Week 26 - Monday Night Stats

Thanks again to everyone who posted their line-ups on the blog - much easier to enter them when they are all on one place. Two weeks to go and the races are still very close - the Edge pull to within single digits of the Great Whites at the bottom and the Highlanders leap-frog the Personal Vendetta at the top.


Week 25 Official Final Stats

No major changes as a result of manually doing the top and bottom 3 teams goalie stats, but best to finish it up until I can get this up and running using Yahoo next year - at least that is the plan.

Week 25 Final (Unofficial) Stats

CBS Sportsline seems to be back on schedule and has stats up to and including Sunday's games and what a Sunday for the Vendetta who retake the Predator Cup lead and demolish the Severed Heads in Game One of the Challenge Cup final with a 14.75pt Sunday. Congrats.

Two weeks to go and the Vendetta are back defending a lead. They made up a 15pt gap this past week so the Highlanders and the Severed Heads had better get busy - and fast. The Edge have about a ten pt gap to make up if they want to avoid the Herbivore - a doable feat but, again, time is running out.


Week 25 - Thursday Night Stats

Still working on a Yahoo! patch for my stats spreadsheet, so for now here is where we stood after Thursday night.


CBS Sportsline's latest problem

As we head for the finish line, CBS seems to be falling apart. This morning they are not only a day behind but are also missing entire teams of players (over 200 missing from their list). Suffice it to say I am both unimpressed and unwilling to keep using them. I may be a day or so delayed but I do have an idea about how to resolve this and will try to YAHOO! a solution for tomorrow.


Picture of the Day

Keep in mind, that shit is permanent.

Did Gretzky ever get this kind of love?

Week 25 - Tuesday Night


Picture of the Day

(click on picture to enlarge)

once again delivers the goods - in this case a truly awesome old-timers picture of Gordie Howe blasting some poor Bruin into another dimension. I hate the Oilers, but Lowetide is hands down one of the best blogs out there. Well written. Filled with insight. Knowledgeable and respectful of history. All told, its just loaded with pure hockey goodness.

For example, check out the most recent discussion of Robbie Schremp's likely future with the team - and then check out the level of contribution he gets from the commenters - not a foaming at the mouth idiot among them. All blogs should be this well done.

Last but not least, how can you not love a blog that gives good headline like this;

"Oilers sign Eberle, Send him to Hell"

Just awesome.

Week 24 Official Totals - Goalie Stats Manually Calculated For Top and Bottom 3

Week 24 Unofficial Stats


Shootout Fail

I love Scotty Hartnell and all (he's threatening to score 100pts as my TG), but this is just...sad.

Epic Fail

Maybe its just me, but I think this is hilarious beyond words.

Saturday Night Stats

As is the habit now, CBS Sportsline is a day behind but my back of the envelope calculation has Darrell regaining some ground on Sunday (with a Backstrom shutout and 6pts from the Anaheim game) while Cam managed to do just enough (or rather Brodeur and company didn't do quite enough) to eke out a narrow Challenge Cup win on home ice to eliminate my Highlanders and take on Darrel in the Challenge Cup finals.

Congrats to both Darrel and Cam and may their Challenge Cup final be epic, hard-fought and historically low-scoring :-)

Here's hoping that the final week 24 stats will be available tomorrow (where I will manually double-check the goalies for the top and bottom three teams where hardware is on the line (good and bad).



Week 25 Line-Ups

You know the drill...

Week 24 Stats - As of Friday's Games (Sophia's 4th Birthday Edition)

I've given up caring about the fact that CBS continues to be one full day behind. It is what it is and it is clear that I will NOT be using them next season.

Goalie stats are going to need to be adjusted at week's end - as per usual but I will limit that to the bottom three (Herbivore) and top three (Challenge Cup/Predator Cup) contenders.

Oh, this is Sophia with her birthday cake yesterday (thanks Grandma - it looked great, tasted better). Auntie Heather was able to spare all of us a trip to Chucky-Cheese with the donning of some sort of rat costume, thanks Heather.


Stats as of Tuesday Night's Games

Again, CBS is a day late and a dollar short. At least they are consistant.


Mid-Air Volley Goals

Includes one from none other than Gretzky, and a special appearance by both Hockey Jesus (Robbie Schremp) and of course, John Tavares.

Week 24 Stats - Monday Night Totals?

For reasons that defy explanation, CBS continues to be about one full day behind in their stats. This is annoying now not only for me but for Cam who doesn't get to see the monstrous Tuesday night total flashed up on the scoreboard as quickly as they should be (a 21.5pt night by his estimate - Malkin clearly misunderstanding the notion of a superbug). Anyhow, other that this only having Monday's games, please let me know of any problems with the totals. BTW, I had only dressed 5 d-men for Collin last week (forgot to de-activate Sarich from the +/- experiment so the Edge have an extra point from last we saw their totals).

Ovechkin Sells Cars

Wow. I mean that is just...Wow.


Week 23 Week Totals

Hi Guys,

Sorry, I was so gung-ho to start the process of entering week 24 line-ups that I forgot to give you the Week 23 weekly totals. These weekly totals have been manually corrected for goaltending on the top four and bottom two teams.

Thanks to Bob and Rob for pointing out that I had only given them part of the picture.


Week 23 Stats

Here is what I have for the stats as of Sunday night's games. CBS has, conveniently, not updated thier stats with last nights games so there was no need to manually subtract those totals (yay!), I just hope that they get caught back up by tomorrow. Still, I think these are correct. I have manually done the goalie stats for the Challenge Cup playoff teams as for Rob and Collin as they duke it out for the Herbivore - just to make sure that there are no fractional pt errors. Still, if you think I have your total off - let me know and we can try and track down the problem.

Yes, I will move to Yahoo! for next year.