Shadowmen - Bladerunners Trade

Another post-slot selction trade:

SHADOWMEN get: Iginla-R CGY (FP), Bladerunners 2nd PrD 2011-12

BLADERUNNERS get: Tanguay-L TB (FP), Oshie-R STL (P4), Alzner-D WSH (P4), Shadowmen 1st PrD 2011-12


Calgary's First Three Picks

Sutter didn't leave his scouts with much to work with as the top two picks from this draft were dealt away in prior deals, with out first going to Phoenix as part of the original Jokinen trade (which became Brandon Gormley - ouch), and the other of which ended up in Toronto's hands (I believe via Chicago, but I would have to do more research than my tired brain can handle), and became Bradley Ross, a player widely compared to superpests like Steve Ott and Sean Avery.

Which brings us to the third, where Calgary begins to invest in its own past;

Pick #64 Maxwell Reinhart-C Kootenay. Yes, its THAT Reinhart, ex flame defenseman Paul Reinhart's kid. Here's the book on him from whl scout/blogger Remmerde;

Max Reinhart / C: Lots of natural talent and offensive smarts, but effort level isn't always there. Has a quick stick, can create a bit and an accurate shot. But isn't always willing to pay the price to score. Despite the lack of passion, has the sort of skill that's worth spending a mid- to late-round pick on.

At pick #73 Calgary invested in one of the skating refrigerator projects that typically take forever to mature - if they ever do, in Joey Leach-D Kootenay. Here's Remmerde again;

Joey Leach / Kootenay Ice WHL

D-L / 6-3.0, 187 / 29-Jan-92

One of the most interesting mid-round guys available. Huge and plays big. Loves to use the body and is a punishing hitter. But still very responsible defensively. Loves to throw big hits and defends the crease area with enthusiasm. Can fight pretty well.

Isn't a great skater, but I saw quite a bit of improvement in his stride and pivots this season, so I'll gamble on this guy in the hopes he can get his skating to where it needs to be in a couple of years.

Greatly improved puck ability over the last season and a half. A lot more confident making a first pass and started to contribute on Kootenay's power play in the 2nd half. But as of now he projects as pretty much a pure stay-at-home guy in the pros. And that might be enough anyway - with his size and toughness, if he can provide anything more than just getting the puck out safely, that will be gravy at the next level.

Has grown at least an inch in the last year. And the second half surge in offense indicates this guy's development is just getting started. There is some slight chance this guy could surprise everyone with some decent offensive upside, which is why I really like this player.
Also worth noting that he has several hockey fights ranking among the better tilts this year in junior. Can't complain about him, at this point in the draft guys like Leach are exactly what you look for.

At pick #103 we went back to the gene-pool of the past and selected John Ramage-D from the University of Wisconsin - yep, he just happens to be the son of Rob Ramage - another ex-Flames defenseman.

Here's part of the Hockey's Future profile on him;

Talent Analysis: Ramage is a defensive defenseman who plays with an edge. He thrives on the physical side of the game, and with some added size and strength, could become a more dominating player for opponents to contend with. Like the rest of Wisconsin’s defensive unit, Ramage possesses great puck-moving ability. He displays good poise, patience and makes very good outlet passes. Although he may never post many points, Ramage does have some offensive upside to his game.

All in all, not bad considering where we were picking. A skill pivot who lacks heart, a project defenseman, and an undersized two-way defenseman who has good bloodlines. Will any of them make it? Probably not, but it will be worth watching.

Post Slot-Selection Trades


Shadowmen get: Tanguay-L TB (FP), Russell-D CBS (P4), Ramapithicines 1st PrD 10-11
Ramapithicines get: Hossa-R CHI (FP)

followed by:


Shadowmen get: P.Kane-R CHI (P4), Knights Templar 2nd and 3rd PrD 10-11
Knights Templar get: Leino-L PHI (P3), Great Whites 1st PrD 10-11, Ramapithicines 1st PrD 10-11, Highlanders 1st PrD 10-11, Bladerunners 1st PrD 10-11

followed by:


