Sometimes the crystal ball lies...

A very interesting update of next years top prospects from the Hockey News' Mark Seidel. Some of the key pieces of information;

There is a new #1, Tyler Seguin of the Plymouth Whalers.

Taylor Hall (Severed Heads) has slipped to #2 (FYI: I still have my doubts that Seguin - or anyone else - will be picked ahead of Hall)

John Macfarland (Severed Heads) has dropped from #5 to #9

Kiril Kabanov (Lost Boys) is where the real actions is as he is plummeting on Seidel's draft board, and is now out of the top 10, having fallen to #12.

The hot property on Seidel's draftboard is smurfish gunner Mikael Granlund who has moved up from #8 to #4 based on his level of play in the Finnish Elite League.

Pictures of the Day

All of these were cheerfully lifted from the most excellent site 'Frozen War Room'. Give them much love.

Waiver Wire Update

Lots of waiver wire activity:

* Edge successfully bid on Moss-R CGY (no status); waive Stillman-R FLA (RFA)

* Severed Heads successfully bid on Koistinen-D FLA (RFA) AND Ott-L DAL (RFA); waive Murphy-D NJ (RFA) and waive Demitra-L VAN (RFA)

* Shadowmen successfully bid on Bolland-C CHI (RFA); waive Filpulla-C DET (RFA)

The following studly players are now available to be bid on with Week 6 line-ups:

(sorry, I can't copy things as nicely as I'd like from Excel and Word to FUNHL blog)

Demitra-L VAN RFA
Filppula-C DET RFA
Cheechoo-R OTT none
Stillman-R FLA RFA
Walker-R CAR none
Lee-D OTT none
Murphy-D NJ RFA
Vishnevskiy-D DAL none

Wednesday Sees Shadowmen Extend Lead On Bladerunners; Severed Heads Slip To 11th; Wolves Looking Positive In Omnivore Race


Shadowmen Retake Lead As Week 5 Gets Underway - Wolves Lead Omnivore

Week 5 gets underway with the Shadowmen retaking the Predator Cup lead and with a couple of teams slipping into negative territory on the first night, including the last place Great Whites who lose 2pts from +/- d-man D.Keith. It is very early but the Wolves are the least "damaged" by their GMs decisions and lead the Omnivore race (FYI I will only update the baseline rosters on a weekly basis but they should be pretty accurate now that we are a month in).



---> Shadowmen: Fillpula-C Det RFA

---> Highlanders: Mueller-C Phx RFA

Gms to confirm

Saturday Night Puts Everyone Over The Century Mark - Except Great Whites



Quote of the Day

"What the Kings should have done - and the NHL can use this slogan if they like -- was take somebody like Ian Laperriere when he was still on the team, have a big portrait of his face, smiling with no teeth and his big, messed-up nose, and the slogan - 'You think you're tough? KINGS.'"

- Rob Zombie

Shadow falls over start of Week Four



Suggestions for WD1:

There are 26 weeks in the season.

During Week 8 = Saturday, Nov 21 or Sunday, Nov 22 (new line-ups for week 9)

During Week 9 = Saturday, Nov 28 or Sunday, Nov 29 (new line-ups for week 10)

During Week 10 = Saturday, Dec 5 or Sunday, Dec 6 (new line-ups for week 11)

** If you have an opinion, let everyone know (DC - feel free to take charge of this from here)


No players bid on with Week 4 line-ups. Ott, Bolland, and Koistinen added to the wire. There are now 8 wonderful players on the wire that can help save your team! Yes, I'm talking to you.

Bolland-C CHI RFA
Cheechoo-R SJ none
Moss-R CGY none
Walker-R CAR none
Lee-D OTT none
Koistinen-D FLA RFA
Vishnevskiy-D DAL none


Week Four Line-ups

Thanks to everyone for either posting or reposting other people's line-ups here. It really helps in getting the stats done to have a one-stop-shopping model for line-ups.

With that in mind, you know what to do.

