Thursday Night Stats: Vendetta Still Lead, Knights Now Bottom, Half The League Over 100pts

As many of you know, my mom has taken a bit of a turn for the worse with her cancer coming back, and as a result my stats keeping may be delayed a bit. That said, I love the distraction so don't worry about me continuing to do it - or pitching me trade offers :-) - just understand I may be a day or two behind in posting or responding to queries. Thanks everyone for the kind thoughts.


Week 4 Gets Underway With Two Teams Crossing 100 pts!

Minor adjustment to the previous week's totals. I had Collin playing Seabrook for both pts and +/- for the first two weeks (he dressed him +/-) so he is down 3 pts as a result. No impact in any of the Challenge Cup games. If anyone spots any other issues, let me know.
Trade lines are always open and particularly now as I would welcome any distractions.


Week 4 Line-ups

We all know the drill.

It really helps when it comes to getting stats out quickly (and for double checking when I may get the stats out with errors) so thanks to everyone who posts them here. Thanks again to Bob, Brian and others who repost not only their own line-ups but those of others here. It is most appreciated.

Week Three Ends With Bladerunners At The Top


Bladerunners Take Lead; Great Whites Have Great Opening Night As Week 3 Gets Underway

Week Two Stats Now With Improved Accuracy!!

Hi all. One of the disadvantages of getting the stats out earlier than ever is that some of the errors in my spreadsheets are not as obvious. I think I have it correct now but there have been a few changes.
I missed a point for a couple of players, which I have now corrected, that have no impact on the standings but I was mistakenly playing 8 defensemen for the Knights Templar for the last two weeks. This has no impact on week one, other than he was 4pts lower than we thought he was, but for week two the loss of two pts does change the outcome of his game with the Severed Heads. The Heads are now credited, correctly, with the win instead of the tie and the Knights remain winless.
I have the week three line-ups all entered now so those should be up soon.


Week Two Is Underway - Stats as of Tuesday Night's Games

The Personal Vendetta leap to the top of the Predator Cup standings early in week 2 while the Barbarians drop to the basement. The Personal Vendetta are in the midst of a very high-scoring affair in game one of their home and home tilt with the Shadowmen as the Challenge Cup schedule returns from its neutral site games.
As always, let me know if you see any errors with your stats.


Week One Stats

As always, please double check to see that your numbers and mine are not wildly off.
Given the ongoing issues with goalie stats they may be slightly off what you have, correctly, calculated but please let me know if you see even problems of that sort and I will do what I can to keep those correct.
No guarantee that Week 2's ongoing stats will be ready to go right away but this would be the quickest I've ever had the first stats out so, you're welcome :-)
Now, about my current 11th place standing...

Pavel Datsyuk kicks TG Corey Perry...

Pavel Datsyuk kicks TG Corey Perry...


Week 2 Lineups

You all know the drill, please post 'em in the comments section.

While you do it you can watch as the Edge's prized prospect Derek Stepan nets a hat-trick in his first NHL game and gets some love from his team mates....


The Wolves

L: Elias-NJ, Smyth-LA, Malone-TBay RFA, Brunette-Min RFA, Paajarvi-Edm P3, Wheeler-Bos P3

Rating: 2.5

Elias is no longer the ppg+ scoring machine he was earlier in his career as injuries and disease have sapped some of his zip, but he's still an adequate first line option. Smyth is steadily showing the wear and tear of all the hard miles he's put on his chassis. He could be a 50+ point guy if he can stay healthy all season, but that is a big if. Malone is a nice blend of scoring and toughness, and could easily supplant Smyth on the depth chart. Brunette is one of those guys who gets constantly overlooked because he lacks flash and plays for a vanilla team, that said, he put up 60 points last year, and the Wild haven't developed any better options at the wing yet. Paajarvi is one of the three wunderkind in Edmonton, and the one with the best chance of sticking to a top line because of his speed, and better developed game. If he starts off hot he could be promoted rapidly. Wheeler is a 6'5" 220lb enigma, capable of Rick Nash like magical stickhandling one minute and Chris Angel vanishing the next. If he could ever become the sum of his tools look-out, but the fact is he appears to have lost his toolbox.