Knights Templar get: Fleischmann-L WSH (P2), Bladerunners 3rd PrD 2011-12
Bladerunners get: Pieterangelo-D STL (P3), Knights Templar 1st PrD 10-11


P.S. Wolves and Shadowmen made a trade a little while ago as follows:

Wolves get: Shadowmen 2nd PrD 2011-12
Shadowmen get: Wolves 2nd PrD 10-11


Hello all,

GMs of the Edge, Shadowmen, Ramapithicines, Knights Templar, Personal Vendetta and the Bladerunners gathered today at Schanks South for our annual summer gathering.... and we were happy to make phone contact with the Wolves, Great Whites, Highlanders and Severed Heads. We had good conversation, trades, drinking and a round of Jaeger-Meisters complimentary of the Shadow.

While drinking crown royal late last night, Bob and Brian used an innovative combination of a spreadsheet, scissors and tupperware to recreate the Crown Royal Twist of Fate. And here is the draft order:

1. Shadowmen(using the 1st pick)
2. Highlanders (using the 2nd pick)
3. Bladerunners (using the 3rd pick)
4. Knights Templar (using the 5th pick)
5. Lost Boys (using the 6th pick)
6. Edge (using the 9th pick)
7. Scourge (using the 10th pick)
8. Ramapithicines (using the 11th pick)
9. Wolves (using the 12th pick)
10. Personal Vendetta (using the 8th pick)
11. Severed Heads (using the the 7th pick)
12. Great Whites (using the 4th pick)

Severed Heads, Shadowmen and Great Whites pick earlier than expected ... and the Lost Boys + Personal Vendetta pick later than expected. Such is the Twist of Fate.

The Shadow Proclamation is happy to announce they are picking 1st in the draft - Hurray!!


The Highlanders' 2010 NHL Mock Draft

Subject to revision up to (and potentially after) June 25th.


1- Edmonton Oilers - lw Taylor Hall, Windsor OHL
Oiler Nation debate over Hall/Seguin was necessary but in the end you take the more established, more accomplished star and champion.

2- Boston Bruins (from TOR) - c Tyler Seguin, Plymouth OHL
Excellent consolation prize who may put up better first-year numbers than Hall.

3- Florida Panthers - d Erik Gudranson, Kingston OHL
Edges out Fowler by about two inches.

4- Columbus Blue Jackets - d Cam Fowler, Windsor OHL
Consensus top defensman prospect coming into draft stumbled a little but not enough to slip past 4th. (**Bonus prediction that Columbus will trade this pick.**)

5- New York Islanders - lw Brett Connolly, Prince George WHL
Gambling that injury woes are behind him a Tavares, Okposo, Connolly line looks pretty good on the white-board to GM Snow.

6- Tampa Bay Lightning - d Brandon Gromley, Moncton QMJHL
Last of the top 3 d prospects and solid minute muncher.

7- Carolina Hurricaines - c Ryan Johansen, Portland WHL
When Ryan meets Eric Staal the 'Caines will look to have thier pivot situation secured for years to come.

8- Atlanta Thrashers- c Alexander Burmistrov, Barrie OHL
Collective facepalm around the Thrashers' draft table at the prospect of another Russian but the talent on both sides of the puck is too much to overlook - besides, this isn't the "problem" Russian.

9- Minnesota Wild - c Mikael Grandlund, HIFK Finland
Mikko Koivu gets a teammate that reminds many scouts of his little, older brother Saku.

10- New York Rangers - rw Nino Niederreiter, Portland WHL
El Nino is no Swiss Miss and will fit in nicely in Manhattan.

11- Dallas Stars - g Jack Campbell, USNTDP
Kari Lehtonen is a lot easier to bank on if you have an insurance policy like a Campbell in reserve.

12- Anaheim Ducks - d Dylan McIlrath, Mosse Jaw WHL
6'11" wingspan. Burke may be gone as the Ducks GM but a hard-hitting defenseman of the 6'6" ilk is hard for anyone to pass over.

