Monday Night Stats - Week 13 Post Deadline / Challenge Cup Finals Begin

Thanks to Bob for putting the line-ups on the Blog.  Please double check your stats everyone this week.  When there is this much movement of players, I do sometimes make mistakes.  Rob and Dan, please check the last two comments on the line-up post as there were minor issues with your submitted line-ups that Bob and I have tried to fix but we want to make sure you know what they are.

Early returns from the trade deadline suggest that Dan and Chris won.  Either that or it is too early to tell.  Regardless, lots of panic and passion so it must be all good.

The Challenge Cup finals, game one, is underway.  The Bladerunners get help from the newly acquired Kessel (3pts) and the Highlanders are assisted by newly promoted prospect goalie Schneider (3.75pt shutout).  The finals are a best of three affair so there is still some hockey to play.

The Omnivore stats have been updated and while there hasn't been much change at the top there has been some movement within the table.  Most interesting to me is a look a the Edge who, if they hadn't touched anything, might be within a hairsbreath of the Predator Cup lead.  A quick glance at the baseline suggests that there is no one decision that has caused the loss in points but it was a combination of factors.  No doubt a lot of second guessing may be instore for Mr. Sanderson - Edge fans are probably calling for Colleen to get the bench job :-)

19 more days of regular season before those of us in Alberta can look forward to NHL Draft Lottery Day - sad, but true.

Trade lines are NOT open - but phone calls are still welcome.


Red Five said...

Hey Doug/Bob,
Doan as 2nd TG makes sense to me as he is in the lineup, and was a prior TG. As for returns from the trade deadline, I'd love to take credit but I'd have to thank Seidenberg going +4 for 8 pts!

Douglas McLachlan said...

Glad to hear Doan works for you.

As for Seidenberg, I think he was reacting to the improved chemistry in the room. I see now that Weber and Souray are real cancers :-)

Moriarty said...

hi dan...

hoping doan gets lotsa pts and pims...

obviously whiny weber and sulking souray will hurt doug in the dressing room...lol