Wednesday Night Stats - Week 7

Bladerunners extend lead and Great Whites pass the Scourge, again, to move out of last.  The Barbarians become the latest team over the 200pt line leaving only four more teams to hit that threshold - with two more likely to do it by the end of the week.

Trade's are starting to pick-up in the NHL and none, as yet, have been concluded by Bob - see, you can do it without Bob :-)

The Shadowmen took a bit of a pause last night from trouncing the field but still have the week's best score.  They will try and get back to it tonight, no doubt.


Weak Sister Report : The Locked Out League

First off, my apologies for not reporting more often on the LOL, it's hard enough as you can imagine to produce items for the FUNHL, that doing so for the weak sister league has been all but impossible.

 That said, here is a long over-due update, that virtually nobody cares about!

 As it stands we have three clear 'tiers' in the LOL;

 High-end teams:
1. Thunderbay Murderball (9-2)
2. The Goodfellas (9-3)
3. The Calgary Crapshooters (7-4)

 Since almost the start of the year, these three teams have been absolutely killing it. Bob's Murderball team has been active in trades and on the wire in supplementing his club (sound familiar?), while the Goodfellas (Darrell's squad) has been dominant from the opening tip off with the team he essentially drafted (which sounds WAY TOO FAMILIAR!). Brian's Crapshooters have beeen a mix of both. As it stands, I'd put my money on Darrell's team, it has a deep set of talented big men (including an age defying Tim Duncan), complimented by the league's 2nd best offensive weapon in Kevin Durant.

Bob's team has relied on incredible production from three players; Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James (now traded). With the departure of James the balance on the team has improved (at least until Rondo got hurt), with the dunking machine Blake Griffin being a strong supporting cast player.

The Crapshooters are built around emerging superstar James Harden (see the 'Fear the beard' link below), but have a solid compliment of players throughout their lineup. Bob and Darrell are the class of the league, but Brian's team is right behind them.

The Mid-range teams:

The Calgary Ball-Bearings (5-6) Yeah, there is only one mid-range team, and they are technically below .500, welcome to life in the Locked Out League!

Built around Deron Williams (who has NOT justified being selected ahead of LeBron James), and Dwight Howard, the team is good enough to crush the weak, and lose to the strong.

The Walking Dead:

The Edmonton Flatlanders (4-8)
The Calgary Chumfeeders (3-8)
The Lethbridge Skywalkers (3-9)

 Ugh. For Doug, Chris Paul has been very good, but has run into just enough health problems to prevent him from being elite, and to make Doug's hair go gray. Expected to be a lynchpin forward, Andrew Bynum has yet to play a meaningful minute for the team (or even be waived). The rest of the team is a collection of rookies (Lillard, Davis), and mid-low range guys who persistently remain inconsistent enough to elevate the team into a playoff spot. Dan's Chumfeeders (team Point Guard) have some nice pieces (Irving, Westbrook), but on the whole have suffered by neglect from management (Nash is still on the bench, injured guys active in lineup, etc.). Which is what is REALLY SAD, the fact that this team can be so ignored, yet still handily beat the Skywalkers in both head to head games.

 The Skywalkers have the league's best name, and the largest collection of injuries known to afflict a squad since the dawn of time. There are exactly three players left from the roster drafted at the start of the year, and actively replacing dead star players with living waiver wire players has created a squad almost entirely of waiver wire caliber players. Not a winning strategy. I will say that two of my favourite weeks of basketball this year were in games against Brian's Sharpshooters. Both games were effectively tied late in the week, only for me to discover that in both weeks Brian had an advantage of man-games played over the rest of the way. Loved watching the scoreboard ticker for those games though.

 Some random notes;

 - Did you know that Denver Nugget Kenneth Fareid (the 'Manimal', and not coincidentally, one of my favourite players) has two Mom's?

 - Here is (the otherwise MASSIVELY SUCKING) Joe Johnson making Celtics Small Forward Paul Pierce look very, very, old 

- The Lakers are going to miss the playoffs. After signing Steve Nash AND Dwight Howard in the off-season. Mind you, Nash got hurt right away (bone contusion) and Howard has been fighting a shoulder injury on the court (and if you believe the rumours Kobe Bryant in the locker room), and now Pau Gasol appears to be done for the season with plantar fascitis. Expect more shameless ball-hoggery/chucking from Bryant as the season gets progressively more meaningless and Bryant looks to get his points.