C: Toews-Chi FP, Paveski-SJ, Peverley-Atl RFA, Giroux-Pha RFA, Backlund-Cgy P3, Berglund-StL P3, Hodgson-Vcr P3

Rating: 2.5

Toews showed in the playoffs and Olympics that he can be an all-round monster capable of over a ppg offense and smothering defense. That said, he has yet to reach those kinds of offensive heights during the regular season - and this year will be the acid-test. Pavelski also had a massive playoffs this year, and has claimed the 2nd line center role in San Jose. Is there a 60+ pt season in him? Remains to be seen. Peverley is a slick and clever pivot toiling without decent wingers in Atlanta, and should be an average 3rd liner. Giroux is the real hope for the team as his play in Philly hinted at lots of offensive upside for the sparkplug. Not inconceivable that he might displace one of the guys ahead of him and get an active role. Backlund has an enormous opportunity to prove he can be a top six forward as the Flames are seriously thin at center to start the year. He's been groomed slowly (painfully at times) but shows flashes of both speed and offensive skill that are sorely needed. Berglund has all the tools to be an impact center, but has actually regressed rather badly over the last two seasons and is quickly slipping down the depth chart. Hodgson is now the most promising pivot prospect on the team, but he is gradually recovering from a serious back injury that wiped out his last season, and he has tough competition ahead of him (Henrik Sedin, Ryan Kesler) for top six minutes. None of the three are likely to make a splash for the Wolves this year, and that means time is running out on all of them.

R: Alfreddson-Ott, Eriksson-Dal, Burrows-Vcr, Setoguchi-SJ RFA

Rating: 3

Alfie was once again a ppg winger for the Sens, and he'll be counted on to reproduce those results again. Eriksson found excellent chemistry with Richards in Dallas and is now a solid just sub ppg winger (70-ish) perfect for the 2nd line. Burrows had a breakout season last year in Vancouver setting career highs across the board - including PIM as he meshed with the Twins to form a lethal trio. Unfortunately he is also still injured and there is no telling when his game will get fully back on track. Setoguchi is a speedy responsible winger who suffered through a series of nagging injuries last season that cost him his spot on the top two lines. He's got lots of upside to reach the 30 goal, 60+ pt plateau again, and should be a nice fill-in till Burrows returns.

D: Phaneuf-Tor FP, Greene-NJ, White-Cgy RFA, Niskanen-Dal RFA, Ballard-Vcr RFA, Fistric-Dal RFA, Wisniewski-NYI RFA, Sutton-Ana RFA, Hedman-TBay P3, Pieterangelo-StL P3, Gilroy-NYR P2

Rating: 2.5

Phaneuf had another 'off' year, reaching only 36 pts and not showing Toronto fans the ability to take over games he flashed in his years in Calgary. So of course the Leafs made him Captain. A bounce-back season to 50+pts and 120+PIM is essential for the Wolves to be competitive this year. Greene came out of nowhere to become the NJ powerplay QB, but the flaws are obvious - like the fact he plays in NJ. Another 30-35 pt season is probably in the cards for him, but more would be exceptional. White has the offensive tools to post in the 40's, and Calgary will be counting on him to earn his next contract. Niskanen, Ballard, Fistric, Wisniewski and Sutton are all candidates to be waived in favour of one or more of the Wolves D-man prospects. Hedman is a coke-machine on skates with excellent skating and offensive ability. He's just a puppy though, and needs to grow into the dominant role he seems destined to fulfill. Sooner or later the light will go on. Pieterangelo has had a terrific year getting spot duty for StLouis and playing for the Canadians at the WJC. A big mobile rearguard he has all the tools to be a #1 defender. Still has kinks to iron out of his game (it was his pinch that cost the Canadians the 2 on 1 goal by Carlson in the gold medal game), but could easily earn a promotion if he gets regular pp time. Gilroy was a bit of a bust in NYR, as the highly sought after free-agent jumped to the Rangers with a glowing college resume only to flounder upon arrival. Still has a nice set of tools, but caution on his offensive ceiling is warranted.

G: Fleury-Pit, Niemi-SJ RFA

Rating: 3.5

Fleury only posted 74 points last year making him a marginal starting caliber goaltender for the FUNHL. In contrast Niemi had an excellent season for the Hawks, but is no splitting time in SJ with Niitymaki. He could claim the top job their, and if he does, he could also knock Fleury out of his starting role for the Wolves.

Total: 14


It has begun!

Please enter your Week 1 line ups below, including whatever bids you may be making on the dead meat on the waiver wire...

Good luck all...


