Week 18 FUNHL Line-ups

Well, the All-Star break is over officially kicking off the second half of the season leading WD2 during Week 19 and then the 3 week run to our trade deadline.

As the Official stats are getting sorted, we are hitting the mid-game - will there be buyers and sellers or will hope spring eternal for all with desires of conquest.

Mr Pink wants a "cooler" name, but don't lose an ear...

Line-ups below, with the usual monday 6pm mst deadline...

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Unofficial - especially re Shadowmen - Week 17 Stats

Hi guys.  I have a little toddler who is now awake and trying to pull apart my laptop so I can't double check what is wrong with Bob's overall totals, but I am sure something is - what with all his trades.  That said, I think the stats for the week are correct and, in fact, other that Bob's total number I think it is all good.  I believe that Bob should be at about 555pts and in 4th place.  Hopefully I can confirm where I made my mistake soon.  There was one other adjustment that I had to correct with Chris' last couple of weeks where I forgot that he no longer had Hemsky and Stewart for the last two weeks - I only think I was out a couple of pts but in case anyone was wondering.

If anyone sees anything else amis, let me know.


Week 16 - Stats Are Done

All-Star Short Week 17 for the FUNHL

Well a short week 17 falls across the FUNHL as we have officially just crossed the midpoint of the NHL season.

Rosters will be placed below, emailed, or not...



WD2 Date finalized and other matters...

As they say..."i could have been a contender"; maybe or maybe not.

A super close race relatively speaking as we hit a very short 3 gameday All-Star week.

The weekend afterwards is the superbowl.

So Allow for the greatest number of FUNHL GMs, the DC announces that WD2 will officially be on Sunday, Feb 12th at 11 AM MST on Sykpe.

Official Drops due by noon MST on Saturday, Feb 11th UNLESS catastrophic injury that occurs Saturday pm. (Giordano precedent in WD1)

NHL trade deadline is Feb 27th.

FUNHL trade deadline is Monday, March 5th at 6pm MST.

Buyers and Sellers BEWARE!

By the Way, VanReimsdyk-L PHI can bid now for week 17 as Weaver-D FLA...both without status and injured.

Any problem post here or email me

BC for the DC


FUNHL Week 16 Line-Ups

The ALL-Star game is coming up as is WD2 (Feb4/5 - SuperBowl or Feb 11/12) - still undetermined...but NHL trade deadline is Feb 27th meaning the FUNHL trade deadline is Monday March 5th at 6 pm MST.

Alas The race is close still, but the spread is increasing. All of us are part of the Walking Dead, so be wary of your roster moves...

Posted Line-ups here from Email, etc

Week 15 - Here We Are, New Year Delay Edition

Sorry that there were no mid-week updates for this week but work has been crazy busy.


Week 14 Stats - Something Positive Bruin for Wolves and Ramapithicines

Hi guys, I can't explain how crazy busy the last few weeks have been and I know that there will be more of the same coming up.  That said, I have a quiet night at home and a chance to get some of these stats out.  I had no idea that we had a change in the Predator Cup leader slot last week or that the Wolves shot up half-way up the standings in one week but that is the power, and allure, of playing multiple players +/-.  There are risks, to be sure, but right now playing your Bruins +/- seems like money in the bank.


FUNHL Week 15 Line-Ups

DeathNote is a watchword when it comes to line-up decisions...Using +/- or picking your TG or dressing a certain player on hunch...hmmm...

We are halfway through the NHL season and the tides may be changing...

Rosters will be placed here from Email...


Week 13 Ends, Happy New Year

Happy New Year! -- FUNHL Week 14 Line-Ups

So, we begin the new year with a tremendous close battle for top prize. Good luck to all in the final battle during this leap year...

Line-ups will be posted here.