Wednesday Night Stats - Week 5

Sorry for the delay in getting Week 5 up and running.  Charlie has been ill and I have been up to my neck in an ugly, ugly (and thankfully now resolved) file.

Close inspection with show that every's totals in the first few weeks have changed ever so slightly.  Many, but not all, goalies for weeks 2-4 were inexplicably set in the spreadsheet to have a 3.85pt shutout base as opposed to the 3.75pt base.  That error has now been corrected.  Most teams lost about a point or so.  The totals are now correct and there were no Challenge Cup game outcomes that were affected.

The Birthday boy Wolves are off the the best result this week and have jumped into first place, their fine play this week is somewhat disappointing for thier Challenge Cup opponents, the Shadowmen, who are having the league's second best week.  That said, the week is still young.

Trade lines are open...

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