Halloween Week 5 Line-Ups

Something a little different (he he)

Copy and Pasted from Emails...

Baseline Through Sunday Oct 30th

Everyone cracks the century mark...


Waiver Drafts and Waiver Wires...

Waiver Drafts


During week 9 = Sat, Dec 3 around 19 am mst place tba or skype...seems to the consensus


During Week 19 = Sat, Feb 11 same time seems to be the consensus.

By the way, the NHL trade deadline is FEB 27 meaning the FUNHL traded is the monday lineups are due a week after FEB 27th.

Waiver Wire

Rule 25 Plain Language version will be written to clarify issues.


Hi Cam,

Thanks for the endorsement of my interpretation.

There was some suggestion that we may want to revisit the waiver-wire rules in the off season and that may be a good idea but for now, thanks everyone for chipping in while I’ve been away. I normally don’t have the stats going until about week 4 but this year I will be a bit behind – sorry. That said, thanks Brian for helping out as you have been. I can say that I have been able to get the stats captured on time from Yahoo so once the spreadsheet is up and running I should have the right data to include, which is good, and hopefully we won’t have the same problems that we had last year with CBSportsline.com

One suggestion that Bob made that I want to put out there to also think about for next year would be changing the week start from Mondays to Wednesdays. We have Mondays as our week start because that was the “start” of the week when the stats would come out in the paper on Tuesday – as of Sunday evening. Talk about a relic from the past. Given that Mondays are frequently holidays with games starting in at noon, the idea of moving the start of the FunHL week to the middle of the week so that weekend injury updates are out, work holidays don’t interfere with internet access, NHL schedules line-up, etc. makes some sense to me and I just wanted to float the idea now so it doesn’t get lost.

Anyhow, up to my eyeballs in the work that I had left behind but wanted to pop in and let you know that I have survived my trip and look to get cracking on the stats here ASAP.


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From: Cameron Hilton [mailto:cameron.a.hilton@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2011 3:11 PM
To: Doug McLachlan
Cc: Collin Sanderson; Brian Wansleeben; Bob Chaudhuri; Cameron Hilton; Chris Erickson; Corey Milne; Darrell Mann; Dan Ross; Doug McLachlan; Mike Breakenridge; Mike Getta; Rob Woods
Subject: Week 3 Stats + Waiver wire results

Ok, I think I have a grip on this now having read Doug's explanation below:

- Dan gets both Filpulla and Gagne, as he bid on both and is the lowest team in the standings, and as such conditional bids aren't necessary given both players bid on are at different positions.

- Collin gets Steen (only bidder)

- The DC should review the language of the covenant on this issue and make a clarification reccomendation to be voted upon at next Entry draft.

- Given I and Doug are on the Dc (as statistician) barring an objection from Bob (unlikely based on my conversation with him the other night), or Mike Getta, the third member (sic). the DC effectively endorses Doug's evaluation/reading of the relevant rules on the matter. If there is an objection to his interpretation please let me know asap.

- Thanks should go to Brian for handling the waiver wire/stats in Doug's absence, and for his dilligence in trying to follow a tricky set of rules.



On Tuesday, October 25, 2011, Doug McLachlan wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I think the confusion, while understandable, comes not for the waiver wire rule per se but from the rule on conditional waiver wire bids and an unfortunately drafted example.
> Essentially the conditional bid rule doesn't enter into it for Dan (but does for Collin re his conditional bid for Steen).
> As I read the rule there is on LWer being bid upon, Gagne, and the Great Whites get him. Simple.
> At center there are multiple bids for multiple players (Filpulla and Steen) so the conditional rules may come into play here - though since there is only one bid on Steen it actually doesn't matter. Again the GW's get Filpulla and, as the only bid, the Edge get Steen. No the Bladerunners do not win a bid here.
> The rule would have come into play had the Bladerunners put in a bid on Steen ahead of their bid for Filpulla - gaining his rights while everyone is squabbling over Filpulla, but not a factor here.
> Clear as mud, right?
> I think the rule is clear but the "clarification" example does just the opposite so I am agreed that we want to redraft this.
> Tired and dazed in Seattle now but should be home in a few more hours. Talk with you all soon.
> Doug
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Any thoughts or comments on these issue please post here. Especially with respect to the upcoming WD1

Thank you,

Bob for the DC


Baseline Stats

With slight inaccuracy to goalie stats...


FUNHL Rosters from Week 3 and Week 4

Copying and Pasting from Weeks 3 and 4 to the Blog for Doug.

Meanwhile, many thanks to Brian for keeping the ravenous hordes of GMs with unofficial stats...

Good Luck Doug...