13 - Phoenix Coyotes (from CGY) - c/rw Vladimir Tarasenko, Sibir KHL
Risk that he won't come over from the K but when he does he will outscore anything Oli Jokinen ever did for Calgary. Yes, this will hurt Flames fans, this will hurt a lot.

14- St. Louis Blues - c Jeffrey Skinner, Kitchner Rangers OHL
Another smaller center, 5'10", who just happens to be very talented. They will find a way to make use of his skill-set in St.Louis.

15- Boston Bruins - d Derek Forbort, USNTDP
6'4" defensemen goes to one of the only teams where he can be legitimately called shorty. He will still be big for the Bruins though.

16- Ottawa Senators - c Nick Bjugstad, Blaine USHS
An outside the box pick for this stick-boy but if he can fill out and show that his high school talent translates at higher levels of play, then the Sens may have struck gold in Minnesota.

17- Colorado Avalanche - rw Austin Watson, Peterborough OHL
Big character guy who commits to doing the little things right will be everything that Wolski wasn't.

18- Nashville Predators - d Jarred Tinordi, USNTDP
Hmm a Nashville defenseman pick. Big (6'6") and mean is one thing but the intangible of having seen dad play at the NHL level may be the best aspect of this pick.

19- Los Angeles - rw Emerson Etem, Medicine Hat WHL
I suspect he's off the board by the time pick #19 rolls around but the idea of LA drafting a Long Beach player with the first draft in Lalaland is too good to pass up. If LA is unable to make a splash by moving up to get an early pick, expect them to try and get Etem.

20- Pittsburgh Penguins - lw Quinton Howden, Moose Jaw WHL
A 6'4" defensively responsible winger who has recently discoverd his offensive chops, wonder if he could find a job with the Pens?

21- Detroit Red Wings - c Evgeny Kuznetsov, Traktor Chelyabinsky KHL
If anyone can find a way to bring Kuznetsov along, it will be the Winged Wheel. On this point, when do the wings call up Larionov and offer him an assistant GM position?

22- Phoenix Coyotes - d Mark Pysyk, Edmonton WHL
A pick that is simply adding to the stable of young d-men in the Jets', I mean Coyotes's, system.

23- Buffalo Sabres - c Tyler Pitlick, Minnesota State WCHA
Will ply his trade in Medicine Hat of the Dub while he fills out his 6'2" frame.

24- Atlanta Thrashers (from NJ) - d Jon Merril, USNTDP
Top forward, check, now the Blue Birds go for some help on the back-end.

25- Vancouver Canucks - d Alex Petrovic, Red Deer WHL
The Canucks need more sandpaper, particularly on d - enter Mr. Petrovic.

26- Washington Capitals - lw Kirill Kabanov, Moncton QMJHL
The Caps have some experience with getting Russians with attitude issues, I'm looking at you Mr. Semin, turned around (or atleastt turned toward a common goal). He's fired his agent and may be signalling that he is willing to get past his ego and use is tallent. If so the Caps will win huge.

27- Montreal Canadians - c Riley Sheahan, Notre Dame NCAA
Another US college player for the Habs, ho hum.

28- San Jose Sharks - g Calvin Pickard, Seatle WHL
The cupboard after Nabakov looks quite empty and should Naby bolt...best to stock up.

29- Anaheim Ducks (from PHI) - rw Beau Bennett, Penticton BCHL
The California native is a Kings fan but it will be the Ducks that draft him to play against his childhood idols - once he adds to his 175lb frame while learning to play against better competition when get gets to the University of Denver.

30- Chicago Blackhawks - c/lw John McFarland, Sudbury OHL
If he can figure out why he fell from a potential top-five pick to barely making the first round he may prove to be a steal for the Cup champs who will need to retool with top-end talent before the cap-clock strikes on their efforts to build a perenial contender.

And there you go, predictions subject to wild swings of mood and the latest thing I've read.


Slot Selection Saturday

The time has come for another FuNHL slot selection.

I suggest we gather at Shanks South at 12 noon. This gives Collin time to get home and get ready after work, and there is a bit of a break between FIFA matches on the tele.

Bring you hardware good and bad.



HHOF Class

"Lastly, Who's entering the HHOF this year?

