Week 9 Line-ups and Provisional WD1 Drops

You all know the drill but don't forget to give your provisional drops - you can change up to Friday at 6:00 but include them here. Also, if you make any inter-week trades that will change your drops - update those provisional drops lest you leave Bob and Brian (or others) to impose drops on you and you wouldn't want that.

Week 8 Ends With Bladerunners Leading Predator and Challenge Cup Standings; Vendetta Top Omnivore. WD1 Draft Order Set.

Hi guys, I (your rules guru) need a reminder - hopefully with a link to a previous post - on the rules surrounding Challenge Cup ties. The Challenge Cup rules were never put into the Covenant (an oversight I will remember to propose we correct next summer) but when we introduced ties a few years back I can't remember whether it was phrased that a tie was a difference of "less that one point" or something different slightly different. I'm pretty sure that exactly one point more, as the Severed Heads scored over the Edge this week, is enough for a win but I don't want to cost Collin a point on account of my bad memory. If someone remembers differently - and can forward me the e-mail or blog post where it is set out that would be great.

UPDATE: Thanks to Bob who corrected me. The Severed Heads and Edge actually tie and that change has now been made to the Challenge Cup standings.


Week 8 Lineups

Get a head start, post now! ;-)
[Note: so loved Cam's picture, I've put it into Dan's post - should be standard IMO, great call Cam and since it hasn't been posted here yet - Happy Birthday my friend.]

Saturday Night Stats - Not Much Change


Week 6 Underway and now ... Omnivore Stats!!

Note that I had to adjust the Scourge's overall total down 3pts from what it was last posting (I had forgotten to waive Vrbata's 3pts for Eberle's 0pts) but there is not impact on the Challenge Cup - your Highlanders still got served :-)


Week Five Stats

Please double check your stats (and Brian's unofficial stats) against my totals here. There were a few trades and promotions this week so that is often where I make mistakes.
Note that I have the Ramapithicines ahead of the Barbarians in the Challenge Cup Standings as they actually have a Head-to-Head record this season (as opposed to the other ties in the standings).

Week 4 Final Stats - This Time With Finalized Challenge Cup Results

Hi guys, thanks for all the kind words - they really mean a lot to me.
There were no games on Halloween so the totals should be the same but, as Bob had pointed out, I did not finalize the Challenge Cup standings or formally confirm the results. That has been done now.
Hope to have Week 5 Stats out later today. Nice to be back at "work" so I can focus on this stuff instead of what I have been focused on.