Funhl Week 21 Line-ups - Last regular season game for the Challenge Cup

So here we go, 7 weeks to go, Last regular season game for the Challenge game.

In terms of the Predator Cup, PV lead Ram by around 4pts, the HL and SEv'H by about 11pts each an Team Shady by around 14pts.  Yup, it is very close among the top 5!!! For Now...

More trades this week which, will only make things closer!

Week 21 Line-ups are Due - Please ensure your TGs and +/- players are clarified!

Thank you and please Post your emails!




Week 20 FUNHL Line-ups

As we enter Week 20, buyers and sellers are appearing ahead of the March 5 Funhl trade deadline.

More work for Corey and Brian, especially as we enter the final 2 weeks prior to the Challenge Cup playoffs.  As for the Predator, 5 teams are in the chase!  It should be exciting...

Please post your Week 20 Line--ups via email and also post the Blog or even online.

Remember to ensure that your TGs are clarified especially if making changes, let Corey know whom you are no longer using, please; ditto for any +/-  players.

Thank you,



Post-WD2: Week 19 FUNHL Line-ups - The Sprint to the Finish

Yes, It is precious!

WD2 took 2 hours and 20 mins mainly because of Bob's Skype delays and SNAFU or else there would have been a record set or speed.  Humbly, I apologize to all.

Otherwise, WD2 went by smoothly.  Congrats to All!

Now, The Homestretch to the Finish!  The Marathon is passing the 2/3 mark!  Our Funhl trade deadline is a week after the NHL 's, hence it will be March 5th by 6pm with line-ups.

Please email in your Week 19 Line-ups with TGs and +/- players clearly mentioned.

Post your line-ups here please!

Thank you, especially Corey for his hard work during this time.  As well as
to Brian for updating the Master.




Pre-WD2 Funhl Week 18 Line-ups with Tentative drops if posssible (Final drops Due by Friday by 6pm MST)

Week 18 begins with our 2nd WD upcoming.

Please leave tentative drops please with your line-ups.

Ensure that your TGs and +/- players and clarified.

Email and /or post your Week 18 line-ups here and online.

Thank you!


Waiver Draft Two = Sat., Feb 3rd at noon MST

WD2 will be via Skype on Sat. Feb 3rd at noon MST

The Order will be 12 to 1 with No wrap-around as per usual.  The order is base on the results of rankings as of Week 17, which, rounded to the nearest decimal for rankings, or whole number:

PV      585
RAM  571
HL      567
Shady  552.3
SH       552.2
Scrg     526
Wlf       516
Edge     511
KT        508
BL         475
MwK     470
GW        445

Based on the online stats, GW picks 1st an the Severed Heads picks before the Shadowmen.

Darrell leads Corey by 14 pts, Doug by 18 pts and Bob and Cam virtually tied behind by 33pts.

It should be an interesting WD2 and final stretch to the finish!




All-Star Weekend - FUNHL Week 17 Line-ups

Yet Another Short Week!

The All-Star Weekend gives us a four-day Week 17.

Please post your line-ups via email, online and/or on the blog.  Don't forget to clarify your TGs and +/- players.  Thank you



Waiver Draft 2 Date Confirmation


WD2 has been scheduled for the end of Week 18, the 1st Feb. weekend of 2018.  However, the SuperBowl has also been scheduled for that weekend - i.e. Sunday, Feb 4th at 1630 MST in Minnesota (Go Vikings!)...Due to left lower leg injury, my plans on attending the superbowl died.  Thankfully I was able to sell my ticket...The NHL trade deadline is Feb 26th and our Funhl trade deadline is Mon. Mar.5th by 6pm MST.

Nevertheless,  If we do WD2 on Sat., Feb 3rd at 12pm via Skype there should be no interference with those interested in the superbowl.  If we do WD2 on Sunday, it must be earlier, say 11am or 12 pm via skype.

My understanding is that Rob will be doing the drops pe Collin's request and picking for him.  Please confirm.  Anyone requesting the use of Auto-Corey or Auto-bob, let us know asap

More Importantly, PLEASE respond to this post via email your date and time preference!  ASAP!

Thank you!


bob // DC


Funhl Week 16 Line-ups

Week 16 Begins and Line-Ups are Due.

Ensure that your +/- and TG players are clarified.

Please post your line-ups  online, by email or here

Thank you



FUNHL Week 15 Line-ups

Well, Week 15 line-ups are due...AND we have reached the halfway point of the season!

Corey writes:

"Hey Gang,
I'll be away next week. Please submit your own lineups to the
website, in addition to the blog/email. As usual, I'll attend to TG
and +/- once I'm back."

Ensure your TGs and +/- players are clarified.

Vlasic-D SJ can be Bid upon

Please email and post your line-ups online or the blog.

Indeed, another short week...AND the Vendetta is taking over the lead.

Thank you.


crippled bob-LMD