The Scourge falters BUT does NOT fall to Claim 2nd Predator Cup

The Scourge Win their 2nd Predator Cup.  In an exciting fight to the Finish they held off the Bladerunners by just over 2 points to claim victory.  Congratulations ton to the Scourge!
Congrats also to the Bladerunners on their 4th Challenge Cup.  We await the Omnivore calculations.

The final standings (rounded the nearest whole number) are as follows:

SCRG   959
BL         957
SHAD   886
HL         878
EDGE    866
PV          808
BARB    783
RAM      745
SEVH     720
GW         717
WLF       713
KT           709  *Herbivore*

Another season in the Books.  Congrats to All!

See ya next year...Cheers!



Too little too late?

Here are the stats for the last month - Great push by Bladerunners (31 points more than Scourge in last month) but looks like it may fall just shy...


It's the Final Countdown! Week 26 Rosters and Challlenge Cup Results!

The Final Week is Upon us And how dramatic fate has turned!  The Bladerunners SWEEP The Scourge 2-0 to win their 4th Challenge Cup!  Congratulations to the Bladerunners!

The Bladerunners are now within 6 points of the 1st Place Scourge.  It shall be close, or does fate have another turn.  We will know in a week!

Please email submit your final line-ups to be pasted here on the Blog for Week 26.

Thank you!