GOY Candidate

I like the goal a lot, but I do have a couple of quibbles with it;

- it's in the shoot-out, which isn't IMO quite as legit as scoring during a game

- he runs over the goaltender with the move, and again, IMO this could have been disqualified as goalie interference as easily as counted as a score


Crazy 8

This is off-the-hook for so many reasons;

- Racing the delivery cart down cement halls. Something tells me that should have been prohibited behaviour in his contract

- What is Mike Green thinking? I won't get in to trouble, because Ovie is driving - and he's bulletproof with management? Is he thinking that now that he's got his 8 game goal streak HE's bulletproof with management?

- The door closing on them like they are chasing the princess in a Conan movie. Green is clearly ducking well in advance of the door. Ovie barely seems to care, preferring to lean back to avoid decapitation. Its the closest either has come to being a severed head this year.

- How would that obituary read? Death by misadventure?

- Even better he swerves just as he gets under the door threatening to spill them both. Nice driving.

Crosby's sore groin...

oh, oh...

for all of Crosby's griping regarding Ovie1, the Sore Groin hits again...


so sad...hehe

BTW With Renney fired from the Rangers, with Torts really make any difference?



Wolves successful in last week's bid on Gorgeous Gorges. I think that was name of a burger at Melissa's Misteak in Banff from when we were kids. And a wrestler too? Anyway, I digress. Meszaros now on the waiver wire and can be bid on with Week 22 line-ups. If you really want to. As Rob noted in his line-up, Gorges now on his bench in place of Meszaros.


Week 20 Stats

Races are tightening at the top and near the bottom of the standings as week 20 comes to a close.

With only one week to go in the Challenge Cup regular season we now know who will make the playoffs with the Shadowmen falling short of their bid to join the post-season. The Bladerunners have clinched first place and home ice through the playoffs but the order of the other three teams will be decided this week.

The Bladerunners have now crossed the +100pt mark in the Omnivore - I'm guessing I must have added something up wrong :-)

Crosby Love

Funny how Malkin doesn't rate this kind of treatment by opposing fans.

Week 21 lineups

I actually am remembering to post this week.


Week 20 Stats as of Thursday Night's Games

Hi Guys,

Its been a rough couple of weeks for me so thanks for the understanding with the stats. That said, I think we are back up to date.

Congrats to Brian and the Bladerunners for clinching first place in the Challenge Cup regular season and the top seed in the upcoming Challenge Cup playoffs with two weeks remaining. The Severed Heads could tie the Bladerunners in pts but lost in their only game of the season to the Bladerunners so would lose any tie-breaker. The Lost Boys are in the same situation of losing the only neutral zone contest they had to the fourth-placed Personal Vendetta, eliminating them from post-season consideration. Only the Shadowmen remain as a possible challenger for a post-season berth other than the current top-four teams.

The Omnivore standings were recently revised and the Bladerunners look well on their way to securing the Plaque. Special thanks go out to S.Gonchar, D.Briere, S.Avery and B.Morrow for their contributions to the hospital and psycho wards and their corresponding Omnivore differentials.

The Personal Vendetta continue to lead in the Predator Cup race but there has been some shuffling of positions lower down the table. The Severed Heads have slipped to fourth behind the Bladerunners, the Scourge have moved past the Ramapithicines into sixth while the Great Whites have started to move towards the bottom of the standings. The Edge remain in the basement as they are unable to gain on the Wolves and/or Lost Boys. Perhaps the fish are a better target - if they can make up the ground in the remaining six-plus weeks.

Still a lot can happen between now and the FunHL trade-deadline and the end of the season so keep your stick on the ice and your trade-lines open.


New FUNHL Poll

Who is the best Flames Goaltender All-Time?
Mike Vernon
Miika Kiprusoff
Rejean Lemelin
Pat Riggin
Freddy Brathwaite
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GOY Candidate

Its almost not fair to include Ovechkin in the contest. He seems to score a ridiculous goal every week and this one is no exception.

