Final Week - Thursday Night Stats

Wow, the Bladerunners goon squad entered the fray again last night with Dion Phaneuf notching some 12 PIM and a 3pt night.  The Highlanders have seen their once dominant lead dwindle to a mere 7.44pts.  With Highlander injuries to Clowe and Schneider impacting their active line-up with no ability to swap the wounded warriors out - should be an exciting (or terrifying) last couple of days.

The Severed Heads are now looking to excape the indignity of finishing dead last for more times than the Highlanders have finished second and need to make up almost 7pts themselves.  Could be a tight final few days for several teams.

While the Highlanders struggle to hold on to a lead in the Predator Cup race they have, surprisingly, jumped up into the Omnivore conversation.  The Shadowmen should have wrapped this up a while ago but after the trade deadline the Shadowmen have watched their huge lead slowly disappear to the point where they only are 12+pts ahead of the Highlanders.  Still have difficulty seeing this actually change hands but it is a much more interesting race, with three days of games to go, than I ever expected.

Somebody is joining the Great Whites with Four Predator Cups, we just can't say yet who that team will be.


Moriarty said...

Not really Doug,

Your Score has improved esp last night at the expense of my baseline Team i.e. Callahan, Markov and on Brian's and Mike G's in Staal and Franzen...among others. I need my goalie to keep playing well (pls Emery stay injured) and my entire RW and LW as well as BST players and Toews and the fragments of my D to show up over my baseline in the next three days...I knew this would be a problem when I saw your roster and then checked our baselines. Yikes...3 days and you should pass me! i hope you don't and my baseline players quit scoring...and the final team roster starts scoring...blah, blah, blah - sorry.


Moriarty said...

In terms of the Predator...Good Luck to both...Wow, Brian, that last buy out may win not just the Challenge Cup...

Wow Dan has crawled outta last...3 days is still a lot!

However it gives the Scourge (owners of Cam 1st prd pick) to pick Drouin OR the HOMERUN (draft-eligible not 2013, not 2014 but 2015) that scouts rank above all prospects in 2013...lol! but true...He's 16! He is, of course Connor McDermid...