Two Weeks Left - Week 26 Line-Ups

Two weeks to the End! Well, The Great Whites are holding on to 1st. The rest is up in the air...

Only the dreams and the quantum entanglement of this matrix will reveal the true results.

Emails and line-ups will be posted here...


Omnivore Update - Week 24

And with the release of Week 24 stats, the most up to date Omnivore (with minor anomalies at goal) - Looks like the Scourge and Shadow will fight this one to the bitter end...

Week 24 Stats - Great Whites Lead Predator; Ramapithicines will play Barbarians in Challenge Cup Final

Week 25 Lineups

Who will be the heroes?

Omnivore Update - Week 23

As of the end of week 23, (and pending release of final stats for Week 24), these are the (approximate) Omnivore standings...


Week 24 Stat as of Saturday Night - Great Whites Extend Lead, Ramapithicines Lead Knights Late In Challenge Cup Semi

With 6 games on the NHL schedule for Sunday there is still time for the Knights Templar to make up the 6pts needed to overtake the Ramapithicines in their Challenge Cup Semi-Final, the Barbarians await.  The Great Whites have extended their lead atop the Predator Cup standings while the Edge look to reel in the Knights and escape the Herbivore's glare.

Thanks again to Bob for posting all the line-ups on the blog.  Please double check your totals and let me know if you see something off.

Huge congratulations to Chris on the latest addition to the FunHL family - Page.  Keep your stick on the ice and your head up!  Sophia, my little girl, turns 7 on Wednesday (party at Ft. Edmonton this afternoon for those of you thinking of flying in) and I can assure you Chris that the time flies by - enjoy the ride my friend!


Week 23 Stats Complete - Great Whites Continue To Lead Predator; Barbarians Sweep Great Whites In One Semi, Other Goes Distance

Hi All,

Here are Week 23 Stats.  I had a near panic over the last 20 minutes as I found another 4 inexplicable pts for the Great Whites (recall the 2pts from last week).  When I finally figured out the problem I was terrified that I had mistakenly given them some 30 unearned pts over the preceeding 20 weeks and that Dan (and everyone) was going to freak on me.  Fortunately, no.  The difference was about 3 extra pts (2 of which we noticed last week).  All is corrected now and there would have been no impact on any Challenge Cup games.

Congrats to the Barbarians, belatedly, for thier first Challenge Cup series win.  This is the most success any team has had in the Challenge Cup that wasn't really at the top of the Predator Cup Standings and is really a fantastic story (sorry Dan, but it is).  The other semi between the Ramapithicines and the Knights Templar will need to go the full three games.

With the trade frenzy over I will try and get caught up with week 24 stats ASAP and may even have them up before the week is over.  We will see - Sophia's Birthday this weekend.

Welcome back Sidney, we've missed you.


Happy Birthday Stats Guy!

Congrats to our resident stats guru and GM of the Highlanders on not only successfully orbiting the sun once again, but also reaching the refined age of being one with Life, the Universe, and Everything!


Stamkos hits 50 goals...

Steven Stamkos scored his 49th and 50th goals of the season in the Lightning’s 6–1 win over the Bruins. It’s the second 50-goal season for the 22-year-old Stamkos, who tallied 51 goals in 2009–10. Stamkos is the seventh player in NHL history to score 50 or more goals in one season at least twice before turning 23 years old. Wayne Gretzky did that an amazing five times, while Mike Bossy, Mario Lemieux, Joe Nieuwendyk, Pavel Bure and Alex Ovechkin each had two such seasons.


Setoguchi Fails

A classic example of the luck Minnesota has had all year, embodied by this fall.


Week 24 FUNHL Line-ups

More Star Wars with the FUNHL at War. Four Weeks to go!

Line-ups from Emails will be placed here to help out Doug...

Good Luck All...


Week 22 Stats - Game One of Challenge Cup Playoffs

Sorry for the delay all.  Congrats to the Barbarians and Knights Templar for their Game One Upsets in the Challenge Cup Playoffs.  Game Two is underway now (hope to get the stats out for them soon).  On the Predator Cup side the Great Whites continue to lead (and I found 2 more pre-wk 20pts that had not registered before, not sure why, but they seem legit) but the Shadow and Heads are gaining.  The Edge make a run to escape the cellar and the Highlanders appear willing to assist - come on Sid, your team needs you!!

Thanks again (and again, and again) to Bob for posting the line-ups on the blog and for doing preliminary stats.  Much appreciated.


FUNHL Trade Deadline - Week 23 Line-ups

All the trade pursuits are NOW done and five weeks remain until the end of this season. Now clever team management will lead to success or not.

Emails and the like will be posted here...Take Care and Good Luck All...