Savard Rumour

And the rumours start flying...

On Tuesday afternoon, Joe McDonald of ESPNBoston.com cited a Boston Bruins team source that center Marc Savard(notes) "could miss the entire 2010-2011 season with post-concussion syndrome," writing:

The source stressed that there are many unknowns at this point. "It's not a good situation," the source said. "It's complex. Not sure how this will play out."

Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli announced on the first day of training camp last week that the star forward has been experiencing post-concussion symptoms and would not participate in camp until he was medically cleared. Savard is with the team and is being treated.

Again: The ESPN source is saying "could." Not "will." Not "certain to." Considering that Paul Kariya(notes) said he's taking a season off to shake off his post-concussion symptoms, it's not completely outlandish to believe the same fate could befall another concussed player.

But Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli smacked back at the report on Tuesday evening via Boston's website:

"As I stated on Friday, Marc Savard is suffering from symptoms related to post-concussion syndrome. He is under the care of our doctors. Any reports that suggest that there are any other issues regarding Marc, or him not playing for the Bruins this season, are completely inaccurate.

"Also, as I have previously stated, when there is a change in Marc's status, I will issue an update."

At the Bruins Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday night, Stanley Cup of Chowder reports Chiarelli said Savard will be back "soon," which is more declarative than anything in the statement above. He also called out "new media" and "blogs" for their coverage of Savard trade rumors. Not sure which one of those Sportsnet fits under.


Challenge Cup Schedule

The Challenge Cup season gets underway on October 7th with the puck dropping in 6 neutral site games, including a rematch of last season's Challenge Cup Finalists. The Barbarians also make a return to the FunHL as they open their Challenge Cup season against the Edge.

Week 1 and Week 12 are the two neutral site games and marks the only meeting between teams during the season but otherwise teams will play home and home series against 9 of the other teams in the league with the top four making it to the best of three semi-final and Challenge Cup Final games. Week 17 the league breaks for its All-Star game with the Calgary Conference challenging the Out of Calgary Conference for FunHL supremacy.



NHL '11

Hey hockey fans!
Not sure how many of you do the XBox 360 thing, but EA Sports just released NHL 11, and if NHL 10 was any indication, it just keeps getting better. I believe on XBox Live through the EA servers you can actually create a league with custom teams... which means we could actually put our drafted rosters in, and play them head to head.
Anyone interested?


Civ 5 in 8 days

GG freetime, please dont let it suck like 4 did.


NEXUS Off-Season Ramblings

Positive thinking – the Flames will be super awesome and make the playoffs (if Iggy greatly outscores Martin St. Louis in process of this, a certain GM will be crying).

Welcome back to the former Barbarians GM! Is the new team going to be called the “Barboys or “The Losbians?? (ok, that was funnier in my mind before I typed it).

Congratulations to Mr. Chelios on an illustrious career! This guy definitely would have been FUNHL FP material in his prime!!

Anonymous sources report to the Nexus that the Highlanders planned to increase their odds of winning the Predator in 2010-11 by hiring a hit man to take out the Bladerunners’ GM. It all fell through when the guy wanted 100 million over 15 years.

Sucks to be Taylor Hall – playing for the Edmonton Oilers AND the Severed Heads, uggh… ;-) From the other perspective, both the Oilers and Heads should be happy to have him.

Would anyone be shocked if the Sedins go #1 and 2 in the FUNHL Entry Draft this year?? The Nexus wouldn’t.

A new poll states that the 6 worst places to live in are Edmonton, Toronto, Thunder Bay, Lethbridge, rural Nova Scotia and Nanton. What a weird coincidence that these are where the Out of Calgary Conference's FUNHL GMs are located! (however, with associate GM Breakenridge living in Calgary, does that give the CC 7 teams and the OCC 5 teams??)

Stay tuned for a pre-season prediction list including a comparison of how the Nexus and GM Hilton did with their pre-season predictions from last season. We’re rarely right – such is the fun of all the intangibles that occur during a season!


Editor in chief

Top FUNHL Prospects

With our Prospect Draft approaching I thought I would give my annual accounting of the top 12 prospects.

1. Tyler Seguin-L Bos

The one 'no-brainer' pick this year, Seguin is most likely to end up as a center when he makes the NHL full time, but his talent is undeniable. If any other player gets picked first overall I will be shocked worse than Darth Vader at the end of Return of the Jedi. The only downside is that as a natural pivot he's in a logjam behind three regulars (Savard, Krejci and Bergeron) and in competition with prospects Colborne and Hamill. There are no top 6 roster spots for him to jump into, so he'll likely spend another year in junior before making the show.

