Week 14 - Thursday Night Stats

For a moment there on Thursday night the Highlanders looked like they might actually regain some of their cushion - some breathing space in the relentless advance of the Bladerunners to the top of the Predator Cup table.  But it couldn't last the night.  With a half-minute to go in the Leafs loss to the Islanders, Kessel and Phaneuf combined on a "meaningless" goal and from there the advance continued.  Schneider surrendered 3 goals in 5 minutes taking a nice pt gain and converting it into a pt loss for the night.  While Niemi pitched a one-hitter.  2.5pts is the lead now.  Little reason to expect it will last Friday night.

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Red Five said...

Wow - three point or less between the two teams battling for first AND for last!