- Starts with a spinning backhand pass to himself off the boards. Very nice.
- Beats defenseman wide with his speed.
- Gets hauled down, one hands the puck past the goaltender as he slides into him.
- Heroically encourages his team mates and then the crowd to cheer his exploit

Degree of difficulty 11.

It's not quite the level of his spinning on his back like a turtle one hand it while upside down move - but we are getting close.

Update: Puck Daddy's dissent on this being the GOY


23.43 GAA

Jon Quick of LA had the unfortuneate of letting in 3 goals in 8 minutes and was then pulled giving him at a GAA of 23.43.


Week 20 Line-ups

Hi Guys,

You know the drill, please post your line-ups in the comments - it really helps me in getting the stats up. Thanks again.


Week 19 Stats, Saturday Night Games

Sorry for the delay guys.

The Vendetta have extended their lead and are threatening to cross the 700pt mark later today as everyone begins to spread out. Note the Challenge Cup standings - at least 2 tied games at the top of the leaderboard going into Sunday's action. Talk to you soon.



I was telling a client that a friend of mine's birthday is today and he asked if my friend's name was Jason ;-)

Have a good one sir!



FUNHL News and Notes

With Calgary's 6-2 thumping of the Habs, the GM of the Severed Heads got something he has seen little of all season long - more than a single point in a game from his goaltender.

If I were GM of the Lightning I wouldn't trade Vincent Lecavalier to Montreal for a package including Mike Komisarek. However, I would trade Martin St Louis to Pittsburgh for a package including Ryan Whitney.

There are Ohlund for Gionta rumours everywhere. Ignore them.

Pity the Leafs. Everybody knows they are going to tear down the team before the trade deadline, and that Nik Antropov is one of the key pieces to be moved. So Brian Burke goes and throws Antropov under the bus by publicly bitching about his performance and explaining why he won't extend a contract offer to him. Way to raise his trade value.

Curious how Penguin watchers are all screaming about how Crosby needs a winger to maximize his potential, but are utterly silent about Malkin's equally bland wingers. I have trouble believing this silence is because they think Ruslan Fedotenko and Petr Sykora are amazing.

Jay Bouwmeester simply must be traded, and because he is the biggest dominoe out there until he gets moved everybody who thinks they are in the trade talks for him will wait until he goes somewhere before any movement really occurs.

Mats Sundin appears to be alive and well in Vancouver after a slow start.

The lack of contract offers to the Sedin twins is a pretty good indication that they will be on the market if the Canucks aren't a mortal lock to make the playoffs.

If Calgary is going to make a move it will be sooner rather than later. Sutter has a history of pre-emptively striking before the market heats up - which means his moves will occur at least a week before everyone else. The only piece of the puzzle he might move for contract reasons is Cammalleri. Coincidence that Cammalleri is red-hot right now?

Of all the WD2 moves that happened, the most important might be the Knights Templar selecting Scott Clemmensen-G NJ. With Brodeur still out Clemmensen has been getting a lot of starts behind the excellent Devil's defensive system and producing Brodeur-lite numbers. Given the Highlanders were hoping to run with an all-Devils goaltending core down the stretch the loss of Clemmensen means that the kilted-dirt-farmers are forced to rely on much less worthy goaltending and then worry incessantly about whether Brodeur is fully ready even after he returns. It was a move that helped the Knights in the short term, but positively devastated the Highlanders for the stretch drive.

Speaking of Clemmensen, he does seem to be the answer to the age old question about Brodeur - best goalie of all-time or great goalie in an awesome defensive system? It's the latter.

What happened to Jonathon Cheechoo? Once upon a time this guy had 56 goals and this year he'll be lucky to get 30 points.

As far as ressurections go, Patrick Marleau's has been pretty awesome. Me thinks it may be because he has landed a role working as a wing with Joe Thornton. Which also answers the question about what happened to Cheechoo.

If you had to build your team around either Jeff Carter or Mike Richards who would you take? For me the answer is Richards despite Carter's new found goal scoring prowess.