 - Fear the Beard.

 The playoff picture for the LOL is definitely rounding into shape (the Walking Dead teams are not going to make it), and once they get going I'll do another update.

Tuesday Night Stats - Week 7

Only two days in and I think the Shadowmen may have won their trades - so far the Shadowmen have amassed over 22pts!

The Bladerunners hold a narrow lead atop the Predator Cup standings and the Highlanders try and regain first spot, while the Scourge had a solid night to pull back ahead of the Great Whites at the bottom of the table.

Trade lines remain open - remember, Bob isn't the only one who can fleece his fellow GMs.  The next winning trade could be yours.


Monday Night Stats - Week 7

The Bladerunners pass the Highlanders on Monday night and move into first place.  The Great Whites have an even better night and move out of last.

The Shadowmen look to have won all of their trades stealing R.Josi's 4 pt night to have the best night of anyone.

Note the Edge are down a point from last week's total (though they did get two last night) when I noticed I had them playing 4 TGs on Week 6.  That is now corrected.  No impact on their Challenge Cup game or standings.

Trade lines are open.


Week 7 Line-Ups

I guess I got this posted before Bob posted his.  The plan, however, is the same.  Please post your line-up below.


Final Stats - Week 6

Bladerunners have monstrously good week but the Highlanders hold on to first place by the skin of their teeth.  The Highlanders do lose their first Challenge Cup game to last year's champions, the Barbarians, falling to 4th place in the process.  The Great Whites finally win their first game of the Challenge Cup season but their solid week is not enough to lift them out of the Predator Cup or Challenge Cup basements.

As always, trade lines are open.

FunHL rule clarification, since it is becoming an issue, I just want to remind GMs that FunHL trades CAN be consumated between teams not called Shadowmen. :-)


Saturday Night Stats - Week 6

Huge weeks for the Bladerunners and the Edge so far, who join the Highlanders, Wolves and Personal Vendetta on the good side of 200pts.  Sunday's games will settle the lead, the Highlander's undefeated status in the Challenge Cup (not to mention the Great Whites' winless streak - as they hold a 3+pt lead on the Wolves heading into today's games).

Trade lines remain open.


Barkov Shootout Goal

Highlander prospect looking to up his draft stock.  For those who haven't seen it yet.

Thursday Night Stats - Week 6

Sorry for not getting stats out yesterday - forgot my flash-drive at home.

Only two teams haven't gained ground on the Highlanders so far this week.  Three more teams are poised to cross the 200pt threshold either tonight or tomorrow.  The Great Whites have pulled within 8pts of the Shadowmen (and probably would have reeled them in by now but for the trade with the Highlanders boosting their numbers).

Looks to be an exciting weekend.

Trade lines remain open.


Datsyuk is god?

Datsyuk beats them all...but detroit still lost :(

Hossa Hit...


Tuesday Night Stats - Week 6

The Highlanders become the first team over the 200pt threshold with the Wolves leading a host of teams set to repeat the feat in the next few days.  The story of the week, though, is shaping up at the bottom of the table as the Great Whites continue their strong start to the week and are now closing in on the Shadowmen as they try and work their way out of the FunHL basement.

As always, trade lines remain open.


Monday Night Stats - Week 6

Hi guys.  Thanks Bob for tracking all of the trades and posting all the line-ups to the blog.  As always, that's a huge help.

Keen eyes will note slight changes to the totals from last week for the Wolves, the Scourge and the Highlanders.  For the Wolves, I noticed that I had them playing two goalies for week 5.  For the Scourge I did not have Mr. Johnson dressed for Mr. Myers as a player or for TG.  Both issues have now been corrected.  Neither change had any impact on the Challenge Cup games.  In addition, the Hockey gods have also taken a pt away from Mr. Eberle, this did not impact the Challenge Cup game last week either.  Not sure what Eberle did to deserve taking away his assist but hopefully he can get it back (and more) tonight.

Great start of the week for the Great Whites (specifically Giroux and Neil) as they attempt to claw their way out of the basement.

Trade lines remain open.


Week 6 Line-ups

I believe you all know the routine.

