Week 21 - Not Yet Official Stats

Hi all,

Here are the stats as of Sunday night.  Brian and I (thanks again for doing the unofficial stats) still have some minor differences: Ramapithicines (6pts in WK20), Knights Templar (7pts in WK20), Wolves (3pts in WK21) and a couple of others under 2pts - none of the differences change the races at the top of either list or the Challenge Cup playoffs so while I will still want to sort them out, for now I'm comfortable going with these as they are.

Congrats to the Great Whites for Winning the Challenge Cup regular season and congrats to the Ramapithicines, Knights Templar and Barbarians for making it to the post-season dance.

If possilbe I will try and get game one stats (aka WK 22 stats) out before the weekend.  Until then trade-lines remain open.


Not Yet Official Week 20 Stats - Some Differences With Brian's Week 20 Numbers

Brian we seem to differ with some significance on the Personal Vendetta (over a pt), Highlanders (1 pt) and Knights Templar (7 pts).  I'm just going to post these as is for now but Brian send me an e-mail if you get a chance so we can review where one (or both) of us is in error.

*Update - found the obvious errors that resulted in my previous 11pt overscore for the Highlanders, since corrected, but wasn't able to find any obvious (playing two goalies, four centers, etc) errors on the other three discrepencies.


NHL Deadline...FUNHL Week 22 Rosters

The Provisional stats came out...The Challenge Cup match is now set with the Great Whites vs the Barbarians and then Ramapithicines vs Knight's Templar (that is 1v4 and 2v3, respectively) Meanwhile, a trade frenzy ensued including buyers and sellers emerged! Wow....

The FUNHL trade deadline is next week. Official stats coming soon and Game 1 for the Challenge Cup starts tonight!

Rosters emailed will be posted here on the Blog (official site for rosters for Doug)

Two graphics this week - as there is the one ring that is precious that we chase in whatever race we may be in. The dogs of war in poker sympathy picture by Coolridge representing the trades we made or missed or benches we made or didn't...

Good Luck All in Any of the Races your in!


Week 21 FUNHL Rosters

Alas, Week 21 has begun yet we do not know the stats from Week 20, hence nobody knows what's truly going on in the FUNHL other than that the top five teams are within about 40 points, or perhaps the Great Whites have pulled away some more. Their latest trade with the Scourge shall help them...

Emails sent to the league will be posted here today.


Omnivore Update

Hey all,

As requested Mike ;-)

Note the baseline stats include Monday nights games which the Actual standings do not include. Also goalie stats are marginally off but you get the idea...

Not sure what to make of the fact that we are all more or less in the positive?



Post-WD2 FUNHL Week 20 Rosters

Well, there are still Six teams (a mere 41 pt spread) in the hunt for the Predator Cup and only two Challenge Cup positions left that are not clinched mathematically. The difference between first and third is only 25 points, though the Great Whites need to be mindful of the teams behind them trying to hack at their lead are thus far unsuccessful. Now that WD2 is over, I am using the Grim Reaper logo this week. No more new players other than what is on your rosters and what trades you can endeavour to make.

Good luck all, in the trades you make, and if you don't try, it'll be over sooner than later. The Grim Reaper also represents the distinction between the contender and pretender. Again, good luck all.

Rosters will be posted here from emails.

Week 19 Stats


FUNHL Week 19 Rosters and Provisional WD2 Drops

Well I don't think we have ever had 7 teams within 45 points going into WD2, or 6 within 33 points or 5 within 26 points and that includes a relative tie for 1st and 5th places.

Thank goodness the stats look good going INTO WD2 and the Challenge cup corrected as well. Doug has been under the gun All year (hence one line-up glyph was an actual gun).

Please submit your line-ups and your provisional drops for WD2 either in your email or on the blog. Cut and pastes will soon start.

I thought the old "I Want To Believe" was the appropriate tag-line poster this week with the stats still being so close.

Good Luck All!

Final Drops Due by Sat.Feb 11th at noon mst. WD2 STARTS AT 11AM MST ON Sun.Feb 12 at 11am mst on Sykpe. By the way, FUNHL trade deadline is by 6pm on Mon.Mar 5th.

Take Care.

Week 18 Stats and WD2 Draft Order


Updated (and presumably more accurate) Stats as of Week 18's Saturday Night

Ok, think we are more accurate now.  Had discovered an error in Bob's stats that exposed some mistakes in a few other teams stats.  The mistakes were not made in a particular week but rather the result of trades where I would neglect to blank out those weeks that a player was not on a team.  The result would show up as a team playing 4 centers or 4 left wingers, even though at the time I did the week in question the stats were accurate.  The spreadsheet however now would have a mistake in a previous week and hence the total would be off.  Cam, one of the teams where I discovered the error, had thought something was up with his stats a few weeks ago but I couldn't see what the problem was until just recently - thanks for pointing it out.

I think we are good now but things should be good now but please if you do think something is off with your pts (either for a week or the overall total) let me know and I can try and double check.  Now that I am more aware of the source of these sort of issues I am much quicker at finding the problem.

The changes in some of the stats has resulted in corrections to the Challenge Cup games and those corrections have also been made.

Week 18 final stats should be out tomorrow - don't forget to include your provisional drops in your line-ups.

Thanks again and thanks to Bob for posting all the line-ups to the Blog.  It makes this sooooo much easier.