Week 11 Final Stats - Now Corrected For Errors on Vendetta, Scourge and Great Whites

Challenge Cup Playoff Match-ups are all set.  The Highlanders get the top seed based on their Week 10 win over the Personal Vendetta.  In a four-way tie for 3rd-6th the Bladerunners and Severed Heads held a 2-1 series record against the Barbarians and Edge (who were only 1-2) so they both make the post season.  The Bladerunners get the 3rd seed on the strength of the Week 11 victory over the Severed Heads which vaulted them into the Playoffs.

The first round of the Playoffs is just a single-game elimination so gear up.

Highlanders and the Bladerunners are the first teams over the 400 pt mark.  The 15pt lead  looked pretty small for the Highlanders before Crosby's annual injury...sigh.  One month to go.

[Update: Small error on the Vendetta's numbers - playing the wrong RWer.  Small error on the Great Whites - playing Siedenberg for both points and +/- (again! d'oh!).  A few errors on the Scourge - playing Tlusty for both points and +/- and also playing every LW ever on his roster?!  All corrected now.  No change to Challenge Cup results.]

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