FUNHL Week 3 Line-ups

Week 3 Line-ups are due:

Bids for the 3 RFA D-men on the WW can be made if you wish: Pulock-NYI, Claesson-OTT,  and Holden-NYR, before they are vanished to the ether.

Please email, post and even place your line-ups online.  Please notify any changes in your TGs or +/- players

Thank you,



Week 2 FUNHL Line-ups and WW

With Week one complete, the first full Week 2 begins.

Bids can be made on the following RFAs, on the waiver wire, with your Week 2 lineups provided you waived another in their place this week.  Successful, Bids will be for your Week 3 lineups.  No Bids and this cast of dreck will vanish to the ether until Waiver Draft One, of course without status.

Waiver Wire - aka Bantha Fodder
Perron-L LV
Bozak-C TOR
Brown-R TOR
Athanasiou-L DET ?KHL
Perlin-L ARI
Vatanen-D ANA INJ
Strome-R EDM
Smith-G CGY

Please email  and post your Week 2 rosters here, and online if you can

Thank you,



2018 FUNHL Week One Line-ups and A Successful Entry Draft

With the Sudden departure of the Barbarians, The FUNHL has a new Team, Married with Kittens.
The new Team, MwK, is GM'd by Dayna and Craig whom we welcome to the League.

The Draft went by in record time, including the sit down lunch.

Many thanks to Brian for organizing the conference room and providing the Master - both Omnivore and pre and post ED trades.

Thanks to Corey or organizing the online stats. And yes, Corey, as League Statistician, I owe you $20 dollars as did not need to pay the entry fee (We shall fix that later)

Corey suggested that we move to a 5pm MST Monday deadline, but this would require a vote that was unanimous.   There was some discussion, but voting ended today.
 There were 7 YES votes and 5 NO votes.  I have discussed the results with Corey.

Therefore for all lineups, from Week 2 on, the final deadline will still remain 6pm MST

Thanks to Doug  for the Challenge Cup Schedule below

I believe all of the Week One Preliminary/ Revised and Final Line-ups should be on the Blog under Corey's post for Week One Rosters.  Players who were dropped will only be able on the Waiver Wire for Bidding with Week 2 Line-ups.  If these players are not claimed, they will be vanished into the ether until the  Waiver Draft 1

Please post your final Week One line-up here (or I'll copy/paste email)Sorry Corey there are more  revisions and trades for you to sort out.

This Waiver Wire List will come out tomorrow.

Thank you,



Challenge Cup Schedule 17-18 - No Neutral Site Edition!!

Hi Everyone, the Challenge Cup returns to the FunHL on Wednesday as well as regular league play.

The Bladerunners look to defend the symbol of FunHL Head-to-Head supremacy as they open their 2017-2018 campaign on the road visiting the Edge.

The full FunHL Challenge Cup Schedule is below.  The team in pink is at home and in blue is on the road. 

The NHL schedule makers have given us a schedule that allows for each team to play a full home and away schedule against every other team in the league thought the opening week, Christmas break and All-Star break does lead to some slightly shorter weeks on Week 1, Week 12, Week 13, Week 17 and Week 18.  So this season

The Playoffs will begin with the start of Week 23 on Monday February 26th.  The Finals will begin with the start of Week 26 on Monday March 19th.

Good luck to everyone.


Week One Lineups

Post week one line-ups here! Good luck!


How to input your roster

Please use the following links to input your roster.


The 6 Rule Proposals and Voting

Dear My fellow FUNHL GMs:

So with Weekend over AND 6 Rule Proposals to be voted on, time to go over AGAIN,  when VOTES  are due so I can send out the results both by email AND on the Blog.

In addition, I will give you my opinion as to when each proposal if passed would take effect.

Actually, 9/12 votes would be good for ALL of the Proposals this year, 2017-18  EXCEPT Propospal # 3 - The Omnibus because of the unlimited promotion/demotion clause for prospects, gives some GMs an unfair advantage this year and would change drafting strategy for prospects and thus ALL of the Proposal #3 , except for eliminating WD2 could NOT take effect until next year 2018-19 (i.e. eliminating the WW, IR).  (Rule# 73)

So just in case you only voted for #3., maybe you should give more thought to the proposals 1, 2, 4-6.

More importantly, IT is expected that ALL 12 GMs will vote for all 6 proposals.  I have received 6 votes for each one of the six proposals AND up to 8 for the first 3.

Please Remember Voting ENDS on WEDNESDAY NIGHT.  I leave for Calgary Early Thursday morning so I would like to post the results on the 27th evening before midnight, MST

Either place your vote on the Blog or send it to me at

Comments that advocate a position in the past or current is just that comment; They are not votes.  You can change your vote if you wish as long as I know, or it is the Blog.

Please VOTE Yes or No.  AND AGAIN I  repeat, if you do not vote, that is considered  a NO; as well as if you abstain, that is a NO.

For any  proposal, 9 yes to pass, 4 no to defeat.

My vote  will be on the blog.

Thank Bob