LOST BOYS ROSTER (as of Mon, Oct 31, 2006)

Hopefully this will help Richard during his computer woes:

(he has made a bid for Huselius, dropping Schaefer if successful)







Gerber-G OTT (P3)
M.Koivu-C MIN (P2)
Fehr-R WSH (P2)
Mikhnov-L EDM (P1)
Vermette-C OTT (P1)
Lee-D OTT (P1)
I.Vishnevski-D DAL (P1)
Rask-G BST (P1)


Buffa-Slugs 'Record Start'

Let's not get too excited at Buffalo's 10 start - they have three Shoot Out wins which would otherwise have been ties in the previous era.

If we get a team that posts 10 straight regulation wins again, now THAT would be something.

As it is now though, we get to watch Buffalo set a new standard, a standard that includes Shoot-outs. Good for them. Let's see how high they can set the bar, but (unless they go on a truly historic run) we should also watch for that standard to be eclipsed in the near future.


Filthy McNasty retires

Lifted from 'Puck This':

Bruce Dowbiggin of the Calgary Herald lists his all-time favorite memories of the gap-toothed bully from the Flon:
  1. Brought convicted felon and union crook Alan Eagleson into his team's dressing room AFTER Eagleson got out of jail.
  2. As NHLPA president, he depressed salaries for his union brothers by secretly taking benefits on the side, thereby reducing his contract number.
  3. Blamed Roger Neilson for getting cancer. Blamed Eric Lindros for having a collapsed lung.
  4. Named Lindros Olympic team captain in 1998 while he also had Wayne Gretzky, Steve Yzerman and Ray Bourque on the team.
  5. Thought Chris Gratton was the next Mark Messier and signed him to a five-year, $16.5-million deal.
- My personal favourites:

1. Won the 1972 Super series for us by taking out Valeri Kharlamov with a two-handed slash to the ankle.

2. After making a ridiculous trade FOR Chris Gratton - including a massive signing bonus/contract, he eventually returned Gratton back to the Bolts, costing the team both cash and picks.

3. Traded a 1st, 2nd and 3rd rnd picks to the Capitals for a totally over-the-hill Adam Oates - in Mar - Oates would be out of Philly by the end of July. Three picks for one busted up player.

4. Signed Derian Hatcher and Mike Rathje to ridiculous contracts. Cuz you simply can't overpay for good pylons in the new NHL.

5. Created the Revolving Goaltender Carousel From Hell. Victims notably include; Roman Cechmanek, Brian 'Waterboy' Boucher, a shot Hextall, Sean Burke, Robert Esche, and many others.


Number 19 Going to the Rafters

The Highlanders have their home opener this week against their original 8 rivals, the Severed Heads, so it is only fitting that the birth of that rivalry is honoured as the Highlanders retire their first-ever player's number.

That number, 19, belongs to none other than Steve Yzerman (pictured above). Selected 5th overall in the 1990 FunHL Entry Draft, the slick center would go on to score 109 pts in his first FunHL season. His tenacity, skill and will to win laid the foundation for a franchise that went on to win back-to-back Predator Cups in 1992 and 1993. Steve Yzerman would finish his FunHL career, fittingly, with the Highlanders when he played his final game last season. Current Highlander Captain and reigning Art Ross Trophy winner, Joe Thornton, gave his jersey with the number 19 to Steve Yzerman at center ice at the end of a moving tribute before Yzerman's number was raised to the rafters along side the Highlanders' two Predator Cup banners. Joe Thornton will henceforth wear the number 91.


Doing the right thing: John Michael Liles

The defenseman with two first names, officially gets my free pass into hockey heaven.

Worth noting, he responded to the honour by scoring in the game.

All is going according to prophecy.


Deja vu all over again.

Congrats to the Personal Vendetta as they rocket into first place. Overcoming a sub-par first week they garner over 47pts and jump 7 places in the standings! Sure its early but unfortunately Darrell's teams have a habit of getting out in front and staying there. With Buffalo's trouncing of the Flyers last night I suspect that the Briere-Spacek tandem will help keep the Vendetta up at the top for a while yet.

A note about the logos. One is Darrell's version and one is mine. Darrell's preferred version is the one on the right, my preferred version is the one on the left. I tend to prefer mine, not only because of my own, inflated sense of self-importance, but also because I think it would look wicked cool on an actual jersey. That said, it isn't my team and my sense of esthetics is readily open to being questioned but, feel free to let PV managment know which version you prefer - perhaps a "third jersey" option could emerge.


