The best one minute and thirty four seconds money can buy

Todd Bertuzzi lasted just 1:34 in his game against Calgary.

His game totals: one assist, a fight with Dion Phaneuf and a game misconduct (ejection!) for not having his jersey tied down.

Total for the 1:34 = 4.75pts

Not a bad minute and a half at all. Thanks Todd!

Bladerunners, really, really extend lead


Quote of the Day

From the Battle of Alberta blog comments sections comes this hilarious exchange regarding Pierre Maguire's performance on Trade Deadline Day;

I think Crosby should at least consider a restraining order against McGuire--there's such a creepy vibe there. - marriedtotheoil

Does anyone else assume that McGuire dreams about Crosby and Phaneuf having pillow-fights in their underwear? - MetroGnome

Severed Heads Regain 2nd Place while Bladerunners Extend Lead


leader analysis

Wolves, Bladerunners, Severed Heads, Highlanders all have the same number of games this week at 2 games over 3 per player. Although the Severed Heads d0 have Forsberg and Rafalski dressed who are questionable for play.

Quote of the Day

"I blame Mats. It was supposed to be his day today, but he pulled out, so I guess I'm the next best thing"

- Wade Belak on being traded to the Panthers


Forsberg signs with Colorado

Reports that the Severed Heads GM received a head injury from all the jumping for joy cannot be confirmed at this time.

Week 21 Ends; Playoff Match-ups Set


Conklin V Fleury - A Very Special Episode of Law and Order

The whole post is hilarious (and that includes the reference to Mirtle where I found the link), but this snippet of dialog had me in stitches;

MC-- Name and occupation.

WB-- Mr. W. Bottle, unemployed.

MC-- Please, sir, describe your affiliation with the plaintiff.

WB-- I was Mr. Fleury's water bottle, from his days playing for Cape Breton until the Game 5 loss to the Senators last year, after which, I abruptly quit.

MC-- Why?

WB-- He commits to his butterfly stance too early. He gets beaten over his shoulder, and the only place for the puck to go is right into my face. The book is out on him.

MC-- Why didn't you quit earlier in the season?

WB-- I'll admit. I had faith in Meloche turning Fleury around.

MC-- No further questions.

Wednesday Night Stats


Message to Shadowmen, Wolves - Just Win

The Wolves are now within 8pts of the lead in the Predator Cup! Could this be the year?

The Challenge Cup standings now reflect the tie-breakers - the Wolves beat the Shadowmen in week one, their only meeting of the season, an as a result sit in 3rd spot. This may not be a good thing as the depleated Highlanders remain the first seed with a win this week over the Knights (though the Severed Heads could take first with a win in their game against the Bladerunners and a Highlander loss). The Wolves and Shadowmen both make the playoffs with a win - lose and there are four teams that are vying to make it in. The Bladerunners have the best chance if they beat the Heads and either of the Wolves or Shadowmen falter. With even more gymnastics required, the Ramapithicines, Lost Boys and Scourge all need to win and need help in the tie-breakers (which I really haven't looked at) to make it in. I won't say it can't happen but they will be in tough. That said, both the Ramapithicines (Wolves) and Scourge (Shadowmen) are playing agianst teams that they would be tied with following wins so winning - and winning BIG - is the best recipe for them to follow.

Lots of fun ahead.

The Highlanders insist that trade lines are still open and, like the Severed Heads clinging to a glimmer of Forsberg news, the Highlanders hear that Crosby may be back soon and even Marleau may play tonight :-).

Seriously, Rob, make me a win the game card offer and win your first cup man!

leader analysis

Here is the number of games this week for the top 3 teams
Brian - 10 L, 9 C, 12 R, 19D 3 G - total 53
Cam - 9 L, 10 C, 9 R, 20D, 4 G - total 52
Rob - 10L, 10 C, 10 R, 18D 4 G - total 52.

Forsberg tells Swedish TV there's still time

"Don Baizley just said he is not certain that he is able to come back. He didn't close the door completely," Flyers GM Paul Holmgren told the newspaper. "It's still open a crack. We'll all have a definite answer in a week. Whether that means anything or not, I don't know."

Full post here


Week 21 Starts - Final Week of Challenge Cup Regular Season

Hi everyone. The weekend's trades are all up now and the Omnivore totals should be correct as of today's stats. I have not gone through and done all the tie-breakers in the Challenge Cup yet but of note the Shadowmen are playing the Scourge while the Ramapithicines play the Wolves. More than half the games this week have playoff implications which I'll try and sort out in the days ahead. Until then, just win and you can't make your situation any worse than it already is :-)

Trade lines, remain open.


