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Week 4 FUNHL Line-ups

In honour of the Bladerunners current success we salute Sherlock, their GM this week.

Otherwise, please post your line-ups here for Week 4 on the blog, on email and please to put it online/

Thanks to Doug, Brian and Corey!!

Be Well, All!

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Week 3 Line-ups for the FUNHL

Please post your week 3 line-ups here on the blog, for Doug, or online for Corey.

Please email your rosters to be pasted here or online to help Doug, Brian (Master) and Corey.

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Please post your Week 2 Line-ups here.

Thanks to Brian for Masters, Corey for our online trial and Doug - for the official stats.\

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Waiver wire and Prospect Promotion Rule Proposal

Greetings Everyone,

As you know we had a spirited discussion proor to the draft tegarding the failed rule proposals - proposals that nevertheless held majority support from members of the league.

Out of that conversation came a suggestion that we combine elements of the proposals to address some of the concerns felt by a majority of the pool;

- That the waiver wire system is too complicated and unwieldy, and that resolving waiver wire conflicts has xreated a huge and unecessary complex body of rules

- That teams are using the wire rather than making trades

- That teams with promotable prospects are unfairly punished for trying them out in ways that real NHL teams are not

The proposal that emerged was;

A. Eliminate the waiver wire and IR rules.

B. Create a true 'Farm team' system , where prospects can be promoted to and from the team without cost in waiver picks of in placing players on the wire.  (Players displaced by prospect promotion would now be listed under 'Farm Team' instead of IR or waivers)

C. Maintain current rules regarding number of players protected at WDs, ensuring that excess talent would still be made available at WDs.

The benefits of this proposal are projected to be;

- End the practice of 'drafting to cut', where a team with a promotable prospect drafts a player at that position with no intention of ever playing them but purely so they can be placed on waivers.

- Stop the ongoing madness of waiver wire rules, tracking, multiple bids, etc., and simplify our rulebook substantially.

- Improved utility of prospects.

- More accurate representation of how NHL prospects are used.

There was a great deal of verbal support for this measure, and I'd like to think it borders on unanimity. PLEASE put your comments and suggestions below so we can debate this properly long before we have to consider viting on it.



2015-16 FUNHL Week 1 Line-up - Starting Wed. Oct. 7, 2015

Week One is a Short 5 day week.

Please post your Week 1 line-ups here if possible for Doug.

Unofficial compu-stats will be done via Corey on 3 different sites.

Enjoy this year and Good Luck!


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