The Scourge

L: Vanek-Buf, Clowe-SJ, Kunitz-Pit RFA, VanRiemsdyk-Pha RFA, Perron-StL P3, Benn-Dal P2, Tangradi-Pit P2

Rating: 3

Vanek is a decent enough first line option when he is motivated and healthy, but he has been neither since signing his huge contract offer by the Oilers. Clowe is a nice blend of scoring and toughness who continues to improve. Kunitz has all but bombed as a complimentary winger for Crosby and Malkin, failing to be either the reliable trigger or setup man they crave. VanRiemsdyk has all the tools to be an impact forward, but his development has been at a snails pace (remember he was selected right after Patrick Kane). Perron is gradually morphing into a Martin StLouis clone, and another step forward will have him displacing someone from the active roster. Benn is also poised to take over an active roster spot, though Dallas' insistence on trying him at center may blunt that progress. Tangradi was a highly sought after prospect because of his potential to play a Kevin Stevens role on one of Pitts top lines. So far though, he has struggled to keep pace with the NHL and is back in the AHL for more seasoning.

C: Spezza-Ott FP, Datsyuk-Det, Krecji-Bos RFA, Staal,J-Pit RFA

Rating: 4.5

Spezza is still an elite playmaker, but he lacks a finisher to keep his assist totals up. A healthier season coupled with a linemate who can finish his setups and he could threaten for the Art Ross. Datsyuk is a machine who should easily reach ppg marks after stumbling last season when every Red Wing forward spent time in the infirmary. Krecji should benefit from the absence of Marc Savard, but his breakout season was in part due to having others face the top checking lines while he feasted on the weaker lines and he won't have that opportunity now. Staal seems perpetually poised to emerge from his designated role as a Selke shutdown pivot as a true #2 center capable of logging heavy minutes in all situations - we'll see when the boot comes off his busted up foot.

R: Stewart-Col, Kovalev-Ott RFA, Samuellson-Vcr, Vrbata-Phx, Hornqvist-Nsh P3, Eberle-Edm P2, Skinner-Car P1

Rating: 2

Stewart had a huge breakout season last year, but it remains to be seen whether he can even repeat that magic act, let alone improve on it. Kovalev appears more disinterested than is usual even for him, a gradual slide in his production is inevitable at his age, but his wandering focus could make it even more precipitous. Samuellsson likely had his career season as all the stars aligned for him to produce. Another 30 goal season will be unlikely for the career 3rd liner. Vrbata bounced himself to Phoenix, which as we know is merely one step away from the KHL, and he is likely to be bumped by one of the Scourge's prospects. Hornqvist broke out for a 30 goal season, but just saw his pivot jump ship to the Devils. If he can sustain the momentum from last year without Arnott around he will easily land an active roster spot. Eberle is one of the three wunderkind the Oilers are counting on. Not the fastest or biggest guy, but absolutely loaded with hockey sense, he may find himself in the mix as soon as this year - but more likely next. Skinner is a pure sniper and is on a team that lacks exactly that. A strong opening to the season could see him stick with the big team and take a run at the Calder. For now though the jury is still out.

D: Boyle-SJ, Enstrom-Atl, Timonen-Pha, Robidas-Dal RFA, Corvo-Car RFA, Boychuk-Bos RFA, Meszaros-Pha, Hickey-LA RFA, Fowler-Ana P1, Gudbranson-Fla P1

Rating: 4

Good thing its a fantasy pool roster as none of the top 4 defenseman are over 6 ft or 200lbs! Boyle will once again anchor the blue for the Scourge and be counted on for 50+ points. Enstrom could also again score 50 or so, but the Atlanta situation is not as certain to produce that much offense. Timonen suffered the same malaise that afflicted all of Philly last season and he could rebound into the mid 40's or low 50's if he can keep his powerplay spot. Robidas has been gradually used more and more as a shutdown guy, and less as a powerplay QB, expect a slight dip or even a decline in his points moving forward. Corvo in contrast is a powerplay specialist, and he should get back to the 30 point range assuming the rest of his game can stay at least mediocre. Boychuk surprised last year as the roulette wheel for Bruin d-men landed on his number. Could be a fluke, or could be more to come. Meszaros is a hard-rock defender who will likely be asked to concentrate on defense and obliterating forwards into the boards. Hickey is a slow developing prospect in LA having a hard time cracking the roster - another year in the AHL is probably in the cards. Fowler is a high flying rocket shooting D-man with gaps in his defensive game - but so far Anaheim has in the mix to start the season and he could surprise by staying on. Gudbranson is an all-round defender physically mature enough to play now - expect him to land a role but be eased into the offense gradually.

