The Bible is OUT!

Well, now time to check lists...

Eric Staal FP Shadowmen now LW!


Rick Nash FP now LW
Zetterberg=C FP

Giroux = C


St.Louis is now LW FP

more later

we got set a location for ED2012 IN cALGARY soon

for sat. oct 6th 11am mst...



Birthday Wishes to Bladerunner GM

As the old man in the group I always like it when Brian has his birthday as then we have the same age in years. Since we are no longer draft elligable, months are insignificant and even changes in the year are often discouraged rather than discussed.

Happy Birthday Brian.

I will buy you a beer when I am in Calgary next month.


2012-13 Hockey New top 600

This now expanded listing is now out. Unfortuneately it is so early that some of the key July moves did not make the issue.