'Unofficial' Week 3 Stats through Sat, Oct 22

Just testing to see how this will turn out on the Blog - I think as a big mess...as I don't know how to format on the blog. Sorry!

Pred TEAM Thru Wk 2 WK 3 TOTAL H to H Commentary on Head to Head

1st Bladerunners 53.91 36.71 90.62 2-0 trying to avoid a loss vs Edge
2nd Knights Templar 47.01 36.75 83.76 1-1 guaranteed a tie vs Wolves..could still win!
3rd Scourge 38.81 42.84 81.65 2-1 win vs Barbarians
4th Ramapithicines 49.59 31.67 81.26 2-0 close game vs Pers Vend!
5th Shadowmen 50.56 29.85 80.41 2-1 lose vs Highlanders
6th Highlanders 45.96 33.70 79.66 2-1 win vs Shadowmen
7th Edge 42.5 36.20 78.70 0-2 guaranteed a tie vs Blade..could still win!
8th Wolves 41.69 36.49 78.18 0-2 close game but not looking good vs KT
9th Barbarians 48.02 28.77 76.79 2-1 lose vs Scourge
10th Severed Heads 47.66 27.69 75.35 2-0 Fowler needs big Sun vs Fish
11th Pers. Vendetta 39.60 34.74 74.34 0-2 trying to hold off the Ramapithicines!
12th Great Whites 34.95 31.70 66.65 0-2 close game but a 'probable' win vs Sev Hds


Funny? Sad? Both?

At first I thought it was April 1 and this was a joke....


DiPietro out indefinitely with concussionFriday, 10.14.2011 / 12:16 PM / News

The New York Islanders announced Friday that goaltender Rick DiPietro will be out indefinitely due to a concussion.

DiPietro suffered the injury Wednesday when he was hit in the mask by a puck during practice.

DiPietro did not play in any of the Islanders' first three games.

The oft-injured netminder has played just 39 games the last three seasons due to an assortment of injuries. In 26 games last season, he went 8-14-4 with a 3.44 goals-against average and .886 save percentage.

DiPietro, who turned 30 last month, is in his 11th season. In 307 games, he has 127 wins, a 2.84 GAA and .903 save percentage.


Young and the Jets

Corey was in Lethbridge on Sunday and we had the chance to hang out the local watering hole and discuss hockey and watch the afternoon games on a big screen while quaffing pints of Guiness on tap. Good times.

Naturally with the Jets home opener on the tube, the subject of our conversation eventually turned to them, and Corey mentioned that Neil Young was involved with one of the other 'Welcome Back Jets' type of ceremonies.

I'm not the biggest Neil Young fan, and when I was younger I was openly dismissive of the folk rocker. Then in 1993, I saw this video of Neil Young and Pearl Jam blitzing the MTV music awards and my opinion changed forever.

When I asked if Corey had seen it, he said 'nope' - so here it is, IMO the greatest Neil Young moment ever recorded.

Here's my breakdown of it's awesomeness;

- Neil's had some great bands to back him up in his life time, but he has never had a band with more sheer muscle than the grunge gods Pearl Jam.

- I'm fairly certain that for the purposes of this performance Pearl Jam's drummer has been possessed by the soul of 'Animal' from the Muppet Show. At no time is his face ever visible through the flailing hair.

- The bands before Neil and Pearl Jam were your normal collection of fake pop music acts. Neil and the band arrive like a slab of raw meat on the stage. The contrast could not have been more stark.

- Like Bruce Springsteen's 'Born in the USA', 'Keep on Rockin' in the Free World' sounds like an anthem, but has the lyrics of an ironic protest song. It was Neil's giant 'FU' to the first President Bush, and he gets to deliver this middle-finger on a well-watched MTV special and backed up by one the world's most famous bands.

- Eddie Vedder (charismatic lead singer of Pearl Jam) doesn't get a lot of face-time other than one extended set of vocals, and some backup. He doesn't play guitar so for most of the song he bounces his head and gazes at his shoes. On a related note, there is a brand of alternative pop music that relies on long droning guitar segments and minimal lyrics that is called 'shoegazer' for precisely this kind of behavior from its performers.

- Neil gets not one, not two, but three extended guitar solos. The final one being the kind of feedback drenched squealing characteristic of punk acts like Sonic Youth, and simply not what one would expect from a folk musician. Neil proves again that there are no tools in the toolbox he hasn't mastered.

- Neil was already world famous and rich when the members of Pearl Jam were born, yet he is more relaxed and mobile than Vedder by an order of magnitude. Neil looks like he could play forever, while Vedder looks like he may have OD'd on valium.