G: Lundqvist-NYR FP, Ward-Car RFA

Rating: 4.5

Lundqvist is an elite netminder amongst the best in the game. Ward is a nice, if unsteady backup who has battled injuries and inconsistency the last two years, and if he is thrust into a starting role things could unravel in a hurry.

Total: 18

Jackpot - Schadenfreude revisited

Michael Grabner has been claimed off waivers by the New York Islanders!
Not sure that this is the Jackpot that a claim by the Pens and time with Sid or Malkin might have been, but it sure beats Rochester.

The Florida Panthers placed Grabner on waivers with the intention of sending him to the AHL. This is an unfortunate loss for the Panthers, but it's great news for Grabner, who is now projected to start the season in the NHL. Grabner was selected with the 14th overall pick of the 2006 NHL entry draft. He had five goals and 11 points in 20 games with the Vancouver Canucks last season.
Source: Bob McKenzie on Twitter


The Shadowmen

The Shadowmen

L: Sedin,D-Vcr, Franzen-Det, Versteeg-Tor RFA, Whitney, Ray-Phx RFA, Bergfors-Atl P1

Rating 3.5

Sedin gives the penumbra dwellers an elite producer to head the position off, but things get more interesting the rest of the way. Franzen is an absolute monster in the playoffs, but during the regular season his production is down a couple of notches, that and he can never stay healthy to have that 35-40 goal season he seems capable of. Versteeg is an enigma. He flashed some offensive talent in Chicago, scored some timely goals for them while playing with a lot of energy and grit, and he'll get an opportunity to fill top six minutes in Toronto - so the green light is on. That said, he's a tad undersized, and has no track record of elite production at any level and is a mild injury concern because of how he plays. Whitney is still a wizard with the puck, but lacks the high gears he used to have, and he is now clearly playing out the string in Phoenix. Bergfors was among the top scoring rookies last year, and now with Atlanta they'll be asking him to play a bigger role. He can be a decent two-way forward as evidenced by his play in NJ, but is he ready for top line minutes?

C: Carter-Pha, Ribeiro-Dal, Zajac-NJ RFA, Filppula-Det RFA, Burmistrov-Atl P1, Granlund-Min P1


Carter is still a potential 40 goal, ppg pivot, but he has had a lot of downtime the last couple of years, and the clock is running out on him fulfilling his full offensive potential. Ribeiro lost the top dog role to Brad Richards last year and pouted his way through the season. He's undersized and lightweight for the second line role, but he has had ppg seasons in the past so its a gamble worth taking. Zajac lacks a high end top speed, but is otherwise a very good meat-and-potatoes pivot who can do a lot of the heavy lifting for his linemates, and in Jersey he is bound to draw a very good left winger no matter which of the top three lines he commands. Filppula is a responsible two-way center with above average stickhandling, but if he crests 60 points its because Datsyuk and Zetterberg collided and put each other onto long term disability. Burmistrov and Granlund are topnotch offensive prospects who could earn long auditions, but are probably at least a year away from their rookie seasons.

R: Iginla-Cgy FP, Kane-Chi RFA, Simmonds-LA RFA, Frolik-Fla RFA, Nyqvist-Det P1, Tarasenko-StL P1, Tatar-Det P1

Rating: 4.5

Kane gives them an elite gunner to compliment the probably elite production of Iginla. Arguably the best 1-2 puch at RW in the FUNHL. Simmonds is mediocre tough guy who may chip in enough offense to keep his 3rd line role. Frolik has been slowly developing in Florida, but the supporting cast is weak even if he takes a step forward. Nyqvist and Tatar will marinate for at least another year in the Detroit system. Tarasenko has the potential to be very good - even as a rookie, but St Louis is in no hurry with their prospects anymore.

D: Rafalski-Det, Bouweemster-Cgy, Kronwall-Det, Yandle-Phx, Seidenberg-Bos RFA, Stralman-Clb RFA, Coburn-Pha RFA, Russell-Clb RFA, Smith-Det P1

Rating: 3.5

Solid top 4 featuring a mix of offense (Rafalski, Yandle), toughness (Kronwall), and upside (J-Bo). Seidenberg, Stralman, Coburn and Russell will be auditioned for the bottom pair, but all are likely planned WD cuts. Smith is on the Detroit slow-development train, so expect him to spend a year in the AHL learning the Detroit system before he plays an active role.

