Final Week - Friday Night Stats

The Highlanders took full advantage of the fact that only two Bladerunners took the ice on Friday, though both Kane and Keith did get a point, and rattled off a 10pt night thanks to 3 each from Hall, Eberle and Yandle with another single from M.Koivu - who may yet outscore the injured Crosby this week.

The Bladerunners enter Saturday's games needing to make up 15.44pts to claim their 4th Predator Cup, if they can't the Highlanders will see their name engraved on their 4th.  The first team to do this, the Great Whites, have been out of the Predator Cup race for several weeks now but have succeeded, it would appear, in their quest to avoid a first to last fate as they have a 5pt lead on the cellar-dwelling Severed Heads.  Normally a 5pt deficit can be overcome on a busy Saturday of games but the current edition of the Severed Heads has not shown this level of offensive jump.

The Omnivore still would appear to be Bob's, notwithstanding the Highlanders good night as everyone scoring for the Highlanders were already on Doug's baseline.  Still, it has become a race, which did not seem possible a few weeks ago.

Last weekend for regular season hockey.  Bring on the Draft Lottery - Oiler and Flames fans alike.

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