Week 5 Final Stats

Great to see Collin (and Colleen and Tiana) this weekend, even better than beating him in the Challenge Cup this week :-)

Everything clicked this week for the Highlanders, including a much-maligned defense showing up in the pts department, giving my squad the best result for Week 5 and a 15 pt lead atop the Predator Cup Standings. One good week does not a season make and 50pts still separates first from 9th.  Still, given a choice I much prefer 1st to 9th. The Challenge Cup remains very tight at the top but the Great Whites are still looking for their first win.  Time is running out as the regular season is half over as of this upcoming week.

In spite of my good week of defensive production, trade lines remain open.  Here's hoping everyone has a fun, and safe, Family Day.


Saturday Night Stats - Week 5

Looked like the '80s last night in Edmonton - perhaps it was hooking up with Collin, Colleen and Tiana at the Star Wars Exhibit - oh, or watching a 6-4 come from behind win for the Oilers against the Avs.  Crazy game and some pretty, pretty goals.


Friday Night Stats - Week 5

Well I was able to dodge the little ones long enough to get Friday's nights stats up.  Yay!


Thursday Night Stats - Week 5

By the narrowest of margins, and indeed little more than 20 pts separating 1st from 7th, complacency should not be an issue but it is still nice to see the Highlanders atop the table.

Best week so far is the last place Great Whites who, having suffered some injuries of their own, are hoping to capitalize on the Barbarian's FP injury to win their first Challenge Cup game of the year.  Still, a lot happens on the weekend.

Will try to get stats out this weekend (for the first time this season) now that I have the spreadsheet up and running - the challenge is to make sure the kiddies don't interfere with Daddy's "important work" :-).

Have a great long-weekend for those of you in Provinces that celebrate Family Day or other February holiday's this Monday.

Trade lines remain open - defense is a popular need, at least for me.


Wednesday Night Stats - Week 5

Sorry for the delay in getting Week 5 up and running.  Charlie has been ill and I have been up to my neck in an ugly, ugly (and thankfully now resolved) file.

Close inspection with show that every's totals in the first few weeks have changed ever so slightly.  Many, but not all, goalies for weeks 2-4 were inexplicably set in the spreadsheet to have a 3.85pt shutout base as opposed to the 3.75pt base.  That error has now been corrected.  Most teams lost about a point or so.  The totals are now correct and there were no Challenge Cup game outcomes that were affected.

The Birthday boy Wolves are off the the best result this week and have jumped into first place, their fine play this week is somewhat disappointing for thier Challenge Cup opponents, the Shadowmen, who are having the league's second best week.  That said, the week is still young.

Trade lines are open...


Week 5 Line-ups

Please post your Week 5 Line-ups here...

and Happy Valentine's Day...


Week 4 Final Stats

The weeks top three pointing teams find themselves at the top of the Predator Cup race with the Vendetta continuing to hold a small lead on the Highlanders and Wolves.  A total of 7 teams are within 20pts as the first quarter of play in the NHL comes to an end.

In the Challenge Cup race, the Highlanders hold a similarly narrow lead as the only remaining undefeated team but 5 others sport only a single loss and are right on their tails. 

The Great Whites, last years' Predator Cup Champions, have been hit hard by injuries and bad luck such that they hold the distinction as the league's only sub-century team in last place in the Predator Cup race and have, thus far, been held pointless in the Challenge Cup race.  Still plenty of time to turn things around as Week 5 gets underway tonight.

Trade lines are open.


Thursday Night Stats - Week 4

With only one point separating 4th and 7th, things are pretty tight.  That said, going into the weekend the Personal Vendetta have built a nice buffer between themselves and the pack behind.


Wednesday Night Stats - Week 4

Only a handful of games last night but still a lot of shuffling in the standings.


Tuesday Night Stats - Week 4

And like that, the Personal Vendetta knock out a monstrous Tuesday night and vault into the lead.

As noted in the comments of yesterday's stats, Bob had noticed an error with his stats - following all of his trades I mistakenly took away 4pts from Mr. MacDonald on his lw for week 2 (which also resulted in the Shadowmen-Highlander tie in the Challenge Cup being recalculated as a win for the Highlanders).  All corrected now.

Cam, Iginla, Tanguay and Doughty's points are all here but you have to wait for the night's stats to be posted before you start complaining that you haven't seen them yet.  I get to them as quickly as I can but today, sigh, work delayed my pooling yet again.  Curse you real world.

Trade lines remain open.