- Mutton chops baby! This is pre X-men movies, and yet Neil is killing it Wolverine style in a way Hugh Jackman can never hope to achieve.

- In guitar solo #2 Neil and the Pearl Jam axman get into a bit of cock-measuring. Something tells me the guitar player for PJ will be showing this clip to his grandkids with a giant smile splitting his face.

- Having smacked the piss out of the audience in a way that can't ever be repeated, they proceed to smash their instruments. These pieces of wood and metal have achieved the pinnacle - better to destroy them at the top of their game.

- Vedder proves he has both a sense of humour and rythym - when the chaos starts at the end of the song, Vedder whips the mike-stand up in a high arc and slams it repeatedly on the stage - in time to the music. Once the chaos is complete, he takes a piece of the mike stand and just hands it someone in the crowd. Thanks Eddie!

- In the pull back shot that ends the video you can see that roughly a third of the audience had just seen the most incredible live performance they were ever likely to in their entire lives and this crushing fact has blown all the synapses in the brains - these are the ones jumping up and down, crying and cheering. Another third was talking and milling around animated by what they had seen. Perhaps asking their neighbour 'who is this Neil Young guy playing with Pearl Jam? He's not bad'. The remaining third are too stunned at hearing live music for the first time in their lives to adequately process the event.

Week 2 Line-Ups and Bids for Week 3

I am merely placing ALL the emailed line-ups to BLOG for Doug's ease for stats whilst he is Finland...

Many thanks to Brian for Master updates with BIDS

I've cut and pasted the emailed line-ups in the comments section.

good luck and check out dan's mock omnivore link



Here is the link to "Score"'s website.

The film was released on opening night of the 2010 TIFF. Hit the theatres later in October.



FunHL Week 1 Line-ups

Many of you have already sent yours out by e-mail and I will try and repost them here but if you could double check I have done so correctly - not a bad idea.

"The Best Bad Idea We Ever Had"

A truly legendary road trip


FUNHL Draft: News and Notes

Thanks again to everyone who helped make the draft such a success - and to Rob for providing the DVDs of an unknown Canadian direct to video hockey movie. Perfect.

- The biggest surprise at the draft could have been Darrell taking brother Daniel over Henrik Sedin. The PV had an FP at LW already, and Henrik's points are typically a mirror image of Daniel's - so you'd expect he would spread the talent around and select Hank to start the draft. But he didn't. This necessitated him taking centers Krejci and Ribeiro later on, making the PV the official 'Team Donut' (no centers) for the upcoming year. Either that, or 'Team Karl Marx' as a Sedin/Zetterberg LW is just sick.

- The Daniel over Hank decision could have been the biggest shock, but it wasn't even on the Richter scale compared to what happened at pick #3. The Knights Templar had set up their offseason well by moving FP's around. First they shuttled Nash off to the Wolves for Parise. Then they moved Parise on to the Heads for Heatley, and finally they swapped Heatley out for Brodeur. All of which garnered them prospects, RFA's and picks, and set them up to ditch Brodeur and take a new FP at pick #3. A virtually textbook example of how to setup for a rebuild. The first name out of his mouth was Carey Price - which made sense, and forced the Great Whites to match. What happened next though, blew minds. With FP in waiting Ryan Getzlaf still on the board, and with his linemate Corey Perry already in hand, the betting money was that the Knights would go 'all in' on Anaheim and take the hulking playmaker capable of 90+pts and backup TG minutes. It was like it was fated to be. So when he announced 'Milan Lucic' instead you could hear a pin drop, and feel the earth rotate under your feet. Lucic? A 50-60 pt guy in a good year who will goon it up for over a 100PIM is widely considered a solid TG pick, one that would have been matched by the Heads if taken anytime after the 2nd round, but 3rd overall? Ahead of Getzlaf? Jaws simply dropped.

- Leaving aside the shock value, was it really a bad pick? He's the right age (23-24), his points have been steadily climbing (he was on a 70pt pace at the halfway mark - not including his PIM), and he does seem to be a lock for the extra 25pts that come with climbing the 100PIM barrier. But...there are a lot of 'but's here...TG's are notoriously erratic for a variety of reasons, they get hurt more often, they don't get reliable PP time, etc. Lucic has never had a dominate offensive season in junior, or the NHL - he's been good, but never great. That all said, if Lucic continues to progress it could be a monster pick - it just doesn't seem likely to happen (Lucic is already the very rare player whose NHL totals are better than his junior). More to the point, the Knights are likely looking at Lucic being a two year experiment, one that will either bear fruit, or be corrected when Matt Duchesne's contract comes up. Not necessarily a bad pick, but definitely an unexpected one.

