Friday Night Stats - Week 11 - With Omnivore Standings

These Omnivore Stats are NOT official but shouldn't be too far off.  I'll give them a more complete look over once we get past the trade deadline.


Thursday Night Stats - Week 11

Having returned home a little early from our Spring Break adventure, I was able to use Charlie's nap time this Good Friday to get caught up.  See the updated Week 10 final stats below to see some minor adjustments to the Wolves and Scourge's totals (Week 10 line-up mistakes).

As Brian pointed out, this is the final week of the Challenge Cup regular season.  The Highlanders and Vendetta are through to the post-season but their dance partners and who plays who is still up in the air.  With both the Severed Heads and Barbarians behind in their matches this week the Wolves, Scourge and Edge are all setting their sights on postseason glory.

Trade lines remain open.


Week 11 Line-ups

Here is a group shot of some the FUNHL GMs posing in disguise...he he

Anyway, Please post your line-ups here...

Week 10 Final Stats - Now with corrected Wolves and Scourge Stats

Thank you kids for letting Daddy do this!

[Updated: Rob pointed out that I had given him too many points - in fact I was playing three goalies for him instead of benching and waiving two of them for week 10.  Corrected now.  Does not change the Challenge Cup result.]

[Upperdated: Oooops, I had only dressed 2 Right Wingers for the Scourge.  Now corrected.  Does not change the Challenge Cup result.]


Thursday Night Stats - Week 10

I begin my great Alberta Spring Break Road Trip tomorrow.  I would hope to be able to keep up with the stats while on the road but that may not be possible.  I will do everything in my power to at least capture the raw data for Monday morning's Week 10 and Week 11 final stats even if I am not able to get all the line-ups entered right away.

Those of you in Calgary and Lethbridge, looking forward to crossing paths with you soon - and putting the last few weeks of work craziness behind me.  :-)  Seriously, it has been insane.


Wednesday Night Stats - Week 10

Great weeks for the Edge and Wolves so far as they close the gap not only on the Highlanders but the Bladerunners as well.


Tuesday Night Stats - Week 10

Quick note - while entering the Week 10 line-ups I noticed two mistakes with the Week 9 line-ups for the Wolves (shortchanged them 1.5 pts from their TGs - who I had all benched) and the Great Whites (whom I gave an extra point for a Siedenberg assist even though he was played +/-, where he went even).  Those corrections are now made.

[Update - the W-L-T notation is now corrected for the Challenge Cup Standings, the pt totals were already correct but the chart was not]

As for the races themselves, the Bladerunners are slowly chipping away and the Highlanders' lead while the Edge, Wolves and Vendetta fight to re-enter the conversation.

The Great Whites can't seem to catch the Scourge to get out of the basement while the Barbarians and Severed Heads get off to slow weeks and look to cross the 300 pt mark tonight.

In the Challenge Cup races, the Personal Vendetta and Highanders have already booked their tickets to the playoffs but the number one seed is up for grabs in their head-to-head match this week.  The Severed Heads and Barbarians can clinch playoff spots themselves with wins this week but both trail in the early going.

The regular season concludes next week but 8 teams remain mathematically in the running for the post season.

As always, trade lines remain open.


Week 10 Lineups

I believe we all know what to do.


Locked Out League Playoffs, Round 1 - Game 2

Our second 1st rnd matchup is between the league leading Thunderbay Muderball (11-3) and the Calgary based Ball-Bearings (6-8)

Keys for victory for the Ball-Bearings:

1. Deron Williams

The pressure is really on Williams now, selected 2nd overall (ahead of LeBron James, *cough*), Williams simply MUST deliver some crunch time performances for the BB's to have a shot. If Williams is only average this game could be over mid-week.

2. Dwight Howard

His timing couldn't be better as the physics defying center has finally rounded into shape and healed from his 'back spasms' that threatened to utterly derail his year. With the Lakers battling life and death for a playoff spot Howard will be the focal point for all the work close to the basket, and he could put up some outrageous numbers if his health is good. A few good weeks to end the season could also salvage Howard's case to be a franchise player.