2. Cam Fowler-D Ana

The offense first rearguard fell on draft day because of concerns of his play in the defensive zone. Fortunately, FUNHL Gms could care less how well he plays in his own end, and only focus on the points he can produce - which are substantial. Described as a 'Mike Green' type, he is the prototype for FUNHL defenders. There is a need for him on the Ducks, but he will need a year or more in junior/minors before he stakes a claim to a regular role.

3. Brett Connolly-L TBay

A high risk/reward pick, Connolly is thought of as a fast Brett Hull. Unfortunately, he's had two hip surgeries that all but wiped out his last junior season. The Bolts are a good fit for him, but the chance he could end up hampered by a set of bad wheels is a big cautionary flag. He should be nurtured slowly by the new Bolts regime, so expect another year of junior, followed by a slow apprenticeship on the third line and 2nd powerplay unit. Will take off as St Louis starts to wind down.

4. Nino Neidereitter-R NYI

A strapping power forward with goal scoring ability, Neidereitter wowed at the WJC for Switzerland and then upped his game again at the Olympics where he was the most dangerous forward for his country every game. There is a real chance he makes the Islanders out of training camp given his advanced size and speed. The downside is that he is an Islander, a team that has a habit of turning prospects into suspects.

5. Erik Gudbranson-D Fla

The third overall selection at the NHL ED is an all-purpose work-horse defenseman. He's so good at everything his offense might be overlooked. Physically intimidating, defensively sound, and yet capable of handling himself in offensive situations, Gudbranson is one of the prospects most likely to be in the NHL sooner rather than later, and with Florida's weak defense corps could be elevated to a top 4 role quickly. Think Scott Stevens lite.

6. Ryan Johanssen-C Clb

A big power pivot play maker in the Ryan Getzlaf mold. The Bluejackets are drooling at the thought of him lining up next to Rick Nash, but the towering center will have to spend at least another year in juniors before he makes the show. Once he arrives there are few roadblocks to him assuming a top 6 forward spot.

7. Sean Couturier-C QMJHL

A huge skill centerman from the Quebec league, he lead that league in scoring last year. Compared to Vincent Lecavalier at the same age he is a top candidate (along with the WHL's wunderkind Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Swedish defenseman Adam Larsson) for 1st overall in the 2011 draft. A potential franchise player talent, to get him you'll have to burn a year of his eligibility. Also, make sure you don't call out 'Sylvain Couturier' as the former LA King forward is currently toiling in Germany and is unlikely to make an NHL comeback.

8. Jeff Skinner-R Car

The ex-figure skater is a pure sniper. A tad undersized, he nevertheless scored 50 times in junior and has the kind of talent that can overcome concerns about his skating, or the fact he will eventually have to play for the Hurricanes.

9. Tyler Ennis-L Buf

Skinny (164lbs), short (5'7"), and unbelievably skilled (he tore up the AHL last year with 65pts in 69 games), Ennis is more than a year older than most prospects and could be ready to make an impact immediately. He has a lot of odds against him, but a top 6 forward role is possible for the Sabres, and in a short call up last season he demonstrated close to ppg ability (9pts in 10 games). If he can avoid injury, he might be a top ROY candidate.

10. Jonathon Blum-D Nsh

A moderately sized defenseman (6'1", 180lbs), Blum is an offense first guy who has had two years to mature in minors. A future powerplay QB, his offensive instincts are what will get him to the Predators roster despite lots of young talent on their blue-line ahead of him. His numbers in junior were impressive, but at the AHL he played a full season injury free, and was over a ppg in the playoffs (8pts in 7games).

11. Oliver Ekman-Larsson-D Phx

Same story as Blum above, except that he has had one less year to marinate in the Swedish league, and has fewer competitors ahead of him on the Coyotes roster. A slick skating offensive defenseman, he is a future powerplay QB for the future Winnipeg Jets.

12. Ondrej Pavelec-G Atl

Traditionally I reserve the 12th spot for a Flames prospect, but this year, the pickings are pretty slim. Greg Nemisz is the best of the lot, but barring an improvement in his skating speed he is a long shot to be anything other than a Darren McCarty type. Ryan Howse is a pure goal scorer, but lacks so many other dimensions that it is difficult to project a top 6 forward spot for his future. The rest are 3rd line checkers (Bill Arnold, Mitch Wahl) and defensive defenders (Matt Pelech, Tim Erixon), so for this year, a Flame prospect is not in the cards as far as I can see.

Enter Pavelec. He is the clear likely starter for the Thrashers, but given their enormous problems defensively, he is highly unlikely to be drafted outright, even as a backup. As a prospect though, he is about perfect. A terrific minor career, a wicked save %, and the fact he chased the injury prone Lehtonen out of town, makes him a goaltender to watch. As the D improves in front of him, the future Quebec Nordiques netminder should have a long and productive career.


