Week 13 Final Stats - Bladerunners Draw First Blood in Challenge Cup Finals, Draw Closer in Predator Cup Race

Boom.  The Bladerunners paid a big price for their deadline deals but Phil Kessel (7pt week), in particular, is paying off in spades.  The Bladerunners will return to the Tyrell Centre up 1-0 in the Challenge Cup Finals looking to dispatch the reeling Highlanders, whose Oiler/Ranger lifeline went stone cold (well Clowe did get 7PIM, but it was an ugly week at a very bad time).  The gap has been reduced to 19pts, a completely makable amount.  Rob's "I told you so" is warming up in the corner.

At the bottome of the table, the Great Whites have two weeks to catch the Scourge and need about 15 pts to do it, dropping a little further behind.  No Herbie this year but 1st to last is a steep fall which I suspect they would wish to aviod.

The Omivore - oh seriously, it's Bob's ok. :-)

Two weeks, 13 days - drop the puck.

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Red Five said...

Thanks for the update, Doug! Thought I was in good shape with the Scourge until they added 13+ pts over the weekend to re-establish their lead...