Back to the Grind Week 17 Line-ups

As we hit Week 17  -  2 line-ups before WD2 on Feb 7, the wars at the top and bottom are beginning.

Also it should be note that since NO OTHER TEAM BID on Bogosian , he went to the Scourge and Stone-Ari D hit the wire

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Week 16 Line-ups - The All-Star Weekend Break

Week 16 welcomes the All-Star Weekend.

A Short Week, indeed.

After this week, weeks17 and 18 line-ups until WD2 on Sat. Feb 7th at 1pm MST via Skype...

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Week 15 line-ups for the FUNHL

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Week 11 Stats

Two notes.  I corrected a double benching that I noticed in the Week 10 stats for the Great Whites.  Also, I looks that Mike G was benching Demers instead of Greene with his week 11 line-up but I have Demers as having been waived.  Could someone confirm that for me.

Will keep trying to get caught up (with stats and with my ever fading hopes in the pool) as quick as I can.  Brian, thanks for "scraping" the raw stats of the Yahoo site for me for weeks 11 and 12 and, as always, thanks Bob for ensuring that the line-ups are on the blog.


Week 14 Line-ups

A month has gone by and maybe the gun is to your head as we hit Week 14

Please post your Week 14 line-ups here.

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