Week Three Stats - Scourge Lead Predator; Ramapithicines Lead Challenge; Shadowmen with best week

With so many close games, please let me know if you notice that I have made any errors.


Friday Night Stats

Hi guys,
Crazy busy at work this week so I only got the line-ups entered late yesterday. There are a couple of minor adjustments in last week's stats (mostly with respect to tough-guys) but none that changed the results in any of the Challenge Cup games. Thanks to Brian who pointed out one error for me, if anyone sees any others please let me know.
Now if only the eight Predator Cup wins of the bottom three teams (Great Whites, Highlanders and Personal Vendetta) can pull them (or at least my team) out of the cellar...


Waiver Wire Update

First just a reminder of new rule implemented last season on how to make waiver wire bids; bids are done in rounds... you indicate a bid for a specific player for round 1and indicate player you will waive if successful, then the same for round 2 if you want to make a 2nd bid, round 3 for a third bid etc and etc. Therefore if the 12th place team makes a bid on player A in rnd 1 + player B in rnd 2, and the 1st place team makes a bid on player B in round 1... then the 1st place team does get Player B. Make sense? See rules for further clarification (covenant is posted at top right of the blog).

Easy this week as the Lost Boys are only team to make any bids and pick up Girardi-D NYR RFA) and Boynton-D ANA (RFA) + throw out Lee-D OTT (RFA) and Vishnevskiy-D DAL (RFA).

Knights Templar waive Moss-R CGY (RFA) to promote Little-R ATL (P3)


* Cheechoo-R OTT (no status)
* Moss-R CGY (RFA)
* Walker-R CAR (no status)
* Lee-D OTT (RFA)
* Sbisa-D ANA (no status)
* Vishnevskiy-D DAL (RFA)


Quote of the Day

"This team can't score, can't defend, can't kill penalties, can't stop pucks and can't pick first in the draft."

- Steve Simmons on the Leafs


Week Three Line-ups

Lots of e-mails but nothing on the blog, yet. Here you go.

Saturday Night Stats


Thursday Night Stats

Waiver Wire Snafu

Upon further review of the bids with the Week 2 Line-ups and the results of Week 1 the following changes need to be made based on the emailed Edge's updated Week 2 Line-up [below]:

Edge week 2
Sun, October 4, 2009 10:38:22 PM

And so the injury gods have once again deemed the Edge worthy of visiting!!!!! Perhaps the loop-hole in my agreeing to sacrifice my first born for a Predator cup has been seen through, and they are angry for me.
I bid upon Komisarek and drop Girardi if successful
L : Ovechkin, Blake and Bourque bench the injured Dumont
C : Thornton, Backes and Weiss bench Drury
R : Gionta, Havlat and Stillman bench Kobasew
D : Zidlicky, O'Brien, Vlasic, Colaiacovo, Daley and Girardi bench Markov and Michalek
G : Nabokov bench Smith
TG : Backes and O'Brien
+/- none

And Since the EDGE (9) were behind the SEVERED HEADS (8) and THE SHADOWMEN (11) were behind both, the following occurs:

The Shadowmen waive Boynton D ANA RFA, and get Koistenen D FLA RFA as previously mentioned.

However, the Severed Heads KEEP Sbisa D ANA and do NOT GET Komisarek.

Instead, the Edge waive Girardi D NYR RFA and successfully CLAIM Komisarek D TOR RFA.


Waiver Wire contains FOR WEEK 3 LINE-UPS:

Boynton-D ANA RFA
Girardi-D NYR RFA




Severed Heads obtain Komisarek-D TOR (RFA) and waive Sbisa-D ANA (RFA)

Shadowmen obtain Koistinen-D FLA (RFA) and waive Boynton-D ANA (RFA)

CURRENT WIRE (can be bid on with week 3 line-ups)

* Cheechoo-R SJ (no status)
* Walker-R CAR (no status)
* Boynton-D ANA (RFA)
* Sbisa-D ANA (RFA)

Tuesday Night Stats