Oilers-Flames Coke Bet

I was smug. I was confident. I was proud.  I was so, so, so, so, wrong.

Cam, Bob.  Next coke (actually Cam, I believe I offered you a bottle of scotch - don't worry, it'll be a good one so long as I get a chance to drown some sorrows with it).

In the words we all know...


Week Five - Tuesday Night Stats

Omnivore is all up to date now.  If you spot any discrepencies - good or bad - with your own numbers, please let me know.  Far better for me to catch this now as opposed to when you are two points out of first in the final week, no?


Week 5 Gets Underway - Monday Night Stats

Here we go with Week 5.  Thanks again to Bob for posting all the line-ups.  If you are wanting to up your game listing the trades and successful waiver wire claims helps me figure out where players came from or went from week to week - not complaining, just saying :-)

Notices two minor changes to the Week 4 totals.  Did not catch Clarkson's 2 PIM and .5 pts for the Wolves, now included, and had the Edge playing both of their goalies (which actually cost them points?!!).  Both issues now resolved and the totals are correct.  No impact on the Challenge Cup totals.  Please disregard the Omnivore totals, they have not been updated AT ALL - running out of time today.

Oh and happy FunBA Tip Off everyone.  Go Flatlanders!


Week 4 - Thursday Night Stats

Just a warning about the Omnivore Stats.  I haven't updated the baseline for a few days now so when I next do, I would anticipate a lot of movement beyond what may have occured from the previous night's games.  Forewarned is forearmed - objects are closer than they appear :-)


Week Four Stats - Tuesday Night Games

As always, thanks be to Bob for entering the line-ups on the Blog and thanks to Collin who noticed that something wasn't quite right with his stats - I had given him pts for recently acquired waiver-wire pick-up and Finnish Super-Star, Selanne, for a week that he was not actually on his team.  Should be all corrected now.  Please credit Collin and the Edge with 1500 karma pts.


Week Three Final Stats

Week 4 Line-ups

As Week 4 begins, strategy as diagramed above is the name of the game.

Trades are starting to happen and WD1 looks like it will occur the weekend of Dec 7th.

Please Post your Line-ups here...



Waiver Draft One Tentative Dates ( And an idea for WD2)

As usual, the FUNHL forgot to set WD1 and WD2 dates at the entry draft...my (our collective) bad...

Nevertheless, I propose I hear back from everyone with respect to following 2 weekends:

Nov 30th or Dec 1st (end of Week 8) -potential problems for me

Dec 7th  or Dec 8th (end of Week 9 -1/3  mark) - my preference

Dec 14th or15th(end of week 10) - 

We should decide on this quickly!

pls email with preferences to me, mike getta , cameron

Secondly, imho,  WD2 should be held during the Olympic break.

bc for the dc

Cheers b!

or you can post you choice here

Week Three - Thursday Night Stats


Shadowmen Miracles?

For the first time in FUNHL history - the Shadowmen are holding out hope they will win a coke bet (multiple coke bets actually) as the Oilers continue to wallow behind the Flames.   In related news, the Shadowmen and their fans now also think they stand a good chance to beat the Bladerunners in their Week 13 Head to Head match-up.     I know, I thought it was funny too.

;-)   ;-)      


Week Three Gets Underway (With A Further Adjustment To Week Two)

In entering the line-ups for Week 3, thanks be to Bob for posting the line-ups on the Blog, I noticed a point for Logan Couture. While appreciative for his efforts, I did notice that San Jose didn't play last night. This appears to be an assist that he either was awarded after the fact (which doesn't follow with all the other sites that have him also at 7pts) or (as has happened in the past for West Coast teams) a late assist that only belated was posted. While getting this assist on Sunday or Monday doesn't change the Predator Cup totals, it does change the result of the Week 2 game between the Highlanders and the Great Whites - shifting from a Great Whites win to a tie. That change has now been made.

Week Two Stats - Now with added accuracy

Darrell pointed out that I had generously given him too many points (I had counted his week 1 tg pts again on week 2) but that also led me to notice a few other TG related errors that I have now corrected.  The only significant change was to the Personal Vendetta who no longer win their game with the Severed Heads but have to settle for a tie.

Thanks for the eagle eyes Darrell.  I know most of you track at least your own points so if you do notice something amis, please let me know when you see it.  I usually will catch it but the sooner I do the less likely you, or others, will make decisions based on a false view of where things sit.