Highlanders extend lead; Edge make charge

The Highlanders now lead the Bladerunners by almost 10pts on the week and over 33 on the season. The defending champions will need a big Saturday night (something they have been able to rely on a lot this year) if they hope to get back into the fight.

The Edge have a huge night, including a +5 performance by +/- defensive prospect A.Volchenkov, to slash the Scourge's lead by a third. Still, it is a very steep road ahead and they can't let up for a second if they are to have any hope of avoiding the Herbivore. The gap between 11th and 12th is now less than 20pts but that is still a lot of ground to make up in a little over a week.

Heading into Saturday's action, here are the unofficial stats:


Wide Open: The 2007-08 Entry Draft lacks consensus

With our FUNHL season rapping up (with kudos, congratulations, etc. ever more likely owed to Doug) our eyes turn towards the next big NHL event of mega-importance.

No, not the playoffs (cuz really, who cares?), no I'm talking about the NHL Entry Draft!

This draft has long been suggested to lack a 'franchise' talent (more on that later), but that it does have some very talented players available.

But just how lacking in obvious talent is this draft? I reviewed the following sources;

TSN (International Scouting Services)

1. Cherepanov
2. Kane
3. Turris
4. Van Riemsdyk
5. Voracek
6. Alzner
7. Couture
8. Gagner
9. Ellerby
10. Mayorov

The Hockey News has it;

1. Kane
2. Van Riemsdyk
3. Alzner
4. Turris
5. Gagner
6. Esposito
7. Cherepanov
8. Voracek
9. Sutter
10. Ellerby

(turns out the Hockey Prospects list is currently the same as ISS)

As you probably know, the Great Whites currently hold the contract rights for Angelo Esposito, and the Severed Heads currently have the rights to Logan Couture.

Let me add that not only has no player risen to the top to be the clear talent, but the words used by scouts everywhere were 'uninspiring'.

The Cameron Theory of Franchise Players Alert!

Under my theory, the first forward taken in any given NHL ED year will be 'Franchise Player' calibre 75% of the time (there are two corollaries, avoid the first forward chosen in any draft where the first two players picked are defensemen, or goaltenders, and use caution in drafts scouts consider 'weak').

This is now officially a 'weak' draft. You've been warned.

My FUNHL bets are;

1. Cherepanov
2. Esposito
3. Kane
4. Van Riemsdyk
5. Couture

Highlanders press advantage across the board

Selanne, Crosby and Pronger combined for 10 pts on route to a 12pt evening for the Highlanders which may go a long way to cementing their position in all three awards. The Bladerunners had a solid 7pts last night but again left points on the table in Minnesota as Jerome Iginla's hat trick was not able to help the Bladerunners out. Just as with last week, had the Bladerunners dressed Iginla and Kipprusoff this week instead of Williams and Giguere, they would have an additional 4.5pts. Not enough to make much of a dent in the Predator Cup standings perhaps but enough to keep the Challenge Cup game close. As it stands now, the Highlanders hold a 30pt lead in the Predator Cup, a 6+pt lead in the Challenge Cup and (thanks mostly to thier Ducks, especially Selanne - who is on the Scourge baseline) an impressive 11pt lead in the Omnivore standings. Things are certainly falling into place for the Highlanders but the Challenge Cup is far from decided and the Omnivore could, again, turn around on a weekend.

Speaking of Omnivore baselines, picking up on an observation Chris made, the Wolves and Highlanders are now the only teams with +1000pt baselines however it is the Wolves who must be most disappointed. The Wolves went from drafting the best team in the league, 1004+pt baseline, to sitting in fourth place some 168pts out of first and over 93pts down from their starting point. That said, with FPs Niedermayer and Luongo and prospect stars Kopitar, Stastny and Phaneuf the future looks very promising for the Wolves for years to come.

Going into Friday night's games, here are your unofficial stats:


Thursday's Games Explained

Sorry Brian, couldn't resist.

Wolves Top 900pts

The Wolves become only the fourth team to cross the 900pt mark last night, a feat their baseline accomplished almost 100pts ago. The Great Whites are finishing out the season in style by sporting a league best 22pts as of Wednesday's action.

The Highlanders continue to lead but with the exception of the Predator Cup race, their lead is very narrow. They have a 1.07pt lead over the Bladerunners in game two of the Challenge Cup final and a mere 0.5pt lead on the Scourge in the Omnivore.