Week Four Gets Underway

As of Monday night's games.  Note, Collin pointed out an error in his Week 3 stats (I gave credit for both Hedman's +/- and regular pts so those 2 pts have now been removed - no impact on the Challenge Cup Game outcome, btw).  If you notice anything with your stats that does not match your count, please let me know - especially if you have been trading with Bob (:-)

Again, thanks to Bob for posting all the line-ups on the Blog.  Big time help.


Severed Heads 2013

The Severed Heads

L: D.Sedin-Vcr, Ryan-Ana, Tanguay-Cgy RFA / Latendresse-Ott RFA, Forsberg-Wsh P2

Rating: 4.5

Sedin slots in well as arguably the best non-FP LW in the league. Ryan is elite for a #2LW, and would be an average or just below average #1 in his own right. Tanguay has been a #1 in the past, but is now a solid second line FUNHL winger. Latendresse gives the Heads a replacement level winger should someone get hurt, but they are clearly counting on never playing him. Forsberg is a future scoring line winger for the Caps currently ripping it up overseas, and is at least one more year away. Good chance Forsberg is switched to center on arrival as he has played that position the most in junior.

C: Malkin-Pit FP, Datsyuk-Det, Backes-StL, Read-Pha RFA, Lindholm-Swe P1, Shinkaruk-WHL P1

Rating: 5

Malkin is coming off an Art Ross and is arguably the only player in the conversation next to the Croz for best player in the world. Datsyuk is a bona-fide #1 on his own right and gives the Heads a terrific 1-2 punch up the middle. Backes is one of the elite 5 or so TG's, capable of producing dressable offense while also being a legitimate goon. His blended stats qualify him as a below average 1st liner.  Read is a crafty overaged sophmore who has won himself a 2nd line scoring role in Philly. He's a below average guy for a FUNHL third line, but is only expected to play in case of injury. Lindholm is a top 10 prospect for the upcoming draft who had a terrific WJC for Sweden. Shinkaruk didn't make the Canadian team (should have IMO), but his talent is pretty obvious as he is tearing up the WHL despite his less than ideal NHL size. Shinkaruk is most likely to see NHL success converted to LW.

R: Seguin-Bos P3, Iginla-Cgy FP, Hemsky-Edm RFA, Downie-Col, Connolly-TBay P3, Kuznetsov-Wsh P3,  Bennett-Pit P1

Rating: 3.5

Seguin is emerging as a top flight offensive player for the Bruins, though it still seems likely he'll be switched to center at some point. Iginla is at the polar opposite of the spectrum, an aging power winger exiting his prime. His game so far has been quite a surprise compared to the previous two years as he seems more engaged than in a long time. Hemsky can still make elite plays from the perimeter but the days of hoping he'd go above a ppg are probably past. Downie has torn most of the connective tissue in his knee and requires season ending surgery. Connolly didn't get an invite to camp and was tasked with dominating in the AHL - something he has been doing so far at a ppg pace. He's a call-up by the Bolts should injuries hit, but is a year away still from regular duty. Kuznetsov can step into a top 6 role on the Caps tomorrow, but his contract with the KHL won't let him out till next season. Considered the best player not in the NHL by the Hockey News. Beau Bennett is a scoring winger who needs to add mass before getting a shot one of the wing spots next to Malkin/Crosby. Was a very late roster cut by the Pens.

D: Doughty-LA, Green-Wsh, Gonchar-Ott, White-Det RFA, Smith-Det P3, Kaberle-Mtl RFA, Visnovsky-NYI, Gunarsson-Tor RFA, Pouliot-Pit P1

Rating: 3.5

Doughty has started slow, but is among the elite offensive defenseman when things are right. Green is rebounding from a pair of poor seasons running, but appears to be past the concussion effects that have slowed him so much from his FP days. Gonchar is agelessly putting up points in Ottawa as shotgun for superstar Karlsson. White will play a large role for the Wings once he returns from the freak injury that sidelined him just a pair of games into the season. Smith is an up and coming beast, but the Wings break their rooks in super-slowly, so there could be a prolonged transition period. Kaberle was once a dominating powerplay presence but has slipped into being a 2nd unit/bottom pair D-man. The end is nearing. Visnovsky is a potential top 4 guy languishing in Europe taking care of some 'personal matters' and working furiously to get himself traded off the Island. Gunarsson is a replacement level guy at best right now, but his youth gives promise that a larger role might be in his future. Puliot is a Kris Letang style smurf rearguard. Working the Pens powerplay point is the goal for his future development.

