Ugly GM#3 OT Winner PHX v CHI

Will not talk about the Torres KABOOM! on Hossa...except going out on a stretcher brought back memories for me...

Regardless, That OT goal was extra bad with sad and ugly on top

Gm#4Winner - NSH v DET

What is Detroit doing?


2012 Playoff Pool - Entry fee= $10

Hi guys, just like last year please send me a list of your player pics

20 Forwards
8 Defencemen
2 Goalies

Goalies get 1 point for win, 2 points for OT win, and 0 for loss (OT or regulation). Additionally they get 2 points for a shutout (eg. 1 point for win, 1 point for shutout). In case of OT Shutout max points equals 3.

Goals and assists are 1 point each.

You cannot pick more than five players (F,D,G) for any one team. You must pick one rookie on your team, you can pick more if you wish but please designate the rookie to fill that position as he will get double points...added twist to pool.

Please submit your teams by Saturday at noon MST at the very latest.

Entry fee this year will be $10.00 because of the recession and further if you want to enter more than one team it allows you to spend double!

Please submit your teams as soon as possible, I will try and get stats out to you on a weekly basis and I will be posting everyone's teams as soon as I can (most likely this Sunday).

So guys pick your teams wisely and I look forward to your submissions.


Corrected Baseline

Hey all,

Subject to Doug's confirmation, and comparison to final standings to calculate the Omnivore, these are the numbers I get for the Omnivore post-ED baseline with accurate goalie stats!


Playoffs - RND 1 Predictions

First Round Matchups
1) NYR vs. 8) OTT 1) VAN vs. 8) LA
2) BOS vs. 7) WSH 2) STL vs. 7) SJ
3) FLA vs. 6) NJ 3) PHX vs. 6) CHI
4) PIT vs. 5) PHI 4) NSH vs. 5) DET

In the East

OTT upsets NYR in 6gms
WSH upsets BST in 6gms
NJ sweeps FLA
PIT beat PHI IN 5gms

In the West
VAN gets LA in 7gms
SJ gets by STL in 7gms
PHX beats CHI in 6gms
NSH beats DET in 5gms

Predictions from bob

Congrats Dan!

Why does it happpen? Because it happens - Roll the Bones...

"Jack - Relax
Gotta kick some Gluteus Max
It's Parallax,
The small gets big - It's a Rig
It's Action - Reaction
And some random interaction
Who's to say there's a little abstraction
It doesn't matter bow -
Because He's Number One!"

"Don't go folding
Lady Luck is Golden
She favours the Bold
And that's Cold
The night plays a thousand Saxophones
So get out there (and Rock)
And Roll the Bones!"

A little abbreviated chorus to Dan and the Great Whites from Rush's "Roll the Bones" and What a draft, Some Fortune in the ED, WD1 and WD2 and some auspicious trades to seal the deal...Yup, this may be Bob's unofficial congratulations but you grabbed 1st and wouldn't let go...Well done on Predator Cup 4 especially with Green FP -MIA and Price -FP STRUGGLES THE LAST 1/3 of the season with the problems in Montreal...

Alas...Always next year!

SOWinner by Kane leaves Howard Aghast

Kane's SO winner dooms a PHX-CHI 1st RND match-up

Malkin hits 50

Art Ross Winner, Malkin hits 50 goals...

Stamkos hits 60 goals

Stamkos joins the elite 19 in the 60-goal club, first player since Ovie's 65 goals...


Week 27 Stats - As of Tuesday's Games: Great Whites Maintain Lead in Predator; Barbarians Take Early Lead in Challenger


NHL Trophies

Hart Trophy

Who should win the Hart Trophy?

Claude Giroux
Henrik Lundqvist
Evgeni Malkin (to go along with his Art Ross)
Steven Stamkos (to go along with his Richard Trophy)
Ilya Kovalchuk

Vezina Trophy

Will anyone pick against Henrik Lundqivst for the Vezina?

Who should win the Vezina Trophy?

Brian Elliott
Henrik Lundqvist
Jonathan Quick
Pekka Rinne

Jack Adams

The Blues went from 6-7-0 to winning the Central Division under Ken Hitchcock.

Who should win the Jack Adams Award?

Ken Hitchcock
Dave Tippett
John Tortorella
Barry Trotz
Alain Vigneault
Dan Blysma

Calder Trophy

Does the No. 1 pick in the draft deserve to take home some hardware?

Who should win the Calder Trophy?

Justin Faulk
Adam Henrique
Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
Gabriel Landeskog
Matt Read

Norris Trophy

Will Shea Weber win his first Norris Trophy this season?

Who should win the Norris Trophy?

Brian Campbell
Zdeno Chara
Erik Karlsson
Alex Pietrangelo
Shea Weber

Selke Trophy

Which way will you go when picking the best two-way forward?

Who should win the Selke Trophy?

David Backes
Patrice Bergeron
Anze Kopitar
Jordan Staal


Mike Gillis
Dave Tallon
Brian Burke
David Chiralli
David Poile

Thoughts? Vote here and write in votes are good too...

Who comes out of the East?


Who comes out of the West?







Week 25 Stats

Thanks again to Dan for pulling the stats for me, to Brian for doing unofficial stats, to Bob for posting the line-ups and to Sid for helping the Highlanders pull away from the basement.


Radulov makes the Chicago D look silly

Wish I had Radulov... (sorry, Doug - yes many tears)

Final LineUps: Week 27 closes the FUNHL

The Last Week - It looks like the Cavemen fighting the Hoardes for the Challenge Cup could come to end soon or entering a final game.

Meanwhile the Phantom Menace and the Shadowmen are collapsing, The Severed Heads, have hired a bounty hunter to hunt down and capture the Great Whites as Red Five seem to have created some "breathing space" with one week left. We'll see if any Drama out of the Dark occurs in the Final week

Place your Rosters here...If Emailed, they'll be posted here!

Good Luck Y'All as the season comes to an end...