3. Utah

If Milsap and Jefferson can have a good finish to the year, the BB's might have a shot. Unfortunately, the Jazz are kinda sucky, and are serious threats to fall out of the playoff mix entirely (they are 2 games back of the Lakers). If the team is motivated and hitting on all cylinders in a playoff drive, these two guys will likely be leading the charge. If they fall any further back, both could be hitting the pine with more regularity. Factor in as well that both players are on the trading block as the Jazz have a pair of young bigs threatening to cheaply replace them (including guy-to-watch-out-for Enes Kanter) and you a recipe for potential chaos.

For the Murderball, the keys to victory are;

1. Kobe and Melo

Both are having near career years offensively this season (which was a surprise for Kobe), both are battling nagging injuries, both are lightning rods for controversy, both can be counted on to turn into shoot-first blackholes when games get out of hand, and both are struggling to elevate their teams into a decent playoff seed. If these two guys are going hard for the Murderball, they might run away with it early.

2. Blake Griffin

'Lob City' is in full force these days and Griffin is an absolute monster within an arm's width of the basket. With Paul playing at full speed and the Clippers trying to get on a roll before the playoffs, some big stat lines from Griffin are definitely possible. Has moved his name into consideration as a franchise player.

3. Memphis

With both Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol on the roster, the success of Memphis down the stretch will be a going concern for the Murderball. Gasol isn't a great offensive performer, but he is the best passing big-man in basketball (and a hellacious defender - which doesn't show in his stats), and those assists can rack up some big point totals in fantasy b-ball. Randolph is as earthbound as Antaeus, but is capable of doing tremendous damage with his vast array of post moves and hook shots.

Verdict; the Murderball should roll over the Ball-Bearings.

Locked Out League Playoffs Round 1, Brian V. Darrell

In the first matchup we have the Goodfellas (Darrell) and the Sharpshooters (Brian), as both teams had identical 10-4 records, tied for 2nd best in the league.

The keys to victory for the Goodfellas are;

1. Ricky Rubio

A waiver wire pickup, Rubio has gone from 'intriguing guy coming off of injury' to 'flashiest ball handler in the league' almost overnight. His fantasy points in the last four games; 51, 45, 32, 27. Good to great totals, but a distressing decline in production. If he plays at a high level, the Goodfellas could put the contest out of reach fast. A determining factor could be the health of partners in crine, Kevin Love and Andrei Kirilenko, as their returning creates more opportunities for offensive production. One of my favourite players in the league and possible franchise candidate.

2. The frontcourt

Arguably the 2nd best player in the world, Kevin Durant, is the teams starting small forward. Horford, Aldridge, Duncan and Bosh are stablemates at PF and C, giving the Goodfellas the best and deepest collection of bigs in the pool.

3. Indiana Pacers

The Pacers have a deep team with few legit superstars, but they are tenacious on defense, and built to grind games out in the playoffs. As the 2nd best team in the East (behind the Heat), they don't have a lot of incentive to play their best guys every night down the stretch. Both George Hill and Paul George have been terrific for the Goodfellas this year, but they may see their minutes pared back as Indiana puts it into cruise control from here on out.

The keys to victory for the Sharpshooters; '

1. Dwayne Wade

As the season has progressed, Wade has played better and better, and with the Heat on a historic 22 game winning streak, Wade is at the top of his game. So here is the thing, if/when the streak ends, do Wade's minutes take a hit to preserve him for the playoffs? (answer: likely Yes). Until the streak is over though, expect Wade to be stuffing the stat sheet.

2. Detroit.

With both Jose Calderon and Greg Monroe on the Sharpshooters, how Detroit fares over the next few weeks is of outmost concern to the Sharpshooters. Monroe is a way above average offensive center with decent rebound abilities, and Calderon is a waiver pickup who is getting surprisingly good results with the Pistons. If Detroit can get into a couple of run-n-gun shootouts these two guys might elevate the Sharpshooters to a victory.

3. Greivis Vasquez

The point guard in New Orleans has been flying under the radar all year while playing at a near All-star level. His assist production is amongst the best in the league, and he may be the beneficiary of being a very decent player on a terrible team. That all said, New Orleans has exactly nothing good to play for, and losing to improve draft position may be the mindset that takes over.

My bet? The Goodfellas are simply too deep for the Sharpshooters to overcome.

Locked Out League Playoff Preview - the Consolation round

Hello my fellow B-Ballers!

Ok, so as some of you may know (the assumption being that at least some of you will have 'completely checked out' at some point), the playoffs are about to start in the LOL.