G: Rask-Bos, Crawford-Chi RFA

Rating: 4

Rask has seamlessly taken over the starting position in Boston from the self-disgraced Tim Thomas, and playing behind a D corps headlined by Chara should put him in the top end of league goaltenders. Crawford has been lights out for the Hawks so far, and could be a starter in the FUNHL for a tean struggling in net.

Total: 19.5

The Shadowmen 2013

The Shadowmen

L: E.Staal-Car FP, Marleau-SJ, Franzen-Det RFA, McDonald-StL RFA, Tatar-Det P1

Rating: 4.5

Staal is the Hurricane's franchise pivot who occasionally patrols the wing. Has 100pt upside in a full season. Marleau is a former FP who could well post PPG+ totals, and has started the season atomic hot. Franzen, 'the Mule', is aging into the role that Holmstrom used to have as crease crasher - goaltender botherer, as such his high-end is lower than previous years, but he's still average for a FUNHL 3rd liner. McDonald is a speedy perimeter winger who may supplant Franzen should he have a prolonged hot streatk. Tatar is one of the longest ripening prospects there is, as this is his second go round through the prospect draft, and he STILL hasn't cracked the Red Wings permanently despite obvious high-end skills.

C: Kopitar-LA FP, Briere-Pha RFA, Cammalleri-Cgy RFA, Gagner-Edm RFA, Jarnkrok-Det P1, Cervenka-Cgy P1

Rating: 2.5

Kopitar is medium grade 1st line pivot - barring an elevation of his offensive game. Briere has struggled with minor injuries throughout his career, and has already suffered his first of the year while playing in the KHL, that said, he's a good bet to secure a top six role with the Flyers while Schenn and Couturier mature their games. Cammalleri has been bounced around the Flames top 9 as he tries to fit into a regular scoring role. Gagner is the Oilers defacto #2 center, but also a prime candidate to be moved in trade. Has still never topped his first season rookie stats. Jarnkrok, Redwings, ripening, blah blah blah. One day.

R: Callahan-NYR, Stafford-Buf RFA, Havlat-SJ RFA, Hagelin-NYR RFA, Toffoli-LA P1

Rating: 2

Callahan is Captain material, but one with a grinder skill-set best suited for a 3rd line role. Stafford is a 'big body presence' but isn't a legit sniper and also belongs on a FUNHL 3rd line at best. Havlat has top line skills, but his injury profile is horrific, that said, he could easily outscore the guys ahead of him, or just as easily end up in a California hospital. Hagelin is a young fast player with 2nd line upside, but he's still working his way towards that position. Toffoli is a skilled young player but he's got the major flaw of weak skating - if he can overcome it, he could one day be a force.

D: Markov-Mtl, E.Johnson-Col, Carle-TBay, Corvo-Car RFA, L.Schenn-Pha RFA, Vlasic-SJ RFA, Ferrence-Bos RFA, Tyutin-Clb RFA, Reilly-Tor P1

Rating: 2

Markov looks to have returned to form from a knee-injury and is once again a top tier PP QB for the Canadiens. EJ has yet to fulfill his potential as a 1st overall pick, and looks like he never will. The new 'Eric Brewer', all the tools, no toolbox. Carle is something of a power play specialist with an average 5-5 game, but he's perfectly suited to the Bolts, and realistically has already claimed the #2 D-man role for the Shadowmen. Corvo is a similar animal to Carle, but with less offensive upside. Schenn has some PIM upside, and is a developing commodity better sheltered by the other D in Philly than he was in TO. Vlasic is a multi-purpose defender with #2 PP guy upside, but long droughts between relevant games. Ferrence has an outside shot at being a terrific +/- guy, and is otherwise only useful in spot duty for the injured. Tyutin will accidentally collect enough points from Columbus scoring to be a replacement level guy, but we've seen that that is pretty much his ceiling. Reilly is a future PP QB deity, with his speed and playmaking ability.

G: Miller-Buf, Ward-Car RFA

Rating 3.5

Miller is something of a boom/bust proposition. You get the years where he is unbeatable and arguably the best goalie in the league, and then you get the years where he can't stop a beachball, and gets rocked nightly. Ward is the poster-boy for 'draft him late and hope for league average goaltending'.