Moog or Makarov or Barrasso or Lindros?" - Bob

Nieuwendyk is a mortal lock; Three cups, a Conn Smythe, a Calder, twice a 50 goal scorer, Gold medalist, etc.

Makarov deserves to get in based on his play internationally more than anything else, but he does have a Calder to show for his time in the NHL.

Gilmour is a tough one, he's won a cup but he was maybe the third or fourth best guy on that team (Nieuwendyk, MacInnis, Vernon...). All the Leafsuckers will bray on about how he elevated the Leafs to a couple of conference finals...but really, so freaking what? That all said, his point totals are excellent, and the Leafsuckers want him in badly. But no way he should get in before any of the guys already mentioned (Nieuwendyk, Lindros, Makarov).

Moog or Barrasso is not the answer. Mike Vernon is. He's won two cups and a Conn Smythe, and was arguably the second best goaltender statistically for over half a decade (behind only Roy). So before we talk Moog or Barrasso, Vernon should get in.

Barrasso has a Calder to go with his two cups, but was he as valuable to the Mario lead Penguins as Vernon was to the Flames or Red Wings? Moog made it to some cup finals (Edm and Bos) but never won the big show as a starter. He can wait.


What's Wrong With The Calgary Flames?

Matchsticks and Gasoline has their end of season review up, and it ain't very pretty.

For me the money quote came in their assessment of Darryl Sutter's season;

"For a few years, I thought he had a plan that worked both short term and long term - have a core group of players and fill in with interchangeable parts at reasonable salary. Even after the Jokinen trade last year, I thought the plan was generally intact because Jokinen didn't have a long term contract. But this year he blew up all semblance of flexibility with the Kotalik/Staios trades and the Stajan signing. Was this short term thinking or long term thinking? Probably neither. And with a locked in roster that just missed the playoffs, one decent prospect available right now (Backlund), maybe two or three prospects available in the next couple of years, and a lack of draft picks…well, this is a plan that I'm having trouble getting behind."

For me much of the reason we missed the playoffs can be attributed to Dion Phaneuf actually getting worse in his own zone, to become the league's fourth worst even strength defenseman (using Corsi and quality of opposition stats, worse we find he also played a lot of minutes against an opponents soft parade or 2nd line). Rumors of a dressing room in distress were fueled by reports of shouting matches between Phaneuf and Sutter, all of which culminated in a whopping 10 game losing streak that took them from near the top of the division to fighting for their playoff lives. At the very moment the streak ended (because you never make a trade when you are losing or it looks like you panicked) Phaneuf was immediately traded.

There were warning signs in the off-season if you read into the tea leaves correctly. Sutter's pursuit and signing of Jay Bouwmeester gave the Flames everything they were hoping Phaneuf could be; a shutdown monster you can deploy against a teams best player, an offensively versatile power play guy, and above all, a safe in his own end minute muncher. With so much money committed to their defense corps (Regher, Phaneuf and Bouwmeester all eat heavy cake) they were forced to hope that Jokinen found a way to mesh offensively with the team.

He didn't. Nor does it appear to be for lack of effort in workouts or practice by Jokinen - if nothing else he apparently has a good work ethic. But the Gary Leeman disease he contracted after he arrived never fully left the Big Finn, and worse, his lack of chemistry with Iginla sucked all the life out of the team's offense.

The return on Phaneuf hinges for me on whether White can be coaxed into an extension, and whether Stajan can fit into be a contributing member of the top six, or really thrive as our third. I'm not as bothered by his contract as the boys at M&G are, he's a useful multi-line guy who reminds me a little of Stu Barnes, and his contract is way cheaper than that of Horcoff who is a similar player. All in all, I'm most disappointed that there wasn't a deal to get Calgary a decent forward prospect to help feed a mostly broken pipeline, and that we had to part with Keith Aulie in the deal to boot.