These stats have incorporated Darrell's official stats for Week 25. Here are the unofficial standings as of last night's action:


Backstrom Close To Signing

Severed Head/Washington Capitals prospect N.Backstrom is apparently close to signing with the Capitals with the expectation that he will start the season in Washington. Capitals coach Glen Hanlon was asked what was expected of the youngster when he arrives and Hanlon responded, jokingly, the Calder, Hart and Art Ross trophies. Severed Head GM, Cam Hilton, is already clearing space on his shelf for all three and a goodly number of Predator Cups with Malkin and Backstrom up the middle for years to come.

Edge Reach 800pt mark

Little tidbits.

It seems clear to me that the Edge will finish last this season but they do cross the 800pt level. The Wolves drop to 2nd in the Omnivore baseline.

Had they been able to hold that baseline, they would currently be sitting 3rd.

The Bladerunners hold thier own against the Highlanders last night but their enemy is time as much as anything else. If the Bladerunners are going to mount a comeback in the Predator Cup race, they will need to outscore the Highlanders by 27.5pts between now and the end of the season or by over 2pts a day for the remaining 12 days.

Colorado was all but eliminated last night from the playoffs after Calgary took Minnesota in the shootout and the Avs lost to Vancouver. Perhaps with the pressure of making the post season over, the Flames can concentrate on how to win consistantly on the road because they will not hold home-ice in any series.

Go Flames Go, Draft Oil Draft.

Here are the unofficial stats as of Tuesday's action:


Iginla, Benched?

Ok, I'm lost. He's your FP. He has 85pts on the season. He has 13pts in the last 11games. Twenty-four times this season he has had multiple point games. What the hell did he do to piss off the coach? Three games on the road against divisional rivals with a playoff spot on the line - you have to give your best players a chance to be your best players, don't you?

(Williams does play four games this week where he will face far more generous goaltending than offered by Vancouver and Minnesota so I may end up eating this post in a week's time, but still.)

Highlanders loudest on a quiet night

One game, one goal. Highlanders in on the one goal and the shutout have best night. Bladerunners goaltending is almost as good. Edge and Scourge both in on the goal. That's Monday's action and here are the unofficial stats. Much more going on starting tonight.


Highlanders Take Game One, Extend Lead; Scourge Are Most Improved

Game One of the Challenge Cup final goes to the visiting Highlanders. They get a chance to win their first trophy in 14 years with a second victory this week. The final switches to Stronghold for game two and the Highlander faithful have to be feeling pretty good about their team. Sunday's 3pt performance by S.Crosby helped cement an impressive 40pt week for the kilted ones (third best in the pool to the Scourge's 42pts and the Knights Templar's 45pts) but the victory was as much a product of a devestating coaching decision by the Bladerunners to bench M.Kipprusoff in net (at a loss of 5pts to J.S.Giguere) and J.Cheechoo on right (at a loss of 8pts to M.Recchi, who did get .5pts as TG). Those 12.5pts (assuming that a better tg option was not found, though A.Meszaros who had played tg the week prior got 2.5pts TG but was also benched) would have been enough to give the Bladerunners a narrow game one win and would have kept the Predator Cup race much closer. As it is, the Highlanders now boast a 25pt lead with only two weeks to go.

While S.Crosby's 3pt outburst was helpful, it has been the play of FP J.Thornton (8pts this week) that has been fueling the Highlanders success of late. Having moved to within 7pts on the NHL scoring lead, behind Crosby, his performance since the All-Star Game has been unmatched. He is simply carrying this team on his back and willing them to a victory. His job will get a little easier this week now that Gagne, Kaberle and fellow FP C.Pronger are all back in the line-up.

The Bladerunners can look to this season for some encouragement. They have outscored the Highlanders in 12 of the previous 25 weeks and on two occasions have done so by over 20pts (weeks 9 and 19 they scored approximately 21pts more than the Highalnders). That's the good news. The bad news is that 21pts is not enough and only for once all season, weeks 3 through 6, have the Bladerunners been able to outscore the Highlanders in consecutive weeks (outscoring them by approximately 12, 7, 7, and 6 pts respectively). The time to make history is now. And that time is running out.

