Monday Night Stats - Week 6

Hi guys.  Thanks Bob for tracking all of the trades and posting all the line-ups to the blog.  As always, that's a huge help.

Keen eyes will note slight changes to the totals from last week for the Wolves, the Scourge and the Highlanders.  For the Wolves, I noticed that I had them playing two goalies for week 5.  For the Scourge I did not have Mr. Johnson dressed for Mr. Myers as a player or for TG.  Both issues have now been corrected.  Neither change had any impact on the Challenge Cup games.  In addition, the Hockey gods have also taken a pt away from Mr. Eberle, this did not impact the Challenge Cup game last week either.  Not sure what Eberle did to deserve taking away his assist but hopefully he can get it back (and more) tonight.

Great start of the week for the Great Whites (specifically Giroux and Neil) as they attempt to claw their way out of the basement.

Trade lines remain open.

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