But its the Jokinen trade that really licks. Calgary threw a 1st and Lombardi to the Coyotes for Joker, in the hope that he would be the top line power pivot the team has lacked since Nieuwendyk (who as you recall was traded to Dallas for Iginla - ergo, Iggy has never played with a top caliber center). The return on the investment in Jokinen is Kotalik and his terrible contract and Chris Higgins and his terrible ankle. For Higgins to count moving forward, we would have to sign him. If we had simply played out the string, worst case scenario is we still miss the playoffs but we have Jokinen's cap space to use for signing players. Instead we have a contract so bad you have to seriously consider sending it to the minors to rid yourselves of the cap hit. Any time you are better off without a player than with a player - well that says something.

Which brings me to the worst trade Sutter made, acquiring Steve Staios for Aaron Johnson (filler) and a 3rd rnd pick. Hands up all those Gms who think Steve Staios is worth a 3rd rnd pick? Now consider that he traded Boyd FOR A 4TH ROUND PICK, and you come to the inescapable conclusion that Sutter has lost his mind. Getting Bowmeester at the start of the year? Genius. Trading for Staios at the end of the year? Mind blowing.

Makes you wonder if there isn't a pod somewhere in Darryl's office.

Slot Selection and NHL ED

I guess I got sucked into the Vortex...

Because I'll be in Vancouver from the 21st-25th of June at a conference, I OFFICIALLY altered my plans to be in Calgary on Friday pm and Sat etc for the Slot selection {let's say, Sat the 26th June, sponsered by the Crown Royal Twist of Fate and Sudden Death OT}. I'll be there to warch the NHL ED...hopefully with Cam and Doug also joining Brian and I and other GMs from the FUNhl...

Looking forward to seeing you all!!


the FUNHL Adventures in Slot Selection and the Official ED Date

Hello all,

Issue 1

It's been a long time coming but I can now officially announce that the entry draft for 2010 will be held on October 2nd (saturday). Time and location TBA however it will be occuring in Calgary.

Lets review the number of predator cups won (as they're really the only ones that count).

-Dan of the great whites: 3
-Cam of the severed heads: 3
-Doug of the highlanders: 3
-Darrell of the personal vendetta: 3
-Brian of the bladerunners: 3
-Bob of the shadowmen: 2
-Corey of the ramapithicines: 2

That's the total number of cups won (19). Note a lockout year which held back the completion of 20 years. This year we will begin search of our 20th predator cup victor.

Issue 2

The slot selection for drafting position at the entry draft will be held hopefully a week from now, next sunday. Please submit your submissions to this blog site post haste.

These are the slot selections I have already received:
-Dan of the great whites: 12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
-Bob of shadowmen: 1,2,3,4,5,6,11,12,10,9,7,8
-Richard of the lost boys: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12
-Cameron of the severed heads: 1,2,3,4,5,12,11,6,10,7,8,9
-Rob of the wolves: 1,2,3,12,11,4,10,5,9,6,7,8
-Corey of the ramapithicines: 1,2,3,12,11,4,10,5,9,6,7,8
-Doug of the highlanders: 1,2,3,12,11,4,10,5,9,6,7,8
-Chris of the scourge: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12

Missing preferences from the following:
-Darrell of the personal vendetta
-Mike Getta of the knights templar
-Brian of the bladerunners
-Collin of the edge

If you see any errors or if you can please add your preferences please respond to this post ASAP.

Thank you very much...

Issue 3

Trophy Engraving

The omnivore trophy needs a new base as does the challenge cup and the herbivore. I believe if you contact Brian via email (bladerunners@shaw.ca) or via this post we'll be able to come up with the costing out how much the new trophy bases will cost as well as the engravings that are due for payment by the past herbivore winners (is that the proper term for last place?!) Mike Getta, Collin, and Richard. They will need to be invoiced for engravings.

Thank you all for your responses, I know big thanks to Cameron, Doug, Dan, and of course Brian. I hope that you can all submit your slot selection preferences ASAP or changes if I have types them incorrectly from your email posts.

Thank you very much again, and here's to launching into a brand new season.


Poll Results

The Conn Smyth Results

Toews CHI 4 votes
Pronger PHI 3 votes
Richards PHI 2 votes

Player Not Listed (say Keith CHI) 0 votes