The other story to follow is that of the Scourge. The rookie GM with the awful draft has put together a great run to ensure that a return to the cellar would be unlikely. They hold a 30pt lead on the Edge and even after a spirited effort mid-week where they halved the gap between them, they were unable to sustain the effort. The Scourge's task of avoiding the Herbivore mostly accomplished, the task of getting some hardware worth taking home is now on the "to do" list. The Scourge have ridden T.Priessing's +/- for a lot of their Omnivore improvement and full credit to them. They have also been able to turn to recent deadline additions (Satan, Rafalski, Redden) to help pick up the slack with Zetterberg's injury. The Severed Heads and the Shadowmen are both looking at this race for how it impacts their place in FunHL History. If the Highlanders can overcome the Scourge (and the Bladerunners for the other two awards) they will join Severed Heads as the only "Triple Crown" winners in FunHL history. If the Scourge do win they will join the Shadowmen as the only teams to win back-to-back Omnivores but with the distinction that they did it with two different GMs.

Two weeks and a lot to watch for, here are the unofficial stats through Sunday's games:


Big Night for Highlanders/Scourge

Saturday night the Highlanders finally managed to put together a solid night. As a result, they now holding a ten point lead on the Bladerunners this week going into Sunday's action and are in a great position to win game one of the Challenge Cup final. Just as importantly, they have increased their margin in the Predator Cup race to over 23pts. It is the largest lead anyone has had on the Bladerunners all year. Is it enough to declare the race over, absolutely not - but it gives the Highlanders a bit of breathing space. With Pronger, Kaberle and Gagne now all back from injury the Highlanders' prospects look much rosier than they did a couple of weeks ago.

At the other end of the Predator Cup table, the Scourge continued to put together an impressive response to the early week strength of the Edge. The Scourge now sport a 40pt week, best in the pool though the Edge are second best at 37, and now hold a comfortable 29pt lead on last place. The Herbivore looks very much like it will be won for the second time by the Edge. The only bad news for the Scourge was that they slipped a bit in the Omnivore race as the Highlanders retook the lead. Its still very close but the rookie is a fraction of a point away from that goal.

Going into Sunday's action, the unofficial standings are as follows:


Bladerunners Close Gap

Not much time this morning, here are the unoffical stats as of Friday night's games:


Revenge of the Scourge

Yesterday the week looked to be owned by the Edge. They continue to have the league's best week so far but the Scourge responded to the challenge in a big way last night gaining more points in one evening than the Bladerunners have gotten all week (15pts as opposed to 13.5pts). The fine evening by the Scourge also vaulted them back into first place in the Omnivore standings, a unique back-to-back accomplishment for the rookie GM. The Edge are looking more and more destined to join the Barbarians and Severed Heads as two-time Herbivore "winners".

The Highlanders and Bladerunners continue to feel each other out. Neither team has been able to put together a solid, across the board evening which has resulted in a rather timid game in the Challenge Cup and a slow crawl in the Predator Cup race. The Highlanders have had a great showing from FP J.Thornton (who is now challengeing fellow Highlander S.Crosby for the scoring title) but Crosby, among others, have been very quiet so far this week. The Bladerunners must be feeling some doubts about the coaching decisions that went into this week. Two benchings (Cheechoo for Recchi and Kiprusoff for Guiguere) are starting to look like big mistakes. So far Cheechoo and Kiprusoff have tallied over 12 pts but they have remained on the bench, in contrast Recchi and Giguere have only 0.5pts this week. Given that the gap between the Bladerunners and the Highlanders is under 18pts, that is a huge number of points to have left on the table.

Going into Friday's action, the unofficial stats are as follows:


Would you look at the Edge's week!

Seriously, best week so far is the Edge's. Really cutting into the Scourge's lead.

Not a lot of time this morning but to me that is the headline so far this week, and these are the unofficial stats:


A Double Take on the Triple Crown

The Highlanders had an unspectacular night on Tuesday (a little less than 5pts), but it was enough to gain a bit of ground in the Predator Cup race, take a fractional point lead in the Challenge Cup final and ease the Highlanders into first place in the Omnivore standings. Trends which, if they hold out for the next two and a half weeks, would give the Highlanders their first victory of any award in the "Modern Era", a trio of Predator Cups (a feat previously only acheived by the Great Whites) and their first ever "Triple Crown" of Predator Cup, Challenge Cup and Omnivore Award (an accomplishment unique the Severed Heads up to now).