Turns out, our crazy ass league has reached 'Defcon Lohan' in terms of it's bizarre structure as fully 6 teams out of 7 make it to the playoffs. Actually, that is not quite fair, 4 teams make the 'playoffs', and another 2 teams play for 'consolation'.

But with 6 teams moving forward in some capacity the last 19 weeks have been spent determining which one of us would NOT make get to see the post-season.

Despite having one of my best weeks of the year with 974 points, my final game of the season just happened to be against one the two best teams in the league, and Darrell's Goodfellas kneecapped the Skywalkers post season hopes by posting a league best 1088.

And so the Skywalkers finish with a league worst 3-11 record, consigning us to be the only LOL team to never have made the playoffs. If I had actually won the game I would have been 4-10 and tied with Dan's Chumfeeders at the bottom. Pretty sure the tiebreaker would be determined by our head to head records (in which Dan CRUSHES me 3-0) but it might have been raw points scored (i.e. excluding rebounds, assists, etc.). In any case, I'm out, and you are all in.

In the consolation round, the Chumfeeders (4-10) and Flatlanders (5-9) will duke it out to avoid being the  'next to worst loser'.

For the Chumfeeders there are 3 keys to victory;

1. Russell Westbrook-PG OKC

The warp-speed point guard is having a 'shut-up' type year for his critics, as his numbers; 23.4pts, 7.6a, 5.2 rebs and 1.8 steals (roughly 45 fantasy points a game on average) are in the 'ridiculously good' category. He's a no-brainer to be franchised by the team.

2. Steph Curry

The combo-guard (1/2 pg and 1/2 shooting guard, most typically a combo-guard is a combination of a shooting guard skillset in a point guard's body, ala Dwayne Wade. The biggest disadvantage is that your combo-guard lacks some prerequisite skill to be a point guard - i.e. they suck at running the offense, can't pass at a high level, can't guard traditional shooting guards, etc), has been absolutely light-out shooting lately, and has exploded to produce his best games of the year the last few weeks. On Feb 27th, Curry went supernovae posting a mind altering; 54pts, 7a, 6rebs, and 3 steals for a 70point game. It was of course, against the Skywalkers. In his last game he had 29pts, 11a, 5rebs, 2steals and a block for 55 fantasy points, and in the game immediately prior had just 8pts and 4 assists for 13 points - wherein lies the rub. If Curry is hot as he can be the hottest guy in the league, but he can also at least occasionally run cold.

3. Coaching

I don't know if Dan has ever made a lineup change after week 1. He currently has  both Irving and Parker, guys injured long term, in his lineup, and Kevin Garnett a shorter term injury problem unadressed. Swap in a Nash here or there, and the Chumfeeders roster of 'micro-ball' point and combo guards could take the matchup.

The Flatlanders

The keys for Doug's team to overcome the Chumfeeders are;

1. The Sacramento/Seattle Kings. With Isiah Thomas-PG as a UTIL player and DeMarcus Cousins-C playing a central role as one of the teams primary 'bigs', some great play by the Sactown Kings could float the entire offense. However, given the team is floundering at the bottom of the standings, threatened with a likely move to Seattle, and facing serious decisions like; is the foundation of the team (Cousins, Tyreke Evans, Thomas) inherently flawed and need to be blown up? (both Cousins and Evans are in frequent trade rumours) , the team is much more likely to simply melt down and play out the string.

2 Chris Paul

He's healthy, the Clippers lineup is healthy, they are looking to establish a rythymn heading into the playoffs, and the psychic communication between Paul and Blake Griffin has 'Lob City' running at full throttle. It is a very real possibility that Paul puts up bonkers assist and scoring numbers as the Clippers prime themselves for a deep post-season run.

3. Paul Pierce vs Kevin Garnett

The Celtics are old, slow, missing Rondo, and now dealing with a hobbled Garnett, and over the remaining games of the year, will be fighting for a playoff spot likely to deliver a 1st rnd matchup with the Heat. Garnett means less to the Chumfeeders than Pierce does to the Flatlanders. If the Celtics 'check out' en masse, the damage to the Flatlanders will be more serious than it is to the Chumfeeders.

Week 9 Final Stats


Wednesday Night Stats - Week 9 (Post WD)

Thanks for everyone's patience.  We are now cooking with gas.

If you spot something that seems incorrect, however, please let me know.

Trade lines remain open.


