggest taking this one step at a time, summer of 2011 is still quite a ways off. You need someone to manage the Lost Boys Franchise before October, which is coming up soon. If you have filtered for someone who makes the FUNHL a fun place for you to hold on to my franchise this year... then the options available to you in 12 months when/if I come back will be much more appealing and interesting.



A Legend Dies

ESPN is reporting that the all-time most fearsome fighter in NHL history (this is not hyperbole - Jr kids in Canada still call a knockout a 'Probie') has passed on at the age of 45.

No real details in the report as of yet, but given his troubled history with substance abuse, there is likely a forthcoming explanation.

How awesome was he in his prime? Consider the following stat line from 1987-88;

Games: 74, Goals: 29, Assists: 33, Pts: 62, PIM: 398

FUNHL Points: 161.5

Not 'just' a goon (at least, not initially) his playoff stats from that same year show he possessed more than just cement hands and piston powered shoulders to launch them with;

Games: 16, Goals: 8, Assists: 13, Pts: 21, PIM 51

FUNHL Pts: 33.75 (in just 16 games)

Always a bit of a tragic character given his run ins with the law over DUIs, cocaine possession and other assorted misdemeanors, how he met his end will no doubt play into that narrative.

Me, I'll remember him as the single most fearsome heavyweight in the NHL from the age of the heavyweight.

Godspeed you Mr. Probert.


Six Million Dollar Man?

OK so first Calgary signs Tanguay, who was good riddance not long ago, and wasn't the prolific offensive threat we had hoped, nor much of playmaker for Iggy. Now we bring back Olli Jokinen at a cost of $6 M over two seasons... What is Sutter trying to do - recapture the glory days of 2007? Oh wait, the Flames didn't do much then either...

Meanwhile Ottawa signs Gonchar, Vancouver signs Hamhuis, Atlanta signs Mason, Pens sign Martin and Michalek, NYR signs Biron as a backup to Lundquist (!) - Why does it feel like the Flames are the poor cousin yet again?

Can't say I'm too excited to watch the return of retreads we were supposedly glad to be rid of before...