Week 24: Sunday Night Stats

Huge week for the Barbarians (with 6pt weeks for Fleury, MacArthur, Oshie, Pavelski and Vanek and 15pts from its D-corps) has lead to an extended lead on the Shadowmen in the Predator Cup race and a massive win in game one of the Challenge Cup final against the Ramapithicines.

Game two begins tonight and as the season's penultimate week begins.


Week 24: Saturday Night Stats

Hi all,

Been away from the office this week and child care (read parenting) seems a much greater challenge to doing stats than, you know, my job.  Odd that.

Anyhow, the Barbarians have rebounded into a much larger lead in the Predator Cup and are destroying the Ramapithicines in Game One of the Challenge Cup Final.  Plus/Minus is only part of the issue here, the Barbarians are, like, really good and the Ramapithicines are experiencing a Leaf-like collapse.

The Severed Heads are shown as still leading the Omnivore but, to be fair, I have NOT looked at the baseline yet so while I have no doubt Cam is still in front - I am not sure it's as large (or small) as shown.  Will try and confirm when I get a chance later this week.

BTW, a few minor adjustments to last week's totals for the Great Whites and the Scourge based on some minor errors in entering last week's line-up.


Week 24 Line-ups - Three weeks to go!

Attack!  The Challenge Cup is up for grabs between the Hordes and the Cavemen!  May the best team win in this Head to Head Championship Best of 3 Tilt.

Meanwhile, the Predator Cup seems to wrapped up with the Barbarians holding a good 24 and 31 point lead over 2nd and 3rd place.

Similarly with the Omnivore, it looks good for the S'Heads!

Please post your line-ups  here!

Week 23 Stats: Shadowmen gain on Barbarians; Ramapiticines move on to face Barbarians in Challenge Cup Final


Week 23 Stats - As of Thursday Night's Games

The Shadowmen are attempting to make up some ground on the league-leading Barbarians but the gap of 24+ pts is still considerable.

The Ramapiticines have a slight lead on the Bladerunners in the deciding game of their semi-final for the right to play the Barbarians in the Challenge Cup final.  Note, the Ramapiticines have lost 4pts from last week's total (no change to the outcome of their game) as I had not included the trade deadline trade at center - now corrected.

The Omnivore continues to be a Severed Heads slow walk to the end-zone.


Week 23 - Shamrock FUNHL Line-ups

So, 4 weeks to go...

Ready your Rosters to post here...


Week 22 - Sunday Night Stats - Corrected

Hi all!  For those of you who passed on birthday wishes - by e-mail, by Facebook, by phone and IN PERSON!!  Thanks.  Had an absolute blast hearing from you and seeing so many of you - including FunHL Allumni, Bartek.  Really, really special.

The Barbarians finish the week with a 33+ pt lead on the Shadowmen who have edged into "top challenger" status with a 10 pt lead of their own over the Severed Heads.  My prediction (which based on my Oilers prediction, one should judge accordingly) is that the Barbarians are poised to with their first Predator Cup.

The Omnivore continues to be a cakewalk for the Severed Heads.

EDIT: One Challenge Cup finalists has been determined - The Barbarians will take on the winner of the game 3 tie-breaker between the Bladerunners and the Ramapithicines.  Thanks to everyone who bothered to read the scoreboard and correct my original post.  In other news, chocolate rations have been raised from 4 to 3 oz per week.  D'oh!


Week 22 is under way (now with really, really, up to date Week 21 totals)

Week 22 is now underway and I have finally caught up with line-ups and trades.  Thanks for your patience and a big shoutout to Bob for posting all the line-ups.  Makes it much easier for me to have all the line-ups in one place (if we could find a way to monitor all the transactions in one spot...)

The Barbarians are extending their lead atop the Predator Cup Standings and are dominating their second game against the Knights Templar in the Challenge Cup Semi-Finals.  The Barbarians look increasingly poised to bring home the franchise's first "good" trophy in its existance and may well be taking home two.  That will depend on the trio of 700+pt teams chasing them in the Predator Cup race and whether there is a worthy opponent to be found in the Challenge Cup Semi-Finalists.  The Bladerunners hold a slim lead going into the weekend in their second game seeking to sweep their Semi-Final.

The Severed Heads are continuing to dominate in the Omnivore standings and look poised to take home the Plaque (cum Trophy).

The Wolves and Highlanders both suffered a hit to their supposedly official totals when I noticed that the Wolves were dressing 5 goaltenders last week and the Highlanders 7 left wingers (neglected to lock off the benches, trades and waived players at those positions for last week).  The result is that while the Highlanders look poised to be overtaken by the Edge for 10th spot, the Wolves maintain their "lead" in the race for the 1st overall prospect pick :-)

As always, please let me know if you spot any irregularities with your stats (positive or negative).  Much appreciated.


Corrected Week 21 Stats! - Thanks for the catch Darrell

Darrell noted an error in his stats which led to me finding errors on two other teams.  Somehow there was a transposing of Jonathan Toews' stats and Anze Kopitar's.  All corrected now and no impact, thankfully, on the Challenge Cup standings (as the error was around for a couple of weeks - whew).

Should be all good now.  Thanks for the catch Darrell and if anyone else notes an error with their stats (up or down) please let me know.  Early detection is the key :-)


Week 22 FUNHL Line-ups

Five weeks to go.  Multiple deadline deals.  Will the Barbarians be caught?  Three teams are making their run but with a 22 pt lead over 2nd, we shall see.

The Usual Suspects are trying to catch him.  Indeed it shall be interesting.

Please post your line-ups here!



Finally we have a real trade deadline with actual real hockey deals.  

Luongo finally dealt...
Miller dealt...

Gabrorik to LA ?
St Louis to NYR?
Kesler to Ana or Pitt?

etc...etc...   wish i took the day off to enjoy this.


Week 21 Line-ups

One week to the deadline and the TommyKnockers of the PV have made their Big Buy...Who will hold and who will fold depends on Week 20 stats, the NHL trade deadline and offers that look reasonable...

Week 21 line-ups are due; please post here.

Good luck or Good night!