The Final Vote Tally - Only Prop#8 passes

Rule Proposal Voting





#1. Proposed

That GMs be granted the right to waive their team's Franchise Players. This shall include use of both waiver wire and waiver draft. Upon being waived the former FP loses all status. Further to this, I propose that the requirement that a team always have 2 Franchise Players be amended to be a limit of 2 Franchise Players instead.

To start 2010-2011 season


#2. Proposal:

That limited Entry Draft trading be allowed. It is restricted to an exchange that takes place post-slot-selection draft between only two GMs, who agree to swap BOTH their 1st and 2nd round ED picks for the current year in exchange for some other consideration in the form of other traded assets like prospects, RFAs, FPs, and/or PrD picks being exchanged.

Trading of other ED picks, or single picks, would not be permitted

2011-2012 season


#3. Proposed:

Initial lottery chips (baseline) based on final finishing order as follows:
First place - 12 chips, through to Last place - 1 chip

Earned chips - over the course of the season, a team earns an extra chip for every H2H win in the H2H regular season (Playoffs are rewarded with the Challenge Cup, and only include partial teams hence they are excluded)


#4. Proposed:

That a GM holding rights to an RFA at the Entry Draft be allowed to match with any available FP replacement pick or the first available non-FP replacement pick, at his or her discretion.

To start 2010-2011 season


#5. Proposed:

- Teams that announce they are intending to select a new FP are seeded at the front of the draft.

- If more than one team is intent on selecting a new FP they are seeded 1st and 2nd (etc.) based on their lottery rankings.

- Teams that are re-seeded are also re-seeded at the end of the 2nd to reflect the snake draft. So if Corey is moved up to pick #1, he is also moved to pick #24 for the purposes of the 2nd round. After the 2nd round lottery placement is in effect.

- Only unrestricted free agents may be drafted by reseeding. No RFAs (even ones own), or prospects may be selected. If a team is going to be re-seeded it must be with the express purpose of selecting an otherwise unrestricted free agent.


#6. Proposed:

Be it resolved that the rules are acceptable as they are and that a moratorium on changing the rules be implemented for the next five years barring unanimous decision that there is an emergency need for change.


#7. Proposed:

that we modify the current Injury Replacement rules to create two categories of IR: the current form of IR would be Re-callable IR in that the injured player can be brought back up by the GM should they return to health but the cost is, as it is now, your first (or subsequent) WD pick in the upcoming WD; the new category of IR would be Long-term IR in which the player (presumably an FP or valued and promoted Prospect) is placed on IR for the remainder of the FunHL season and can NOT be recalled by the GM until the following season. Long-term IR would not "cost" the GM anything other than the player on Long-term IR would not be available to the GM again that season.


#8 Proposed:

Removal of the last place ENTRY-DRAFT lottery bonus.

Chips based on final finishing order as follows:
First place - 12 chips, through to Last place - 1 chip


#9. Proposed:

All teams get one chip in the lottery. (can't work in concert with #9)


#10. Mike Getta's SSP lottery proposal


Thoughts, Comments?


Just a reminder: Rule Proposal Voting Deadline

Rule Proposal Voting Deadline: Just a reminder: voting on the FunHL proposals are due September 4th (i.e. tomorrow) by midnight EST. Whether you vote online or whether you've sent your votes to Cameron and me, please -- severedheads@shaw.ca and b0bc@yahoo.com(that's 'b-zero-b-c-@', not an 'O') -- send us your votes. We are missing official tallies from Darrell, Cory, and Collin... Mike Breckenridge (sp?), your vote has been tallied by Richard, however, as you probably well know, you have priority over Richard when it comes to the actual vote. I don't have to count Richard's if you do in fact vote.

The rumour is true that the goaltending stats equation will not change this year.

We still need a confirmation from Mike Breckenridge regarding the DC post that Richard has taken off and whether he is interested in taking it over for this year or from Darrell or any other GM as there is one vacancy on the DC currently (Chris, it's your chance! Chris, it's your chance! ... maybe)

Cameron and I will be posting in a hopefully joint post about which rules passed and which rules did not. Another reminder, there are 10 proposals, including Mike Getta's SSP rule number 10.

I look forward to your emails or, if not, I will be forced to take your votes from the FunHL blog.

Thanks for your attention in this matter.


Since no one else has mentioned it...

I hadn't seen it in any posts, though I haven't scanned back to May/June, but as I read it, for the record, goalie shutouts will continue to be worth 3.75, which remains the baseline figure as per last year's rule and only a mild change in league wide scoring, down 0.14.