- I get on his case for being a slow drafter capable of turning every pick into a monument of indecision, but Collin never hesitated in the first and immediately scooped up Getzlaf as his #2 center behind Thornton. With a solid D-corps, Ovechkin on the wing, and a trade that brought them some solid depth at RW, The Edge may have the best team they have ever iced. They should be a contender - book it.

- Another team that had a very solid draft IMO was the Barbarians. Running Kopitar and B.Richards down the middle gives them a center corps that will have the PV and Great Whites green with envy.

- This year will give us a chance to test out some different GM philosophies, namely, can you win a Cup by having a dominant blue-line / elite goaltender, but only average forwards. The Great Whites have arguably the two best offensive d-men in the game in Green and Doughty supplemented by high-end prospects Myers and Kulikov, and Kevin Bieksa as the #5. It's a killer D-corps. But the forwards they run out are...underwhelming. Tavares would be a nice #2 or #3 on many teams, but for the GW's he'll have to be The MAN. Injured forwards like Kesler and Sharp will need to return and then return to form quickly in order to be effective, and an awful lot is riding on Marion Gaborik being a healthy game-breaker on RW. Fascinating to see how this all plays out for them.

- In contrast, the Severed Heads (again) invested heavily in their forward spots, taking Kane, Lecavalier, and Mike Richards with their first three picks to go with FPs Malkin and Parise. This is a common strategy for the team, but with Fowler and Karlsson capable of moving up from the prospect ranks to bolster the defense corps, it has the possibility of paying off. Squish the Fish in weeks 2-3 will be a fascinating chance to test the opposing philosophies of the Great Whites and Severed Heads.

- One of the questions I had before the draft was how the Highlanders would handle the injury to Crosby. The answer; they didn't. Roy and Bouchard are decent depth players at pivot, and Roy in particular could post very good numbers if he stays healthy, but the Highlanders don't have a true #1 to play on the top line till Crosby returns. A lengthy absence could see the kilted-dirt-farmers plunge in the standings.

- One of the more bizarre draft day events was the plummet of Tim Thomas down the draft board. A 100pt goaltender last year, he managed to get drafted behind at least 7 goaltenders who had fewer points than he did last year, including Backstrom in Minnesota who's 56 points made him roughly half as good as Thomas was.

- Both the Wolves and Ramapithicines have LW's that on paper look...well, terrible. Until you factor in their prospects. Neal should slot in ahead of Steve Ott (himself a bit of a mystifying pick for where he went), and for the Wolves both Benn and Kulemin can be slotted into active roster spots. Neither will have a LW that is actually really good, but they certainly improve with the prospect additions.

- The weakness of the Bladerunners should be screamingly obvious - RW. They have solid talent and or depth at every position except that one. Chris Stewart leads the way of a decidedly mediocre group. How bad is it? David Jones has an active roster spot.

- Looking over the champion's roster from the ED, I have to say they look good, but not 'frighteningly good'. My big problem is they appear to be solid at every position (especially RW, a position that could have been a big weakness for them but for some very intelligent drafting), but the bottom of the roster looks to be thin - at every position. A trade for 3rd line and blueline support could see them legitimately contend for a back-to-back title.

- Brian once again killed at the prospect draft. With 5 first round picks he took; the best player available from this years draft (Landeskog), the best player available from next years draft (Yakupov), the most likely best player available from the year after that (Mackinnon), the best non-drafted goaltender (Bernier), and a decent defense prospect (Hamilton). That's four of five being 'bests'. Scarey stuff.

- One player that got overlooked at the prospect draft was winger Zac Dalpe in Carolina. Some of the Puck Daddy prognisticators have him as Calder material.

- My early bet for top pick at the WD is newly minted Red Wing, Fabian Brunnstrom.

- Brayden Schenn-C P4 Pha is exhibit 'A' for why drafting a player in advance of their ED year can backfire. Schenn was just sent back to the AHL, and as a P4, his time has all but run out.

- Has a prospect fallen as far as Cody Hodgson? Once an elite prospect pick, he's battled injuries and ice-time issues, the former WJC scoring star has finally made the Canucks roster. His reward is a 4th round selection as a P1 by the Shadowmen who were by their own admission sifting through the detritus. Doug has suggested that he no longer seems like a top six forward and that he maxes out as an AHL all-star.

- One of the reasons why the Jagr selection was a good one for the Shadowmen; he knew he could extract maximum value for the 39 year old KHL refugee from the Severed Heads. Its been more than a decade since anyone other than the Heads owned Jagr's rights, so it was a given that they would be motivated buyers.