Goal: Luongo-Vcr FP, Niitymaki-SJ RFA, Schneider-Vcr P1

Rating 5

Bobby-Lu makes this position a real strength for the team and he'll be expected to produce at an FP level. Niitymaki is not an ideal backup given his platoon situation in SJ, but Schneider would be the fill in for Luongo in the event of injury and that locks this position up for the Shadowmen as one of the best netminding situations in the league.

Total = 19.5

Quote of the Day

Goes to 'Lee' a commenter on Lowetide (and yes, Lowetide is just about the most awesome daily read there is, even if it is all Oilers all the time).

"I can't believe this team is honestly planning on trying to finish last again. Somewhere Mark Messier is gnashing his tooth."


Schadenfreude part deux

Meanwhile, a well-placed source has told The Post that there's little reason for optimism that the condition of Vinny Prospal's right knee will improve following his enforced two-week rest period. Indeed, we're told it would be no surprise at all should the 35-year-old require surgery that would likely end his season, if not his career

Read more: nypost

Morrison a Flame

Check this out - undrafted - will we regret it?

Morrison comes to Calgary

Some info out of ED2010 to note, DC, WDs etc

Greetings from the DC:

Well congrats to Mike Getta for filling the 3rd DC vacancy. Yes - VERY highly sought after [sarcasm abound].

DC consists of Cameron in Lethbridge, Bob in Thunder Bay and Mike Getta in Nanton.

Mike Breakenridge and his Barbarians returned to fill Richard's The Lost Boys one year break.

Skype and MSN for A RECORD FIVE GMs not physically present at the 2010 ED! Still Seven GMs ENJOYED the GENEROUS hospitality of Collin and Colleen! Of Course, Thanks to statsguy- Doug

WD1 was set for Dec 5th (a sunday) or Dec 11 (a sat) tho` the group leaned forward the 1st date. KEEP THEM IN MIND.

WD2 was set for Sat Feb 5th or Sat Feb 11. As we get our daytimers set, Pls Keep these Weekends in mind.

The Trade Deadline is usually the 1st monday lineups after the nhl trade deadline. Usually the 2nd Mon in March.

I look forward to Cam, Brian and Doug draft dissection which I suspect is forthcoming.

The Draft is Over - Line-ups due Wed night - Let the Season begin. Drop the Puck and Watch your Head...


I was perusing the excellent commentary on 'Lowetide' when I ran across this entry penned by none other than our very own 'Highlander';

"Did I just read this right? Has Florida waived lw Micheal Grabner?!?

We would still have the first shot at picking him up, right?"

At which I laughed out loud! For two reasons,

1. Michael Grabner was the Highlanders top prospect pick in prospect draft, so knowing he was just waived by the talent-lite Panthers can only mean good things for Grabner's career arc, and,

2. Doug pleading for Edmonton to pick him up is almost as hilarious - I guess there are not so many struggling Oilers on the Highlanders roster that they can't use one more!


Severed Heads Poised To Win Record Fourth Predator Cup!

All three of the standard oracles - the Hockey News Ultimate Pool Guide, the Score Forecaster and McKeen's Hockey Pool Yearbook - have looked at the FunHL rosters, cast their chicken bones and made an unassailable assessment of the top dressing line-up for each team (for McKeen's last year's goalie stats were used). When the mist cleared, one clear cut champion emerged - Cam Hilton's Severed Heads.

According to the Hockey News and McKeen's, the victory came over the defending champion Bladerunners. According to the Score, the win was over the Shadowmen.

Severed Heads GM Cam Hilton reportedly attributed the predictions of dominance to a team-wide commitment to prompt drafting and an utter disregard for injury reports. "You can't simply type these names in with your nose," Hilton explained to baffled reporters. All three guides felt that the injuries to Marc Savard, Mark Streit, Chris Pronger, Oli Jokinen and Sami Salo (as well as the issues surrounding Sheldon Souray's status) would be of little consequence to the Head's eventual victory. Some commentators felt that the guides may have gone to print prior to these facts coming to light but that really goes against the direction of this article so start planning the parade route in Lethbridge as the Predator Cup is going to southern Alberta.

The guides were a little more conflicted as to who would "win" the Herbivore with both the Hockey News and Score tabbing the Wolves to finish last while McKeen's felt that the Ramapithicines would be the eventual basement dwellers.

Confirmation of these predictions begins on Thursday - drop the puck.