Thursday Night Stats - Week 6

Sorry for not getting stats out yesterday - forgot my flash-drive at home.

Only two teams haven't gained ground on the Highlanders so far this week.  Three more teams are poised to cross the 200pt threshold either tonight or tomorrow.  The Great Whites have pulled within 8pts of the Shadowmen (and probably would have reeled them in by now but for the trade with the Highlanders boosting their numbers).

Looks to be an exciting weekend.

Trade lines remain open.

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Moriarty said...

Dear Doug:

I wish what claimed was right but if i didn't make the trade, i would still have the same points (actually less as would have played Staal TG over Hamonic)...Too Bad for ne though that trade should work out I hope.

BTW IT is Guaranteed win week 6 for the Bladerunners which, I desparately need to foil to move up in the standings and keep away from the blood the Great Whites smell...