Tuesday Night Stats - Week 4

And like that, the Personal Vendetta knock out a monstrous Tuesday night and vault into the lead.

As noted in the comments of yesterday's stats, Bob had noticed an error with his stats - following all of his trades I mistakenly took away 4pts from Mr. MacDonald on his lw for week 2 (which also resulted in the Shadowmen-Highlander tie in the Challenge Cup being recalculated as a win for the Highlanders).  All corrected now.

Cam, Iginla, Tanguay and Doughty's points are all here but you have to wait for the night's stats to be posted before you start complaining that you haven't seen them yet.  I get to them as quickly as I can but today, sigh, work delayed my pooling yet again.  Curse you real world.

Trade lines remain open.


Moriarty said...

Well done Doug!

Bladerunner said...

Yes - well done Doug! (except for the losing to the Shadowmen part, that's always kind of embarassing)