FunHL Line-ups: Gold Medal Hangover Edition

Week 21. When last we left our FunHL Heroes...

The Bladerunners were running away with the Predator Cup (or at least sporting a 35+ pt lead on the Highlanders). The Challenge Cup Playoffs were about to get underway with the Top Ranked Highlanders hosting the perennially dangerous Personal Vendetta in game one best of three semi-final and the Bladerunners hosting the Shadowmen in the other. The Omnivore Race was tightening between those same Bladerunners and the Great Whites and the Lost Boys were trying to make up a less than 5 pt gap on the Wolves so as to avoid "winning" the Herbivore.

It isn't a Gold rush rather a 6-week scramble to the end of the season. Game on!

You all remember what to do, right?

GOLD baby GOLD!!!!

Redemption for Crosby who was unfairly criticized in media.
All time record for any country at any Winter Olympics in Gold medals EVER...

One more to go

Looks like congrats are in order to the OCC...

Hopefully to Canada as well!


Eve of the Medal games

OCC looking good - CC needs Gaborik to bury Kipper (if Mikka even gets the start), and Jokinen and Selanne to rack up points without help from their D...


Final Four

Attrition hits CC hard, making it that much harder to catch up when already trailing.

A Canada Gold would be some solace though...


Eve of the Quarter-Finals

All FuNHL nominees make it to the Quarters - now the rosters will start to shrink...

CC makng a valiant effort to close the gap on the OCC...


Super Sunday

Again using stats from ctv.ca
Currently a battle between OCC forwards and CC goalies, with the former holding the edge..

If anyone sees discrepancies, please let me know!


Hossa the only productive player on slow Saturday

All the other Solvakians shut out as Hossa adds a point for the OCC.

All the big names in action Sunday...


OCC pounds CC

Stats based on CTV Olympic coverage...

Despite the OCC dressing a D man who isn't even playing (Liles), their forwards are taking it to the CC and carrying the team into a large early lead. Looks like it is going to come down to which teams go farther...


Olympic Update

Goalies keeping it close...


Olympic Stats

Makes more sense to me to use FuNHL goalie scoring in case of partial games...


Stats (not counting RUS-LAT)

I still say Iggy tipped Nash's point shot for the hat trick (but none of the stat sites agree with me)

RUS-LAT in progress still...

Revised Olympic rosters

OK this should be the Olympic roster final - let the games begin!


Olympic All Star Stats

Please give comments on final rosters - I don't think it makes sense for the OOC to dress two goalies from one team, but you guys can advise...

I agree with Bob on Goalie scoring too...

Good luck all!


Olympic Teams OCC vs CCC

Well I guess its time for the OCC to Announce its Team:

The Shadowmen is the GM until told to return to the Darkness...

G: Brodeur, Luongo (both Team Canada)

D: Pronger, Keith (Both Team Canada), Pitkanen, Timonen (Both Team Finland), Kubina (Team Czech), Liles (Team USA)

F: Kovalchuk, Malkin, Radulov (All 3 Team Russia), Henrik Sedin (Team Sweden), Patrick Elias (Team Czech), Patrick Kane (Team USA), Toews, Crosby, Nash, Heatley (All 4 Team Canada), Marian Hossa, Anzi Kopitar (Team Slovakia)

And that is are Olympic Roster with 12 Forwards, 6 Defence and 2 Goalies.

We look forward to seeing what the CCC Roster brings to the table...HEHE

Thoughts, Comments? And of course Go Canada Go!

Bladerunners First To Crest 800pts



Olympic Rosters

Hey all,
Before Olympic hockey starts, we need to submit rosters for the in and out of Calgary teams to create the All Star Olympic teams for the FuNHL.

Each GM needs to submit 2 forwards, 1 defenseman, and if applicable, 1 goalie for consideration. The final team will be 12 forwards, 6 defensemen, and 2 goalies chosen from up to 6 nominated.

Keep in mind, like the playoffs, teams that go farther will have more games played, and potentially more points...

Post nominees below in comments...



Thursday Night Stats


Olympic "All-Star" Game?

Shall we do the same as we do for the All-Star game for the Olympics? Calgary and out of town conferences name players from their rosters playing in the Olympics, count their points etc for the duration of the Olympics same as we do at the All-Star game?

Knights Have Huge Week; Bladerunners Continue To Hold Big Lead; Challenge Cup Regular Season Enters Final Week

A quick run down of the Challenge Cup "What Ifs":

If the Bladerunners win again this week against the Personal Vendetta and the Highlanders lose again this week against the Knights Templar, then the Bladerunners will finish first - otherwise the Highlanders will retain the top seed.

The Shadowmen will finish with the third seed regardless of what happens this week, though who they play will depend on the outcome of the Bladerunner and Highlander games.

The Ramapithicines can get the fourth seed by winning their game against the Shadowmen and having the Personal Vendetta lose or tie the Bladerunners. If the Ramapithicines tie the Shadowmen again then they can still get into the fourth seed with a Vendetta loss.

The Challenge Cup playoffs will begin starting March 1st, after the Olympic Break.