There are two obstacles to the plan, the first being last season's Predator Cup and Challenge Cup champs, the Bladerunners, continue to stick around. They remain less than 14pts behind the Highlanders in the Predator Cup race - really only one good evening given the talent these teams boast. The Challenge Cup final is even closer than that - a minor penalty separates them in the first game of their best of three. Finally, the Bladerunners are a mere 6pts back in the Omnivore standings - an amount that could change in one game, let alone a whole evening of play. The Bladerunners fell short of the triple-crowm last season with the Dogs taking the Omnivore, but it is certianly reasonable to view the Bladerunners as just as capable of winning winning it all and in the process earing their own trio of Predator Cups and becoming the first team to win three Omnivore Awards.

The fly in the ointment, so to speak, is the Scourge. Up until last night, they were the Omnivore leaders and remain a mere 3pts out. So far the week hasn't gone so well for the Scoure, the Edge (with a league-leading 13pt week so far) have started to eat into the lead the Scourge have over them in the race to avoid the Herbivore (which is still about 20pts) but there is nothing to suggest that the rookie GM and his newly minted team couldn't pull of an impressive repeat of their own - remember that it was the defending Omnivore Award Winners, the Dogs, who became the Scourge on the eve of the current season. Most Improved Team, two years in a row and under two different managements - nice trick... if you can pull it off :-)

Congratulations to the Great Whites on reaching the 900pt mark. Here are the unofficial stats as of Tuesday night's action:


Cheering when they fall (part two)!

I was going to do this as a comment to Cam's blog entry but it probably deserves one of its own. The Flames, who possess a super-star in Iginla, a world-class goaltender in Kipprusoff and a future Norris Trophy winner in Phaneuf, shouldn't be fighting the Avs for West's final playoff spot - but they are. For each of the three reasons I just mentioned, I still think that they will pull it out but it should not be this close and if their road woes continue once the playoffs begin then the Sea of Red will be a will be reduced to a gathering pool under Playfair's corpse.

Last season the Flames were the golden children going into the playoffs. Co-favorites, along with the other perenial underachieving Senators, to give us the first all-Canadian final since the Flames last won it all. Suter rode them for 82 games and when the Mighty Ducks came to town, they out worked a tired and dispirited Flames team. No problem, let up on the reins a bit and we can do this. Unfortuately the Flames' disappointment may prove to be as great as the Oilers' if they don't turn it around in a hurry.

Lowe's signings of Rolston (better save % than Hasek btw), Pisani and Horcoff can be questioned all you like but the truth is they are under contract and none are really out of the range of what comprables would be signed for. The real issue is Smyth. Both the Oil and Smyth took a pair of gambles. In the Summer the Oil gambled that Smyth would not have a career year and would cost less to sign later - lost that gamble. Smyth gambled that the Oilers would sign him at more than market price - lost that gamble. Smyth will likely still get his $ in July (heck, even from the Oilers) but if Lowe wasn't willing to overpay for Smyth - he got pretty good return for him in three first-rounders. The Oil have their own pick this season (it was last year's first that they traded to Min for Rolie) as well as the Ducks' so they will have a pretty well stocked cupboard in terms of prospects next year (they also, finally, have a new AHL team to put them on). The real question is how good will their pick be? At the rate they are diving, they could be in a top four pick position in a week and while the is bad news for today - it is how you build for tomorrow. What's the real price of losing a couple of games this week if you are already out of the playoffs when the win could be Cherpanov or Esposito? How can it hurt anyone? Oh, right, the games are against Colorado. Shall we all go down together?

Cheering when they fall!

I haven't written anything about the Smyth trade yet, in part because I haven't been able to stop laughing. Yet another Oiler departure? Ha! Like rats leaving a sinking ship.

Here's the facts Jack;

- Smyth is one of those players whose overall package and contributions aren't reflected in his stats. Is he a consistent 30 goal scorer? No. Is he a regular ppg guy? No. But he blocks shots, kills penalties and bleeds blue and copper.

- That said, Smyth's money requests were even for a home-town boy done good, outrageous. Sure, some GM somewhere will give him that money ($5M+ a year for 5 years and a no trade clause - I bet St Louis bends over for him), but there is no question his stats will never match up with that $ figure (think Mike Peca on a larger scale). He's a grossly overpaid player in the mold of Martin Lapointe waiting to happen.

