The Penultimate FUNHL Week # 25 And Challenge Finals Game #1 Results

The Scourge lost Game #1 of the Challenge Cup Finals allowing the 2nd place Bladerunners not only to take a 1-0 lead in the Finals But also to within 17.5 points of the Overall lead for the Predator Cup!  The suspense grows, hence the "I Want To Believe" Poster, for both teams!

Week 25 is the Penultimate Week of the FUNHL season.  One more week after this and that's All!

Please submit your Week 25 rosters by email, via the website and to the Blog for posting.

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FUNHL Week 24 - The Challenge Cup Finals Begins!

The Challenge Cup begins!

The Bladerunners vs The Scourge battle in Game #1 this Week.  The Bladerunners are now 25 points back of first.

With 12 games or less to go is the Predator in danger?

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Funhl Week 23 - Challenge Cup Finalists determined

The Semi-Finals for the Challenge Cup ended with Two Sweeps - The Scourge over the Barbarians 2-0 and the Bladerunners over the Highlanders 2-0.  Brooms for the defeated off the stage.  The Challenge Cup Finals begin Week 24.

Week 23 Line-ups are due.  Please email them or post on the website or on the Blog.

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Week 22 Line-ups, Challenge Cup Game 1 Results

Week 22 Line-ups Due.

Funhl Trade Deadline ends with whimper?

Challenge Cup Game 1 :  The Scourge leads the Barbarians 1-0 and The Bladerunners lead The Highlanders 1-0.

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