Final Stats - Week 6

Bladerunners have monstrously good week but the Highlanders hold on to first place by the skin of their teeth.  The Highlanders do lose their first Challenge Cup game to last year's champions, the Barbarians, falling to 4th place in the process.  The Great Whites finally win their first game of the Challenge Cup season but their solid week is not enough to lift them out of the Predator Cup or Challenge Cup basements.

As always, trade lines are open.

FunHL rule clarification, since it is becoming an issue, I just want to remind GMs that FunHL trades CAN be consumated between teams not called Shadowmen. :-)


Moriarty said...




Bladerunner said...

We did make a trade with the Edge. But I hear you. Also, check your inbox sir - I did send you an offer last week. I suspect it hit the reject pile ;-)

Side note - the Scourge and Bladerunners made a trade last year.. so we aren't due for another one for about 4 years.

Scourge said...

Lets make a deal Brian. Now that we broke the ice we can make some deals.