What Price McDavid?

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As a result, it seems all but assured that the Buffalos will get the best shot at McDavid or have to console themselves with Eichel and they can certainly use a franchise center whether of the generational or "regular" variety.

That said, there is a good chance that neither the Sabres, Coyotes, Oilers or Leafs will have the ping-pong-ball luck necessary to justify the Dishonour for Conner.  Even so, maybe the best thing for a franchise who is closer to the playoffs, say Colorado, who are already fairly strong up the middle to redeux the Lindros trade.

I don't think so but as a thought experiment, what would be the best offers a team that doesn't get McDavid could make to the team that does get him?

Week 25 - Stats as of Thursday Night's Games

Note, the Ramapithicines total is 2ps less as a player was noted to be dressing last week for both pts and +/-.  That has been corrected here.

Still, they are closing the gap in a manner I am sure is most disturbing to the Severed Heads.  The Edge hold a narrow lead in Game One of the Challenge Cup Final heading into the weekend games.

Thanks to Brian for keeping a running update while I have been


Week 24 Stats - Challenge Cup Finalists Set

Congratulations to both the Great Whites and the Edge who both advance from the Challenge Cup Semis into the Finals.  The Edge employed a unique bait and switch strategy of "Selling Out" to the Heads before crushing them - inspired!

The Severed Heads will try and console themselves by holding on to their lead atop the Predator Cup standings but with three weeks to go, the Ramapiticines have closed the gap considerably.  Another week like this last one would see their positions flip.

Note, I have had to take 4 pts from the Wolves as I had them playing a benched player for +/- last week.  Now corrected.

Also, the Great Whites will have an extra half point as a result of a TG line-up mistake that I made back in Week 22.  That will be corrected the next time stats are posted.


Week 25 Line-ups...the Suspense builds with 3 weeks to go!

Well, can the severed heads escape from the cavemen and great whites for another 3 weeks?  AND WHICH TEAMS made the challenge cup finals?

Time will tell...

Please post your Week 25 Line-ups here!

Thank you.


Face-Off (1.0)

Hey all, Going to start a new idea on the blog here, which I am going to unabashedly call Face-Off...

Periodically, GMs can post a concept or hockey related thought or question for discussion. Other GMs can then post their thoughts, and give their arguments or evidence for or against the original idea posted! So to get us started:

 Is Johnny Gaudreau's present season performance the best-ever rookie performance by a Calgary Flame? 
Why or why not? Provide evidence to back up your response! 




Michal "Freakin" Pivonka, man...

Blast from the past...

Week 24 Line-ups and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Week 24 Rosters are due.

Happy St.Patrick's Day!

Happy FUNHL birthday to Noble Doug who does the stats.

And I believe the Severed Heads are still in first; so... dedicate this line-up poster to Dan and Corey!

Good Luck All!

Please post your week 4, I mean, Week 24 line-ups here!

Thank you