Week. Sixteen FUNHL -Pre WD2 Line-ups and Prov Drops

Week 16 and Wd2 is Upon us.  WD2 will occur Via Skype on Jan 28th at noon MST falls on Chinese New Year - The Rooster!

The WD2 draft order is determined by the Week 15 rankings. 12 to 1 no wraparound - must drop at least 8 players - 1 lw, 1c, 1rw, 2d and 1g (min/pos) + 2 more players.

The draft order is as follows: (team names abbreviated)

KT     395
GW    421
WLF  425
RAM  429
PV      437
SVH   441
BRB   476
EDG   478
SHD   490
HL      519
BL      523
SCG   558

The Scourge leads as we enter Week 16, the All-Star break and WD2.

"I Want to Believe" that the Scourge can be the WD2 mantra.  The BL and HL are within 40 and Team Shady is within 70...(yikes!)

Anyway, please email and submit your line-ups and prov. drops.  Final drops are due by Friday at 6pm mst

Thank you.



The FUNHL Week 15 Line-ups

Week 15 is upon us.  Let us summarize,  Week 1-3 The Shadow led, Week 4 The Blades took over and ever since, The Scourge has been in 1st, now celebrating their 10th straight week in first.

Only once has a Team led cover to cover And that was The Vendetta's 2nd victory, to my recollection.

Regardless, with just under half the season remaining and WD2 at January's end, Things will change.

"I breathe, thus I hope"

So, please submit your line-ups by email to be posted here.




Week 14 FUNHL Line-ups

As We hit Week 14, five Teams, including a great run by the Edge from 11th to 5th, have crossed the 400 point mark; Yet the Scourge nearing 500, with a considerable lead over the Bladerunners.   The Scourge is seeking his 2nd Predator...Holy of the Holy in this FUNHL.

So Please submit your line-ups by emails to be posted here.  A couple trades made this week, we'll see who is getting better!

Thank you,

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The Halfway Point - Wek 13 Line-ups and Happy New Year!

The Usual Suspects are in the top three! - The Scourge, The Highlanders and The Bladerunners.  But rest assured, there is still half a season to go plus another waiver draft - WD2 - Either at the end of Week 16 during All-Star Week-end - SAT. Jan 28th or the end of Week 17th, SAT. Feb 4th

Just putting logical choices out there.

Please email and post your line-ups for Week 13

Thank you

Happy New Year's Greeting to ALL...and May the Force Be with You.




Boxing Days - Week 12 Line-up

You know that Boba Fett is Hunting for Boxing Sales - Or Is he trying to Hunt down The Scourge?

Regardless, The New Year is upon us at Week's end.

Thanks again to Chris and Brian for their hard work.

Please submit your line-up by email for this post.

Thanks All.


b. (the life model decoy for bob)


Week 11 Line-ups - The Happy Holidays Edition

Happy Holidays to All!

As we hit the start of Week 11, The Scourge has 33pt lead over over The Blades in 2nd And 133pt lead over the KT in 12th.  Yet, 6 team are over 300 points...BUT, "Rebellions are based on Hope".

Thanks to Corey for the online stats, the new Master from Brian...

Please email your new line-ups here to be posted here!

Thank you!



Post-WD1 Week 10 Line-ups

With 1/3 off the season done after WD1, only 2 teams  are over 300 points.  But a lot of hockey is left to play,so do not despair just yet...

8/12 GMs were mostly online, plus 2 official proxies and one by phone, WD1 took a mere 2.25 hours.  I say good stuff, gents!

Two trades have so far been made post-WD1, both involving the Highlanders.  We shall see if more are made before the line-up deadline.

Anyhow, please submit your Week 10 line-ups by email please.  They will be posted here!

Thank you!