1. Ramapithicines
2. Severed Heads
3. Shadowmen
4. Scourge
5. Knights Templar
6. Barbarians
7. Highlanders
8. Bladerunners
9. Great Whites
10. Personal Vendetta
11. Edge
12. Wolves


Playoff Pool Final Results

And it is a tie!!!

RankTeam NameTTLPLN
1Dan's Lesserlights1450
1Doug's Lowlanders1450
3Rob's Wolfpups1270
4Bob's Shadyguys1260
5Brian's Bladewalkers700


NHL Draft Mock-up

Hi guys!

With the Flames amazing playoff run at an end (and the Hawks and Bolts now in the final stages of their Cup quest) thoughts turn to the NHL draft.

I am hopeful that a trial I am scheduled to be conducting will be resolved well before June 26th and that I will be able to journey south and raise a glass to Corey and his Ramapithicines as 2015 Predator Cup Champions.  Well earned sir.

I understand the plan is to plunk ourselves in front of a big ass TV, consume alcoholic beverages, mock my Oilers and pine for Bob McKenzie's calming voice guiding us through the draft instead of the shrill duo of Damian Cox and Doug McLean - but while we wait for the day, I'd like to do a Mock Draft Pool/Contest.

Prize is pretty straight forward I'll buy the winner (or winners, if a tie) his first pint.  If I win, I'll happily accept a collection of small change from the other participants to by my first pint.

Scoring as follows.

1pt for every player correctly predicted to go in the first round.
1pt for every player correctly slotted in their draft position.
5pts for any pick correctly identified as traded (on draft day).
-1pt for any pick incorrectly identified as traded.

The gold standard tool is Bob McKenzie's list here.  That said, there are oodles of mock-drafts out there - many with nice little bios to go with them.

NHL Draft Order (as of today) is as follows:

1  EDM
2  BUF
3  ARI
4  TOR
5  CAR
6  NDJ
7  PHI
8  CLB
9  SJS
10 COL
11 FLA
12 DAL
13 LAK
14 BOS
15 CGY
16 EDM*(fr PIT in Perron trade)
17 WPG
18 OTT
19 DET
20 MIN
21 BUF*(fr NYI in Vanek trade)
22 WAS
23 VAN
24 TOR*(fr NSH in Franson trade)
25 WPG*(fr BUF in Kane trade, fr STL in Miller trade)
26 MTL
27 ANA
28 TBL*(fr NYR in St.Louis trade)
--- either ---
29 Cup Finalist [PHI*(fr TBL in Coburn trade)]
30 Cup Champion [ARI*(fr CHI in Vermette trade)]
--- or ---
29 Cup Finalist [ARI*(fr CHI in Vermette trade)]
30 Cup Champion [PHI*(fr TBL in Coburn trade)]