Week 21 Line-ups

Week 20 Stats - Challenge Cup Playoff Teams Set, Order Still Up In Air

Congratulations to the four Challenge Cup playoff teams. The Shadowmen secured the final spot with a win over the Highlanders (the Severed Head's loss to the Great Whites ensured that the Scourge would not have to worry about falling out of the top four). While both the Heads and Great Whites can still tie the Shadowmen in terms of points, both teams would lose any tie-breaker (wins, head-to-head record, head-to-head pts, FunHL pts) with the Shadowmen winning their only match up with the Severed Heads and just out-scoring the Great Whites in their only match up - a tie.
The seeding of the top three teams remains unclear going into the final week's games so stay tuned.


Thursday Night Stats - Late On Friday With the Stats Edition

Hi Guys. Bob, I have had Grabner (and Neiderreiter) listed as LW on my list since the start of the season but I see that they are on Brian's Master as Right Wingers. Could someone double check the Bible, I neglected to bring my copy to the Dominican Republic, to see if Bob is correct and I have promoted incorrectly. Grabner should be on the Florida list (and may not be on the official roster but in a list of prospects, instead). Neiderreiter should be one the Islander roster (though clearly less urgent). If Bob is correct, and I suspect he probably is, I obviously would have continued with the same line-up as the previous week at LW: McDonald, Versteeg and Hall (and down a point going into tonight).


Wednesday Night Stats - Punta Cana D.R. Edition

With only two games left in the Challenge Cup Regular Season only two tickets to the post-season have been punched: The Bladerunners and the Personal Vendetta. Five other teams are still in the hunt for the final two spots including the Severed Heads and Great Whites who play their final back-to-back series against each other. This week's game will go a long way to narrowing who could be in and who is just along for the ride in the final week.
With your stats guy out of the country I may not be able to address any errors until I return but please let me know what, if anything, you notice in terms of totals that seem off and I will look at things upon my return (or if baby keeps me up at 3 in the morning, maybe even while I'm here).
Take care, keep warm and keep the trade offers coming.



Week 20 Line-ups

Week 19 Comes To An End - Off to the Dominican Republic Edition

[Updated to correct error with Wolves' total - does impact Challenge Cup result for the week.]