Boxing Days - Week 12 Line-up

You know that Boba Fett is Hunting for Boxing Sales - Or Is he trying to Hunt down The Scourge?

Regardless, The New Year is upon us at Week's end.

Thanks again to Chris and Brian for their hard work.

Please submit your line-up by email for this post.

Thanks All.


b. (the life model decoy for bob)


Week 11 Line-ups - The Happy Holidays Edition

Happy Holidays to All!

As we hit the start of Week 11, The Scourge has 33pt lead over over The Blades in 2nd And 133pt lead over the KT in 12th.  Yet, 6 team are over 300 points...BUT, "Rebellions are based on Hope".

Thanks to Corey for the online stats, the new Master from Brian...

Please email your new line-ups here to be posted here!

Thank you!



Post-WD1 Week 10 Line-ups

With 1/3 off the season done after WD1, only 2 teams  are over 300 points.  But a lot of hockey is left to play,so do not despair just yet...

8/12 GMs were mostly online, plus 2 official proxies and one by phone, WD1 took a mere 2.25 hours.  I say good stuff, gents!

Two trades have so far been made post-WD1, both involving the Highlanders.  We shall see if more are made before the line-up deadline.

Anyhow, please submit your Week 10 line-ups by email please.  They will be posted here!

Thank you!




  Hello All GMs:

WD1 will occur on Sat. DEC 10th at noon MST.  This will occur on SKYPE and take a MAX 3 hrs.

Final WD1 drop deadline will be Friday night at 6pm MST.  Please no trades after that as it ONLY confuses who may be available from team drops.  If you have not published your drops by then (Mike Breakenridge, U are my crystal ball), I will make those drops for you... 

Furthermore, you must drop at least 8 players from each of 5 positions (L,C,R,D,G) and at least 2 D.  If you wish to drop more than 8 that is fine as long as announce your drops before Friday at 6pm.

The Draft Order is based on the standings finished at the of Week 8 - non-wraparound

Team names Abbreviated...Points rounded to a whole number

KT      187  (Forfeited 1st rnd pick by using IR rule for WD1, Sorry Mike)
PV      208 ( 1st pick of WD1)
Edge   217
SevH   224
Ram    225
Wlf      226
GW     231
Shad    243
Barb    250
HL       260
BL       278
Scrg     282 (1st Place by ~95 points over last)

Enjoy WD1

See you there.

And please set your Proxy GMs if you cannot make it.

Any questions, please post here.




Pred WD1 - Week 9 Line-ups

The Scourge back in first just in time for the WD1 draft order to be set...

Please email/post your line-ups and prov drops here.