I don't care how good Chara is defensively the Norris should go to Mike Green. We haven't seen his like in a long, long time, and it's beyond refreshing to have a D-man score at a 30 goal+ PPG pace.

All the whining about the Senators offense and especially the play of Jason Spezza is misguided. The problem isn't the top-line, its the blue-line (and the goaltender - but Elliot may actually be the answer for that). None of the D-men except journeyman Kuba will ever be mistaken for a puck mover, and their cement footed passing in the defensive zone is absolutely strangling the teams offense.

Some things never change. Like the fact there is a goaltending controversy in Philadelphia where Niitymaki is now the starter over the struggling Biron. The only person who didn't see that coming was Bob Clarke.

This one is for the Edge

200 Ovechkin goals in 200 seconds

Not many empty netters.


It's Good To Be Mike Richards

The Flyers center took some photos (along with Lupul, Upshall, and some football guy) with porn star Gina Lynn.

Nice job if you can get it!

(courtesy of Puck Daddy)


Week 18 Stats, The Final Stretch Begins

As always, please let me know if you find any discrepencies. Cam thought my stats for Saturday night were off - don't know if we are in agreement now - but you are my second set of eyes. If you aren't interested in your stats being accurate, who will be? :-) Seriously, I try my best but I am only one man (amazing though I may be).

Nice recovery Darrell, all through the week I though I was pulling closer to the lead only to have you regain most of those pts the next day. Best week goes to Brian who (if my stats are correct) passes Cam and moves into third.


Friday Night Stats

Post your WD2 Drops HERE

Lets make things simple for eveyone without filling our inboxes.


GOY Candidates

First Nik Hagman unveils his inner Jagr...

and Drew Stafford shows off a wicked toe-drag...

Last but not least Richard Zednik has decided to resubmit his GOY entry by leapfrogging a defenseman after going outside-inside on him. Consider this his new entry...

Standings after Thursday Night

Even with post-Vacation jet-lag, pre-renovation basement cleaning and the presence of my mother-in-law - your hero has got the stats up to date!! I rock.

Remember, draft order for the WD, not that I think anything has changed, is based on last week's standings.

Carcillo vs Dorsett

Hockey Fights considers this the best fight of the year so far - and its easy to see why. Lots of action in this middle-weight tilt.

Can the Wavier draft be on Sunday?

Brian and Doug? have requested if the WD draft can be moved to Sunday 10Am mtn time.

So far I think that works for

Lost Boys

One negative though and we will go with Saturday 10am MTN Time


This one is for the Shadowmen and the Scourge

...and for anyone with a sense of humour!


GOY Candidates so far...

As of this writing I have seven candidates for Goal of the Year...

1. Blake Wheeler does his Rick Nash impression with an 'I can beat every guy you got' goal.

2. Pavel Datsyuk splits the D and goes high to the AHL side.

3. Linus Omark's ridiculous between the legs top-shelfer (note: this was not scored in the NHL)

4. Bobby Ryan's Savardian Spin-o-rama

5. Evgeni Malkin's cheeky between the legs move at the All-Star game

6. Richard Zednik's outisde inside dangle.

7. Ville Leino's 1st NHL goal is scored while going backwards

Which is a nice enough list, if a bit heavy on the Severed Heads side of the ledger (Malkin, Ryan, and Leino).

So please forward me any contenders you have for the list so at the end of the year we can all vote on who has the GOY!

Worst Jerseys Ever

Holy Freaking Cow.


Week 18 Lineups

Please post 'em in the comments section for the ease of our statistician's use.

Update: And don't forget to add your prospective drops...

Week 17 Stats - and WD2 Draft Order

Hi Guys,

Back from Mexico, let me know if you see any mistakes. I caught two from last week when I was doing the line-up - sorry Dan and Chris, corrected now - both to your advantage.



Goal Of The Year Candidate

Ville Leino shows Severed Heads mgt how happy he is to be part of their franchise.

The Force Is Strong In This One

Alexander Semin celebrates Ovechkin's three goal performance by levitating objects.