Total: 14.5

Week 4 Line-Ups for the FUNHL

And Week 4 Line-ups are upon us.  The Ramapithicines hold a narrow lead as only 11 pts separate 1st from 8th!!  Then the 1st significant gap is between 8th and 9th...

Indeed the Sprint is On.

As a reminder, This year's Waiver Draft is slotted the Weekend of March 9th/10th at 11am mst, either sat or sun to be determined as well location.  I (bob in tbay) am hopeful to make an appearance in Calgary.

Please post your line-ups here.  Thank you.


Week Three Final Stats - Ramapithicines Hold Narrow Lead on Field


Scourge 2013

The Scourge

L: Skinner-Car P3, Michalek-Ott, VanRiemsdyk-Tor RFA, Prospal-Clb RFA, MacArthur-Tor

Rating: 2

Skinner would have to have a career year and then some to be a true #1 LW in the FUNHL, and it remains to be seen if he could do that. Michalek is probably slotted correctly as a #2, but he lacks consistency, his playmaking pivot is now gone for the year, and he is as injury prone as they come. JVR has a chance to prove he was worth the 2nd overall pick in his draft year, but so far has been something of a dud. Prospal represents the most consistent option the team has, and he is a one year up - one year down guy like clockwork. This is a down year. MacArthur is a grinder with some pop, but unless injuries ahead of him occur he'll get no serious look on the PP and will be lucky to crack a .5ppg pace.

C: Spezza-Ott FP, Roy-Dal RFA, Jokinen-Wpg RFA, Kesler-Vcr RFA, Grigerenko-Buf P2, Stepan-NYR P3, Strome-NYI P2, Schiefle-Wpg P2, Monahan-OHL P1, Tervainen-Chi P1

Rating: 1

The rating would be much higher if Spezza hadn't just undergone back surgery that will likely wipe out his season, and if Roy weren't also already on IR. Jokinen becomes the defacto #1 pivot, and he is atrocious at that job at the NHL level, let alone a 12 team league. Kesler is also hurt and hasn't a timetable to return. Grigerenko could be promoted as the rook has earned a regular shift with Buf, but he isn't exactly tearing it up so far and is barely replacement level. Stepan is the other guy who might get bumped up as he has a regular shift for the Rangers, but he too would be better served waiting another year. Schiefle is in a similar situation as Strome. Monahan has top-end talent, but isn't even drafted yet. Tervainen represents a gifted future prospect for the Hawks but is toiling in Europe. Lots (and LOTS) of upside with the prospects, but none of it is ready to step in for the injuries that have blitzed the Scourge at center. Desperately needs a trade.

R: Kessel-Tor, Pominville-Buf, Carter-LA, Niedereitter-NYI RFA, Grabner-NYI P3

Rating: 4

Kessel is a legit top-end option at RW. Pominville is a very solid #2, who on many teams would be a 1st liner. Carter may have fallen away from the PPG pace he used to put up, but his ability to score will be well better than most 3rd liners. Niedereitter has been a terrible fit so far on the Island, wasn't invited to camp despite being a ppg in the AHL when camp opened, and has requested a trade. He has a terrific package of skills so if he is dealt he could prove an exceptional pick up. Grabner is a speed burner who resurrected his career on the Island, but he has lots of talent ahead of him that will block a roster promotion.

D: Campbell-Fla, Boyle-SJ, Erhoff-Buf, Ryan.Whitney-Edm RFA, Liles-Tor RFA, M.Staal-NYR RFA, Kuba-Ott RFA, Myers-Buf RFA

Rating: 3.5

A nice blend of offense throughout the depth chart, Campbell headlines the corps. with his QB abilities. Boyle is aging, but still the top D-man on high scoring SJ. Erhoff was a bit of a bust last year, but as a #3 he's top notch. Ryan Whitney has had a raft of injury issues the last couple of years, but if he bounces back to good health he could log big minutes and play in most teams top pairing. Liles is a runty PP QB, and would be a lock for most teams top 4. Staal is a burgeoning all-round weapon for the Rangers, but he still gets the shutdown role more than the take charge role for the Blueshirts. Kuba is missing in action, likely KHL bound. Myers is still a tower on the Buf blueline, but his offense has regressed three seasons running.

G: Lundqvist-NYR FP, Biron-NYR RFA

Rating: 4.5

Lundqvist is a legit top 3 goaltender, and Biron would be a capable stopgap replacement in the event Lundqvist is hurt.

Overall: 15