Week 9 Lineups - post WD

Week 8 - Final Stats

With the second half of the season still ahead, the Highlanders have a 20+pt lead on the Bladerunners, Vendetta and Wolves who are all hot on their tails.  The Great Whites have now slipped back into last but the WD reinforcements look to recharge everyone so a lot can still happen.

In the Challenge Cup race, the Personal Vendetta and Highlanders are trying for a bit of breathing space but there is a quintet of teams vying for the final two playoff spots with a lot of hockey left to be played.

Trade lines remain open and with new dreck to swap, the options are endless.

Will try and get the new rosters inputted ASAP but work has an annoying way of interfereing.


Saturday Night Stats - Week 8

Great to see (or at least hear) you guys yesterday.  3 hours for a WD is pretty good for us :-)

Highlanders are pleased to be the first team to pass 300 pts but see a bunch of teams very close behind.

Trade lines are certainly open.


Friday Night Stats - Week 8

Remember today's WD draft order is based on the final Week 7 stats.


Thursday Night Stats - Week 8

Remember, tomorrow's WD draft order is based on stats as of end of Week 7.

Also remember that your final drops are due today by 6:00 pm Mountain.  As not everyone has given full Provisional Drops, don't let Bob or I pick your drops for you :-)


Monday Stats - Week 8

And Week 8 is underway for everyone but the Shadowmen :-)  Remember, draft order for the WD - this Saturday - is based on the standings at the end of Week 7.

Trade lines, however, remain open.


Week 8 Line-ups and Provisional Drops

Waiver draft this Saturday and things are heating up - in the pool if not outside your door.

Week Seven Final Stats - and WD Draft Order

The Shadowmen do finish with the week's top total.  The Highlanders regain to spot (and last pick in the WD).  The Scourge are the only team not over 200pts, some 63pts behind the leader, but still a fairly tight pack.  The Challenge Cup Standings are rather interesting in that teams one through nine (all four of them) are separated by only one point per slot.

WD this Saturday.  Trade lines are open.


Saturday Night Stats - Week 7

So with only Sunday's games to go before the WD Draft Order is set, the Highlanders jump back into 1st place with a big night.

Thank Charlie for the early posting time - Daddy couldn't sleep-in on Sunday, why?? - but at least he was willing to let me put these out after getting him breakfast.

Trade lines most certainly open.


Wk 7 Wire Wins, Wk 8 Line-up Notes, Waiver Draft and other Dates

Waiver Wire Bids decided by this Final Week 6 Stats:

Scourge successfully Claim

C      Cammalleri-Cgy Rfa
LW   Franzen-Det Rfa
D      Qunicey-Det fa
Shadowmen Successfully Claim

C Desharnais-Mtl fa

Templar Successfully Claim

D  M.A.Bergeron-TB fa

Severed Heads Successfully Claim

D  Petry-Edm Rfa
D  Stuart-SJ fa

Barbarians DROPPED Malone-TB L RFA and Promoted L Conacher-TB P1

ALL other BIDS from the Bladerunners, Personal Vendetta and Barbarians UNSUCCESSFUL…

Joining the Wire is O.Jokinen- WPG C RFA, Read-PHI C RFA, MacArthur-TOR L RFA,
Malone-TB L RFA, Kubina-KHL  D RFA, Gragnani-CAR D RFA, Corvo-CAR D FA, E.Johnson-COL D FA.  These players with the remainder of the Waiver Wire will be stripped of status but will be available the draft.  


Provisional Drops are hoped for with Week 8 Line-ups, to be made official by Friday March 8th by 6pm. MST

Week9 – Post-WD Line-ups are due by Monday,  March 11 by 6pm MST as per usual AND prospects can be brought up without penalty using the IR Rule for the 2nd half of the season.

FUNHL trade deadline is Monday April 8th by 6pm MST (NHL deadline is April 3rd)


Friday Night Stats - Week Seven

Only three games last night - actually only two games (having watched the Oilers and Blues I can assure you that any confusion with what I saw and a game was purely coincidental).

Thanks to Charlie and Sophia for letting me get these out.


Thursday Night Stats - Week 7

The Bladerunners extend their lead on the Highlanders a little more in the Predator Cup race, though they are still losing their Challenge Cup match with the Great Whites.  The Shadowmen continue to have the week's best total while the Edge managment would like to remind their players that "any day now" would be a good time to - WAKE UP.