- I have no doubts that Smyth knew this. He had set the bar publicly at Alex Tanguay+ $'s figuring his all-round game would trump Tanguay's better stats. He figured the Oilers wouldn't be able to cut him loose after dealing Pronger to start the year. He was the face of the team, he was The Man, he was going to get paid, and he would retire an Oiler. He was wrong.

- This is not the fault of the new CBA. The Oilers have the cap space to pay Smyth if they want to, even to overpay him slightly just because they really like how his mullet plays with the blue-rinse crowd. In previous years there would have been no question he was heading out the door. Nope, this time the defection is the result of pure greed - greed on the part of Smyth to cash in on his next contract. I don't blame him for this, nor more than I blame Lowe for not feeling it necessary to flush money down the toilet, but the tear fest at the airport rings a little hollow when Smyth could have lopped a year of guaranteed money, or taken a $100K less if he really wanted to stay. What's either of those figures to a multi-millionaire compared to wearing the same uni for your entire career? Save the tears for your accountant Ryan.

- Why not overpay Smyth? Good question. I would have preferred to overpay him, then to overpay; Roloson, Horcoff or Pisani - all of whom signed stupid contracts for their career performance level based on getting the Oilers to the finals. If Lowe had simply let Pisani go to the highest bidder (no loss) or moved Horcoff (unsurprisingly he has reverted back to his AHL level of talent), he would have had a much more flexible situation to deal with for Smyth. But he got his level 2 guys signed up before he got his level 1 guy signed, and the fact his hands got tied in knots is in that regard is his own damn fault.

- To all those Oiler fans who point out that Calgary will face a similar situation in two years with Iginla and Kiprusoff, let me say the following: Iginla will get paid - likely at the max. Kipper will either sign for less than the max, or be allowed to leave. Keep Iggy, let Kipper go. Simple. Leland Irving, Brent Krahn and others give the Flames depth in goal (something the Oilers STILL don't have, and they already dealt their first rounder to get the now ancient Roloson!), and while losing Kipper would suck, it wouldn't hurt nearly as much as losing Iggy. Sutter knows where his bread is buttered, how to work the cap and most importantly, how to build a team. Something, Smyth, Lowe and the Oilers have yet to figure out.

So pardon the schadenfreude (which seems to be everywhere of late), but I find the whole Smyth fiasco to be more than a little hilarious, overwrought and above all indicative of Edmonton Oiler incompetence.

First Blood to Bladerunners, but its only a drop

Not a lot of time this morning but here are the unofficial stats after Monday's action.


FUNHL News and Notes

From way back at our first FP draft in 96-97 (a full ten years), there are six franchise players taken that are still franchise players; Jagr, Brodeur, Forsberg, Lidstrom, Sakic and Sundin.

All of the above FP's have been involved in Predator Cup Victories (though I may have to double check that claim for Sakic...).

Except Mats Sundin.

Of the original FP's selected the following are still being drafted by the FUNHL;

Kariya, Tkachuk, Lindros (though we might have just seen his last game as a legit draftee in the FUNHL), Shanahan, Fedorov, Osgood, Ozolinsh, Hamrlik, and Zubov.

Not bad really, Kariya is still rolling along at a PPG and is a legit 1st line winger. Tkachuk is still capable of elite spurts where he is both scoring and gooning it up. Ditto Shanahan, who appeared to be in full renaissance as a goal-scorer until he get hurt. Fedorov is all but done. Finally. Osgood is still hanging around as solid back-up guy who won't rock the boat. Hamrlik is extending his career by playing for Sutter, but isn't a high end threat anymore. Zubov is still a powerplay mainstay and top tier defender for the Stars, though injuries rob him of more and more time.

Some of the busts;

Jim Carey is by far the worst player taken in 96-97. Maybe ever.

Roman Hamrlik? I guess at the time it made sense. Petr Nedved? Only because he had a fluke position change to LW.

According to Severed Heads record keeping (we know for sure he was with the team from 1977-98 on, and we are fairly certain he arrived on the team at the 1996-97 trade deadline injured, and did not play much if at all in 96-97 for the Heads) Jagr is currently the SEVERED HEADS all-time leader in the following categories;

Games: 677, Goals: 349, Assists: 534; and Points: 883

Brodeur's numbers for the Great Whites are equally, if not more ridiculous. I hope Dan can one day parse out what the numbers look like what with all those movements in goaltender calculations.

