FUNHL Week 11 Line-ups - Post WD1

After the almost 30 minutes of setting up, WD1 took 1hr and 48min by the time all had left the Skype call.  I believe that is a record in brevity...also 11 GMs present.  Congratulations All!!!

WD2 is tentatively set for end of Week 18, on Sunday Feb 4, 2018 I believe via Skype.
The NHL trade deadline is Monday Feb 26, making our Funhl trade deadline - March 5th, 2018 by 6pm MST.

Thank you to everyone esp. Corey for his hard work with line-ups online and yesterday especially. the Yahoo drop site for WD1 and Brian for the Masters and Templates and Head to Head scoring and rankings.

Week 11 Rosters are Due.

Please submit your emails to the league so Corey can update the online site and the Yahoo site.  As well, Brian needs to update the  Master.

Also to remember to clarify your TG and +/- players.  So please post your Week 11 Line-ups.

Thank you!



Week 10 Line-ups - FUNHL Pre-WD1

Oh yeah, The Highlanders enter Week 10 in the lead.  Waiver draft One is at the end of the Week on Sunday, Dec 10th at 3pm MST on Skype.  Provisional drops should be attempted with line-up submissions today with your Week 10 rosters.

The order of the Waiver Draft is reverse of the overall standings. thus the draft order will be as follows 12 to 1, no wrap-around.

Rounded to nearest whole number, the rankings from to 12 (1st pick) to 1 (12th pick) is as follows, abbreviating team names:

GW    -  240
BL      -   257
WLF   -  258
KT      -  265
EDGE -  266
SCRG -  282
MwK  -  286
RAM  -  295
SH      -  304
Shady -  314
PV      -  319
HL      -  326

Will the Highlanders hold on for a record setting 5th Predator Cup?

Anyway back to Week 10 line-ups - PLEASE email in, post online and clarify any changes in TG or +/- players (apologies Corey about last week)

Provisional drops would be nice with line-ups.  Final drops due Sat. Dec 9th at 6pm MST. because of the late start of WD1 on Sunday.

Thank you and Good Luck



FUNHL Week 9 Line-Ups

Well, The Tommyknockers of the Personal Vendetta have captured first.  The spread between the Top 5 stands now around 20 points.

The stats yielding the end of Week 9 standings will dictate the draft order (in reverse order) for WD1.

WD1 will be on Dec 10th at 3pm MST via Skype.  Final Drops will be due Sat., Dec 9th by 6pm MST instead of the usual Friday evening.

But that's still two weeks away.  Of more relevance, Week 9 Line-ups due at 6pm MST tonight.

Please post your rosters by email, online etc.  Make certain TG and +/- players are clear.

Fleury-G VGK RFA can be bid on with this week's line-ups if you wish...

Good Luck.



Week 8 Funhl Line-Ups

Week 8 occurs during American Thanksgiving so it should be short week.  The Top 5 Teams are within close proximity to each other and the next 4 just need a great week.  Technically, eveyone is still in it - making this one of the most competitive years in a long time.

Please submit your emails, post your Week 8 rosters here along with any changes online if possible.  Please make certain that your TGs and +/- players are clear, especially if there are changes.

Take care and Good Luck




FUNHL Week Seven Line-ups

Dear GMs:

Week Seven is upon us.

Please email, post, adjust online and/or merely submit your week even rosters
Remember to specify your TG and +/- players or changes.

Thank you,



WEEK SIX Line-ups for the Funhl

Well, I guess the usual suspects will be dressing for Week 6.

The WW is now empty with no previous bids on Hertl-SJ C RFA

Please email, send, post your Week 6 line-up online, or here but definitely email it to the league

Thank you,



Funhl Week 5 Line-ups

As Week 5 begins, Only Hertl-SJ C RFA remains on the WW to be BID upon.

Please post, email your week 5 rosters here and online if you can.

Please indicate any changes in TG or +/- players with your line-up.

Thank you,