The Shadowmen 2013

The Shadowmen

L: E.Staal-Car FP, Marleau-SJ, Franzen-Det RFA, McDonald-StL RFA, Tatar-Det P1

Rating: 4.5

Staal is the Hurricane's franchise pivot who occasionally patrols the wing. Has 100pt upside in a full season. Marleau is a former FP who could well post PPG+ totals, and has started the season atomic hot. Franzen, 'the Mule', is aging into the role that Holmstrom used to have as crease crasher - goaltender botherer, as such his high-end is lower than previous years, but he's still average for a FUNHL 3rd liner. McDonald is a speedy perimeter winger who may supplant Franzen should he have a prolonged hot streatk. Tatar is one of the longest ripening prospects there is, as this is his second go round through the prospect draft, and he STILL hasn't cracked the Red Wings permanently despite obvious high-end skills.

C: Kopitar-LA FP, Briere-Pha RFA, Cammalleri-Cgy RFA, Gagner-Edm RFA, Jarnkrok-Det P1, Cervenka-Cgy P1

Rating: 2.5

Kopitar is medium grade 1st line pivot - barring an elevation of his offensive game. Briere has struggled with minor injuries throughout his career, and has already suffered his first of the year while playing in the KHL, that said, he's a good bet to secure a top six role with the Flyers while Schenn and Couturier mature their games. Cammalleri has been bounced around the Flames top 9 as he tries to fit into a regular scoring role. Gagner is the Oilers defacto #2 center, but also a prime candidate to be moved in trade. Has still never topped his first season rookie stats. Jarnkrok, Redwings, ripening, blah blah blah. One day.

R: Callahan-NYR, Stafford-Buf RFA, Havlat-SJ RFA, Hagelin-NYR RFA, Toffoli-LA P1

Rating: 2

Callahan is Captain material, but one with a grinder skill-set best suited for a 3rd line role. Stafford is a 'big body presence' but isn't a legit sniper and also belongs on a FUNHL 3rd line at best. Havlat has top line skills, but his injury profile is horrific, that said, he could easily outscore the guys ahead of him, or just as easily end up in a California hospital. Hagelin is a young fast player with 2nd line upside, but he's still working his way towards that position. Toffoli is a skilled young player but he's got the major flaw of weak skating - if he can overcome it, he could one day be a force.

D: Markov-Mtl, E.Johnson-Col, Carle-TBay, Corvo-Car RFA, L.Schenn-Pha RFA, Vlasic-SJ RFA, Ferrence-Bos RFA, Tyutin-Clb RFA, Reilly-Tor P1

Rating: 2

Markov looks to have returned to form from a knee-injury and is once again a top tier PP QB for the Canadiens. EJ has yet to fulfill his potential as a 1st overall pick, and looks like he never will. The new 'Eric Brewer', all the tools, no toolbox. Carle is something of a power play specialist with an average 5-5 game, but he's perfectly suited to the Bolts, and realistically has already claimed the #2 D-man role for the Shadowmen. Corvo is a similar animal to Carle, but with less offensive upside. Schenn has some PIM upside, and is a developing commodity better sheltered by the other D in Philly than he was in TO. Vlasic is a multi-purpose defender with #2 PP guy upside, but long droughts between relevant games. Ferrence has an outside shot at being a terrific +/- guy, and is otherwise only useful in spot duty for the injured. Tyutin will accidentally collect enough points from Columbus scoring to be a replacement level guy, but we've seen that that is pretty much his ceiling. Reilly is a future PP QB deity, with his speed and playmaking ability.

G: Miller-Buf, Ward-Car RFA

Rating 3.5

Miller is something of a boom/bust proposition. You get the years where he is unbeatable and arguably the best goalie in the league, and then you get the years where he can't stop a beachball, and gets rocked nightly. Ward is the poster-boy for 'draft him late and hope for league average goaltending'.

Total: 14.5


Moriarty said...

Interesting Cameron, You DID NOT evaluate my drafted team, but rather my team with now over 5 trades plus waiver wire pickups...Not sure if that's fair, but regardless it probably wouldn't have mattered...I get the low score...he he

Cameron said...

I mentioned in an e-mail earlier that I always use the most up to date roster possible as that represents the most current information and thus the most current rating for each team.

Of all the teams it was probably Chris that got hurt the most by using this process as his center underwent an outright apocalypse injury wise just before I wrote about his team (Spezza and Roy both went down, Spezza for likely the season).