Ex-MVP Forsberg unlikely to return to NHL this season

Former NHL MVP Peter Forsberg, who has been hampered by foot and ankle injuries in recent years, is unlikely to play in the NHL this season, his agent said Monday.

"The prospect of Peter having enough confidence about the foot/skate issue to play for the rest of the NHL season does not look good at this time," Forsberg's agent Don Baizley told The Canadian Press. "As a result, the teams have been advised that it is unlikely he will return to the NHL this season."

Forsberg, who won two Stanley Cups with Colorado, was being courted by several teams including the Philadelphia Flyers. He spent 1½ seasons in Philadelphia and was the team captain last season until he was traded to Nashville.

Forsberg has rejected the Ducks, Stars, Red Wings, Predators, Flames, Penguins and Sharks, which left the Flyers, Avalanche, Senators, Canucks, Blackhawks and Wild in the running for his services, according to numerous reports.

Forsberg hasn't played more than 60 games in a season since suiting up for 75 games in 2002-03 with the Avalanche. He also helped lead Sweden to Olympic gold medals in Lillehammer in 1994 and Turin in 2006.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Week 21 Stats

Hi guys. I have not done the tie-breakers or looked at all the potential combos for the Challenge Cup yet - but winning will help your team more than losing in the final game of the season.

Same with the Omnivore, I have not re-looked at the Baseline for a few days now so it may be a little off.

Trade lines remain open - Brian, still have yet to receive your offer :-)


Bladerunners Move Into First Place; Highlanders Clinch Post-Season Slot

The Bladerunners and Severed Heads became the first teams this year to crest 700pts but the Bladerunners did it while moving into first place in the Predator Cup race. The duo continue to try and pull ahead of the pack, the gap from 2nd to 3rd is now almost 15pts, but the Wolves are also making a run at the leaders so this may prove to be more than just a two team race.

In the Challenge Cup there are only two weeks of regular season games left and only three teams are unable to concoct a scenario where they slip into the post-season. The Highlanders are the only team to have booked their ticket and they have the best shot at finishing first. The Severed Heads haven't guaranteed a playoff position yet, they need to win one of their last two, and can even finish first (but they have to win their two, have the Highlanders lose their two and beat the Highlanders in this week's game by more than 6.12pts). The Shadowmen are also in control of their fate as a win in their final two games gets them in. The math gets really messy from here on out but essentially everyone else will need some help to make the playoffs happen and I will conceed now that the schedule may make it impossible for certain combinations to actually result in making the playoffs (ie, two teams that need to lose for a thrid team to make it may be playing each other in the next two weeks) so if I'm giving your fans false hope - my bad.

I have also reviewed the Omnivore baseline and it is now accurate as of today.

Trade lines are now open and Thornton and or Pronger are on the table - option a is for stuff to try and close that 15pt gap; option b is for a good return of futures. Offers that are never sent will not be responded to.

How to make an NHL trade

A neat little primer from 'Kukla's Korner'


Our friend Rob has entered a new decade of his life today. HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! Reflecting on all his successes in life - they seem numerous with only one thing missing.... wild guess? ;-) Have a great day Rob and I'll try and catch you later.


Bladerunners / Lost Boys trade

There is a 'possbility' that Richard and I are doing a deal - I have checked my inbox on Shaw but no message from Richard. I can't email out as I have none of your addresses at work. Sooo, if he has sent something or sees this blog before 6 pm, the Bladerunners will accept the following terms:

Arnason-C COL
Shadowmen 1st
Edge 3rd


Savard-C BST

After the delay...Severed Heads Continue To Lead

Sorry for the long delay everyone. Long, long week at work and my mother-in-law was over for the weekend - her room is also our computer room so, well, it didn't work out. That said, thanks to Bob for helping out with the line-ups for me - it really saved me some time. If you notice any discrepencies, let me know.

FYI, Richard - you are down 3pts (when doing your stats, I noticed you were playing 4 centers the week before WD 1 - I have now benched Morrison for the one week you had him). I also had to take away 2.25pts from Darrell who was playing 3 tgs in week 15. Bob also lost a point from a duplication of a player he had for one week before trading him, and then re-acquiring him. Otherwise I think we are good but please let me know if you think I've made any mistakes.

I will double check the Omnivore baselines later this week so there may be some changes there. Also, I have not gone through the tie-breakers for the Challenge Cup races.

Trade lines are open.