Edge take early lead

Out of the gate and the Edge are in the lead, at least after week one. Congrats to Collin and his new assistant GM Tiana for their torrid start to the season.

All this and they are only now bringing up their clear number one goaltender in Lehtonen!


Fan Pics!

First up, my favourite:

Then we have one for the Leaf Fans!


Petr Nedved on how to slow Jagr down

Reporter: "What frustrates Jagr?"

Petr Nedved: "Everything. Especially, when you sleep with his girlfriend. We got to go and find her tonight."


The Plot Thickens

Well, 2 nights into the NHL season and already there are some interesting things to note:

- Darrell acquires would-be cast-off Kyle Wellwood, and plays him in lieu of the injured Fedorov, and is rewarded with a 4 point night - not bad for a 3rd round pick for a 4th

- Jaromir Jagr serves notice that he's ready for this season, scoring 29 seconds into game one

- Teammate Shanahan echoes the sentiment, scoring twice to hit the 600 goal plateau

- Roberto Luongo is solid in net as the Canucks beat the powerhouse Red Wings

- M-A Fleury records a shut-out to start the season, and Andrew Raycroft does the same (against Ottawa no less) in the Leafs second game

- Martin Havlat shows he doesn't need an allstar supporting cast to shine, racking up 4 pts in his Hawks debut

- And sadly, thus far tonight, Edmonton looks to prove last year was no fluke, leading the Flames 2-0

I love hockey...

Idle Speculation,,,,

So the Union dissidents have taken the ultimate step, they are suing Ted Saskin and the leadership of the Union.


"The dissidents charge that Saskin was "improperly elected, he misrepresented salary figures during negotiations, and he illegally diverted tens of millions of dollars in union funds for his own benefit."

Which, if true, is pretty serious stuff.

Here's my two cents worth;

I think that at some point in the CBA negotiations there developed two distinct camps, Saskin's and Goodenow's. In the Goodenow camp there was lots of fight the good fight - ie. no agreement on a salary cap. I think the Saskin camp started off that way, and gradually moderated to something akin the position of the current CBA - eventually leaving Goodenow out in the cold.

As negotiations progressed after the lost season and another lost year loomed, the players themselves began to moderate their position towards Saskin's, and when the deal was finally struck between the two sides (labour/mgt.) Saskin's group emerged as triumphant in the struggle for the PA's leadership.

Exit Goodenow. Enter Ted Saskin.

And it is here that the complaint seems to have taken hold amongst the dissidents. Not that Ted Saskin isn't the most likely choice, or best qualified or even the likely winner, but that when Goodenow exited, the procedures to install Saskin were not followed.

The fact that much of the Union's machinations regarding Saskin's 'election' have been targeted towards confirming his placement (the Union has held at least two votes to confirm him, i.e. no other candidates offered for consideration, just a 'Yes'/'No' on Saskin) without considering at all the claims that there wasn't any transparency or democracy in the process of how he came to power, gives bite to the dissidents argument.

So here's the thing. Saskin should resign - for the good of the Union. If he wants to keep his job, let him campaign for it in an open election from candidates selected by the Union itself. Whether he is guilty of the other charges or not, the lack of transparency regarding his rise to power will stain his leadership so long as he doesn't address it by doing the right thing.

Saskin has the worst kind of crisis to handle, a crisis of legitimacy. He can choose to try and ignore it, hoping it will go away, something that is as sure to lead to the staining of his career and than if he were discovered to have the extracuriculour activities of a GOP congressman.

Or, he can come clean, take a do-over on who the PA head should be, throw his hat in the ring, and let his Union decide the right way how to proceed. Such a gesture would definitely take him temporarily out of power.

But I think it is the only sure way he has to get the legitimacy needed to stay in power.

The Highlanders and Drunk Driving

What is it exactly about the Highlanders and getting behind the wheel of a fast vehicle while soused?

I'm speaking not about the GM, of course, but rather the players on his team?

If this were the first example, I probably wouldn't have noticed.

So the trend is clear - but is it something about the team?

Or is it just something about Edmonton?


Because 'SportsMatters'

The visuals accompanying the post may be disturbing to younger sensitive readers.

That said, it was so damn funny milk and bourbon shot out of my nose.

And I don't drink milk.

Game On!!!!


Only a few more hours - tears of joy! Tne Bladerunners and the Carolina Hurricanes will both valiantly try to defend their titles but it looks like both are in for a tough battle. looking forward to the season and (friendly) battle with you all.




Hi gang - the spreadsheets have been emailed out and I will soon send out an updated master with trades made after the prospect draft. Ok - time to go assess things!