Trade: Lost Boys & Shadowmen

To the Shadowmen:

Zajac (RFA) NJ C
Hejduk COL RW (inj.)

4th LB Prd 2010

To the Lost Boys

Blake (RFA) TOR LW
Bergeron (RFA) BST C
Okposo (RFA) NYI RW

3rd HL PrD 2010

WD1 Draft Order Set as Week 9 Closes


Week 10 Line-ups and Provisional WD1 Drops

You all know the drill. If you can give Corey the pts of your provisional drops, that looks nice.

Ramapithicines Jump Up The Standings


Picture of the Day

Unhappy with his role in Chicago, Havlat would happily move on to Minnesota in the off-season.

Bladerunners First to 300 but Losing to Shadowmen in Challenge Cup Rematch


Waiver Wire Update

No bids with week 9 line-ups; I believe that the waiver wire is now cleared as WD1 will be occurring during week 10.

Great Whites Move Up In Standings While Bladerunners Maintain Thin Lead


Super Cool Hockey Quiz

Take the test here

Some of them are brutally tough (who leads the Sharks in penalty minutes?), others I head slapped myself for missing.

Yeah, it's 12 minutes of your life wasted, but they will be very enjoyable !

One Game, Little Change After Tuesday Night


WD 1 = Dec 5th at 11:00am MST

Courtesy, The DC

Bladerunners Continue To Lead While Great Whites Escape Basement (Well, Not THAT Basement)

Sorry for the delay guys. Bob you couldn't have pulled off these trades with EVERYONE last week, when I was off?!?! Thank you SO VERY MUCH :-)

Seriously, there were a lot of trades so please double check your stats as it is possible I have missed a point or two here in all the changes.

Brian continues to hold a slim lead in both the Predator and the Omnivore races but congrats to Dan for getting out of one of the two basements he was in.


Waiver Wire Update

Just a reminder to the DC... (Bob, Cam, Richard) the league awaits your finalization of WD1 date.

Effective for week 9:

* Lost Boys obtain Gervais-D NYI (RFA) and waive Boynton-D ANA (RFA)

* Shadowmen obtain Horcoff-C EDM (RFA) and waive Bolland-C CHI(RFA)

Following players available to be bid on with week 9 lineups:

Booth-L FLA
Demitra-L VAN
Bolland-C CHI (RFA)
Filppula-C DET
Cheechoo-R OTT
Walker-R CAR
Ja.Williams-R DET
Boynton-D ANA (RFA)
Eminger-D ANA
Vishnevskiy-D DAL

Bladerunners Come Back To Tie Knights, Retake Predator Lead