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"I'm not a Leafs fan. I find the team and its sense of entitlement to be pathetic. Unlike the New York Yankees, who are asses but win a championship often enough to matter, the Leafs organization acts like a large, authentic center stone in a sea of cubic zirconia without having any kind of claim to fame. PLUS there are several decades worth of idiotic decisions, a myriad of diabolical and sinister events occurring under their roof and at least one guy from the organization I'm pretty sure is in hell.

I have grown to like some Leaf fans lately. One of my daily stops now is Pension Plan Puppets which features some truly hilarious writing and some genuine (but not overdone) humility. I've never met this kind of Leaf fan but it is nice to know they exist.

Borje Salming deserved good fans."

- Lowetide

Yzerman's Team Canada

I guess We go with this Team Canada:

G: Brodeur, Fleury, Luongo

D: Boyle, Doughty, Keith, Neidermeyer, Pronger, Seabrook, Weber

C: Bergeron, Crosby, Getzlaf, Heatley, Iginla, Marleau, Morrow, Nash, Perry, M.Richards, E.Staal, Thornton, Toews

Go Canada Go For Gold!

Great Whites Have Great Start To Week 14 - Highlanders Reclaim Predator Cup Lead


The Cheerleader and the Cup

Hayden Panettierre - the barely-post-jailbait 'Cheerleader' from Heroes, gives the Cup her personal...uh...touch.

It's quite possible she just.... licked... Sidney Crosby.

I suddenly feel all warm and tingly...I think I need to take a shower. Yeah, a long hot shower.


Standings, the Merry Christmas Edition


The NEXUS, official newsletter and (sometimes?) propoganda machine of the Bladerunners organization, bids Christmas greetings and best wishes for 2010 in all areas but the pool to our fellow FUNHL GMs. Are we sincere or what?

2009 had some awesome non-hockey related events occur: Congrats to the Severed Heads GM on addition to the family and to the Ramapithicines GM on his engagement!

The Bladerunners are looking forward to the New Year and the ongoing struggle to try and win any trophy except the Herbivore (best of luck to those fighting to avoid it!) Trade lines are open and all kinds of wonderful treats are available to those looking to strengthen their organizations for the future. Rumours are circulating that the Highlanders are an evil organization and should not be dealt with, but the Nexus says shame on those spreading the rumours that the Highlanders are evil and should not be dealt with, because its really kind of rude to say the Highlanders are evil and should not be dealt with. Good luck to the Highlanders in repelling these rumours that they are evil and should not be dealt with.


Editor, The Nexus


Happy Birthday To Bob!!

Shadowmen GM successfully completes yet another orbit. Congrats.

Tuesday Night Stats


Xmas Line-up Submissions

Week 13 Line-ups as we hit the half-way mark of the season in terms of line-ups though not yet in terms of games played...Good Luck All...Do I hear the Dogs of War?

What is your Team Canada?

Team Canada 1

Forwards: Nash, Crosby, Iginla; Perry, Getzlaff, St.Louis; Heatley, Thornton, Marleau; Brad Richards, Mike Richards, Brendan Morrow; Jonathan Toews

Defence: Pronger-Neidermeyer; Keith-Seabrook; Boyle-Weber; Bowmeester

Goal: Brodeur, Luongo, Fleury

Team Canada 2

Forwards: LeCavalier, Stamkos, Tanguay, Penner, Fisher, Eric Staal, Horton, Weiss, Bergeron, Savard, Carter, Jordan Staal, Shane Doan

Defence: Jack Johnson-Bieska; Phaneuf-Regehr; Jovanovski-Barker; Marc Staal

Goal: Steve Mason, Tim Thomas, Carey Price

Thoughts, Comments...What is Your Team Canada #1?


WD2 Date Confirmation.

With the Superbowl parties and hoopla that will occur on CBS on Sunday Feb 7th, 2010.

The DC proposes that WD2 occur on Sunday January 31st, 2010 starting at 11AM MST.

IN OTHER WORDS, noon for the Lost Boys and the Shadowmen and 1PM for the Wolves.

Comments, please.


BTW As a reminder, NHL trade Deadline is 3/3/10 [a Wed]


Severed Heads Fall To Bottom Of Standings, Vendetta Jump Back Into 3rd


Best Fights of the Last Decade

To demonstrate my Fight Club level of two-mindedness on fighting, here are the top 10 fights of the last decade according to HockeyFights.com (via Puck Daddy)

Love that PJ Stock tilt. Love it.

Tentative WD2 Dates and Trade deadline

Is there a move to Sunday possible?

Some Dates to Consider...

Weekend - Jan 30, 31st[sunday-my preferred]

Feb 6,7 [sunday preferred]

The NHL closes for 2 weeks after Feb 14 [sunday],

NHL trade deadline is March 3rd [Wed]

Thus FUNHL TRADE DEADLINE is at 6pm with line-ups on Monday, March 8th, 2010.

Comments, please...

DC is 3/3 on making WD2 on Sunday either Jan 31st or Feb 7th.

Week 12 Gets Underway With The Highlanders Enjoying A Big Night


Maybe fighting isn't such a good thing for hockey

The above is an X-Ray of Todd Fedoruk's skull.

Remember when Derek Boogaard 'caved in' his face in a fight a few years back? This is (partly) the result.

This article goes into detail about how and where each titanium plate was earned.

At some point, I gotta wonder, is fighting worth this?

Week 11 Final Stats