Bladerunners take the 4th Predator and the Personal Vendetta claim 5th Challenge Cup!

Congratulations to Brian and the Bladerunners!  Their GM Sherlock has masterfully guided them to their 4th Predator Cup!  While over the last month things seemed dire, The Bladerunners were able to pull away at the end.  Brian joins Dan and Doug in 4 Predator Cup Club.

Meanwhile, after behind 1-0 in games to the Severed Heads, Darrell's Personal Vendetta managed to tie series in Week 26 and win the Challenge Cup for the 5th time with a 41.995 to 32.617 victory in the final week.  Congratulations to Darrell for his dominance of this trophy.

The Bladerunners margin of victory was close to 18 pts over Cam and 20pts over Collin who's last week's drive was too late but placed Darrell in 4th 38pts back.  Those 4 teams were the only ones that broke 900 pts.  Only 4 teams broke 800pts 2 teams broke 700pts and 2 teams were in the mid 600pt range.  I believe this is Cam's second straight second place finish.

Speaking of lows, the Wolves finished last securing their Herbivore 1st PRD pick in the Fall whereas Dan's Great Whites avoids it by 3pts.

According to Website the Final rankings are as follows (rounded to a whole number)

BL        931
SH        913
EGDE  911
PV        903
RAM    868
HL        860  - The Highlanders and Scourge separated by a fraction of a pt (see website)
SCRG   860
SHAD   825
BARB   759
KT         755
GW        661
WLF      658

I urge all to check out the final website rankings.  It was a wired season of trades going awry, injuries at the wrong time etc.  One  could argue 1 of 7 different teams could have won one if fortune shined upon them.

Congrats to FP Kane for the ART Ross and FP Ovechkin for the Richard.  Ironically both FPs for the EDGE who place third...i think the team's best ever finish.

Finally the Omnivore winner will be announced later.

Again Congrats to Brian and Darrell!

And again, many thanks for Corey and Brian's work during the year especially on the website and the masters.

Take care,



The FUNHL Finale - Week 27; The Challenge Cup tied entering Final Week!

And here we go as we enter the last week of the season!  The Vendetta took advantage of the S'Heads injuries to tie the Challenge Cup finals at 1-1 with a 37.95 to 30.17 victory.

However, despite the loss of Stamkos, The Bladerunners pushed their lead to 19 pts at 899.65 with the Severed Heads at 880.90, The Personal Vendetta at 861.76 and the Edge at 858.76.

With 6 days remaining as there are no games on Sunday, It looks the Bladerunners are looking to claim their 4th Predator Cup.  But one never knows until the end.

The remaining standings are yet to be determined.

Please email or Post our final Week 27 Line-ups here.

Good Luck!  And Thank yous to Corey and Brian