The Wolves have been climbing in the standings thanks to the acquisition of Paul Stastny. Now that Anze Kopitar is back, he could move even further up the food chain and catch the Shadowmen for 4th.

The Great Whites appear to be a solid bet to finish third no matter what. They are too far from the leaders to close the gap, but also too far ahead to get caught. The GM has placed the team into cruise control now that the playoffs are over with.

The Edge are looking more and more like Herbivore favourites. If Havlat can move back into elite gear he might still catch the rookie Scourge. A plus minus desperation gamble in the last weeks is not out of the question.

Wow do the Flames unexpectedly suck on the road. If I knew why, I'd say so, but it's getting freakish.

How bout them 'Nucks!? Henrik Sedin is taking a run at the teams assists in a season record (he has 58 and the record is 62 by Boudrias). Henrik could end up with the record and yet still only barely register double digit goals (he has 10 and is pacing to finish the year with...11).

As much as Sundin may be in for being dumped as an FP, is their any question that Sakic has held off the dishonour of being dumped from his long term contract for another season?

Dwayne Roloson / Goaltending Stats Suck: Update: 79.36

Yup, the 19th ranked goaltender in terms of GAA, and with a losing record (25-30-6), is nevertheless 15th overall in terms of NHL scoring.

If we still had 3.5 in place, he'd be 48.36.

I'm just saying.

Three Weeks, Two Teams, One Predator Cup

(Thanks to Cam and Brian (earlier this week) who noted some line-up/roster errors - hopefully they are corrected below.)

Not a lot of time this morning but the Bladerunners and the Highlanders had the pool's best weeks (though several teams managed 40+pt weeks) and are now set to square off for the Predator Cup, Challenge Cup Final and (along with the leading Scourge - yes the leading Scourge) the Omnivore Award.

The Bladerunners cross the 1000pt plateau and are 13pts back.

The Challenge Cup final gets underway tonight. The Bladerunners and the Highlanders split the season series one game each. Overall, the Bladerunners hold an 8-7 lifetime lead in the series but the two teams have never met in the playoffs before.

In the Omnivore, three teams are separated by a half a point.

Here are the unofficial stats as of Sunday's action:


Scourge Now Most Improved! Highlanders first to 1000. Shadowmen Running out of Time.

The Bladerunners had a relatively quiet Saturday night and everyone else tried to take advantage. The Highlanders extended their overall lead to just shy of 14pts while taking the lead for the week in the Predator Cup race. They also became the first FunHL team this season to crack the 1000pts mark (expect the Bladerunners to follow suit by the end of tonight). The Shadowmen, who are trying to pull of a miracle finish in their Challenge Cup playoff game, now trail by about 10pts with Sunday's action to come - they have cut into the lead but will it be enough? Still, the big news of the night is that the Scourge (with a little help from Sean Avery and Roman Hamerlik) have taken the lead in the Omnivore standings - indeed the Bladerunners have slipped to third in the race to be named the FunHL's most improved team over the course of the year. The Scouge's good evening also further increased their lead over the Edge to 25pts in spite of a carear best 5pt night by O.Jokinen.

Week 24 is coming to an end but a lot of interestig storylines for the last day of the week. Here are your unofficial stats:


Highlanders and Bladerunners continue epic battle

With Friday's games now complete the weekly standings mirror the overall standings - the Highlanders and Bladerunners are the class of the FunHL. Both teams sit with over 40pts so far on the week while everyone else is in the 20s (save the Edge who are having a miserable week) on top of their 100+pt lead on the third placed team. The Highlanders are awiating the winner of the other Challenge Cup semi-final which, barring a monstrous weekend by the Shadowmen, seems certain to be the Bladerunners who are sporting an 18pt lead in their game. Both teams are now within 10pts of each other atop the Omnivore where only the Scourge, currently in 3rd, pose any threat to enter the conversation. Which of the two teams will walk away with all the hardware remains to be seen but it certainly is a two horse race across the board.

One note that I have failed to mention earlier is that Severed Heads, Personal Vendetta, Lost Boys, Knights Templar and Ramapithicines all became 800pt teams this week - congrats.

Here are the unofficial stats as of Friday night's games: